Covid19: Marshall Law, Civil War, WW3?

“Covid19: Marshall Law, Civil War, WW3? Kevin Galalae, Covert Depopulation Expert
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“They are injecting cancer genes into us and that is science.”
“Complex of Sorcery War: ​Weed is the new currency in California-”
“They keep us locked for 2 months…”
“uitenusaicii: ​it´s not the police … it´s army .. .see thru walls.”
“basil fawlty: ​heaven and hell intertwined.”
“..Where Americans have killed Europeans..”
“K.G.:This is not gonna happen, trust me.”
“K.G.: We have a non-existant army and the army is never going to turn its weaponry on its own citizens..They shutdown factories…”
“Strangling small businesses…essentially get evaporated..”
“K.G.: I expose their agenda and how they murder people…”
“K.G.: A new form of Totalitarism is on its way or Neo-Fascism if you will…A medical..”
“K.G. Who the hell wants to look movies nowadays? We live in it (the biggest)…The destruction of our businesses..If they don´t succeed in their Plan they have no Plan B, they jump of the cliff…There is so much to monitor..there are so much happening..I shouldn´t do anything except geopolitics. The picture is do dynamic, the movie is so fast..we need to do another interview.…There is so much to monitor..there are so much happening..I shouldn´t do anything except geopolitics. The picture is do dynamic, the movie is so fast..we need to do another interview…and they can start to create misdiagnosis, that´s how dirty they play.”
“Kevin Mugur Galalae: 24.3.2020: Under the pretext of protecting the population, the Romanian government has turned Romania into a military dictatorship as of today. The military will enforce a total quarantine across the nation. And to kill as many old people as possible, President Johannis and his criminal government has decreed that all old people must remain locked in their homes at all times. The lack of movement, sunshine, fresh air, access to medicine and fresh produce, and the depression that will ensue from total isolation will kill countless old people. That is how the Romanian government has decided to alleviate its old-age burden, through matricide and patricide disguised as care for the old. Prepare to bury your parents if they are older than 75 or have costly health problems. I warned you that this will happen for the past few years. But the Romanian people are a submissive and cowardly lot. And most common people in Romania and elsewhere are too stupid to understand anything related to geopolitics.”

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