Coronavirus, Bill Gates, Agenda 21-2030, Contagion 2011 Predicted = Depopulation ☣️

“Coronavirus, Bill Gates, Agenda 21-2030, Contagion 2011 Predicted = Depopulation ☣️”
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Illuminati NWO Exposed – RELOADED”

“In Wuhan they basically like to eat any animal…just incredibly disturbing stuff… A high level Biolab in China is less than 10 Miles away from…It´s the only one capable of handling this outbreak..”
“Chinese citizens fear that the Government is keeping information about Coronavirus secret as critics are silenced in official updates about the outbreak are quickly deleted from social media.” “So people there in China trying to get the word out and finding that their social media postings are being deleted by the Chinese Government.”

UK-Pharma-Nazi-Destroyers-Biotech-Viral-Bioweapon-Beasts… how do you dare to leave your home in the knowledge that you are responsible for thousands of dead people? Do you think God is not watching your evil deeds? Maybe 85% of the world is egocentric and does not pay attention to your genocide plot, but Gods People pay attention. The billing will come for all of you…

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