COVID19 Worldwide Survival Plan March 10th Report Dr Bill Deagle MD

“COVID19 Worldwide Survival Plan March 10th Report Dr Bill Deagle MD”

Nutrimedical Report Dr. Bill Deagle MD
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COVID19 Worldwide Survival Plan March 10th Report Dr Bill Deagle MD
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And a framework to develop specific plans for response teams hazmat isolation trailers and tents and hospitals and remote areas. Flu, the areas where it’s spread this is actually this map was from back as a February 17th, but it’s spreading at an exponential basis worldwideand now at the ridge spreading which is depending on your doubling time estimate
between 2 and 1/2 in 6 days by probably around the first or second week in May this will overwhelm the healthcare
systems of also the countries of the world. The corona virus originated in the Chinese government laboratory at the
local lab and of course the so called research resulted facility … from the Wuhan wet fish market we have gone with this with for interviews with Dr. Francis Boyle who
give all the papers which were reviewed shortly that shows that the virus was created as a chimeric virus routine in a
laboratory that created HIV virus in Australia and the gain-of-function to make it super effective with
nanoparticle airosol at the BSL facility in level 3 in
University of North Carolina….The Corona Virus is a biological weapon..being produced, in fact most of the major diseases of roughly every two years over the last 20
years have been bioweapons including Aids, Marburg virus, MERS, previous sars, h5n1, h1n1 and even accidental releases a hundred and 102 years ago of the 1918 flu pandemic which was a recombinant form of swine and human flu that ruled
the deep lung tissue and was given as a typhus vaccine, the Stars covid-19 locks under the AC receptor protein.”
“It is a biological weapon Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the
biological weapons Act 1989 has proven conclusively that this was in fact a biological weapon created in
collaboration with all of our government departments in the United States and the WuhanFacility China…and this is also just certainly after the release of the 5g network there with high energy 60 gigahertz which can also
rob oxygen and amplify the toxic effects of a biological weapon and it can affect airway and transport of oxygen across the lung tissue the core virus 20:19 contains a fern-like cleavage site absent in the co vo the same place so
this is like a newly upgraded virus it’s quite different than the previous serves virus or MERS and although the burden is
pretty assertive higher case fatality rate there were no ordinary effective so this will spread like crazy today
previous infections and will not spread so well but they have high case fatality rates, it shows a potential for human emergence of course to talk about this virus here
back in 2015, they actually created these bio weapons in laboratories which there’s no rational reason to do this like creating a vaccine or creating you know a protective thing…after Chinese countries don’t relaunch
their businesses to be back in business. 90% of the businesses will be functionally bankrupt as a chain of
production of 5 million companies in China will will choke up the production of parts for automobiles, electronics and
and toys and other other the world out
Jane a production for almost every kind of good you can think of is choked off because what’s happening in China…All of our government agencies were involved, the FDA the National Institute of Allergy infectious disease which by the way the
National Institute of Health, the Center of Disease Control, World Health Organization. We sold the technology … to steal it to the bsl-4 lab and the chimeric virus is a combination of the University of North Carolina
gain-of-function super infectivity nano aerosol and the Australian animal lab SARS HIV which basically is like giving
somebody an aerosol they’ll give internal aids the main
effect of this because it’s very very bad without for the elderly or multi-system Marco disease, (NWO UN Druidic Council of 13) it kills the elderly and adults with pre-existing disease, heart disease heart lung disease, smokers, diabetes, heart, kidney disease
heart failure etc and I and diabetis forced will force about vaccines to induce more serious cytokine storms for
the previous vaccine for SARS actually increased the cytokine storm rather than decreasing it and it doesn’t stop relapse by the way this virus can relapse and also can have multiple viral plates infecting the same person it also the vaccines according to Bill Gates will sterilize and reduce human fertility that’s their game they want to chip and
track the population of the world in a cybernetic world matrix and you won’t be permitted to go into buildings or public places unless you’ve been vaccinated or
chipped or tracked that’s where to see, the new economic order of digital commerce money info tracking and pre-crime.
The university of north carolina biologists bio weapon lab let’s look at this maniac Ralph B. (U of NC Virologist Bio Weapon Maniac) not everyone thinks is this team here if
synthesizing the new coronavirus is particularly dangerous…These people are crazy, this is a 3d map of the..virus… which is more effective and more serious we think there’s new emerging one from Iran from K. which is one of the most radioactive cities on earth. Radioactivity increases the transported mutation of pathogens and this was
discovered in the early 50s in lab in Baton Rouge Louisiana
paddu by weaponized by putting ferrets takes a radioactive source while the head of virus or pathogen in them here’s
a couple of things that should be done which is a positive pressure error aluminum Kevlar trailers intense for
room isolation the zones positive for
testing and we should have hazmat air exit with of UV lights ozone and bio resident viral suppression 200 7.17 six Hertz
tetrameric little spike glycoprotein suppression at 3:37 ovulate suppression to prevent the macro fresh leukocytes
free radical killing capacity impairments so what happened is nagalase generate by viruses cancer infections university knocks at your macrophage big eater self from killing
pathogens antibodies only just tagged them just like little green laser or red laser and the 207 tetra mer our
frequency will actually disrupt the viral attachment to the ACE receptor to on the Airways number to tell telemetry
fio2 which is oxygen by by papper basically better than CPAP by path means when you breathe out there’s no resistance when you breathe in you get air flow to maintain the airway and co2 concentrations you can monitor that with oximetry and the ratio determines if you’re okay or if you’re starting to
“mobile units and it’ll raise and lower the stimulation of their mitochondria because basically when you get a viral
or any pandemic infection or Bastion it’s your free radicals and cytokines that cause mitochondrial failure and
mitochondrial failure is the thing that causes death, so the sivak therapy and mobile units could be used
to try to resurrect peoples bioimpedance and they’re and they’re basically activate their mitochondria
together to counteract the effect of the toxic effects of the virus, you have also we don’t have straights transport to
isolation to ICU and monitoring and testing and Adams life is elation people so these mobile teams could resume for
one place to another and go to thesemobile units and monitor them in real time by laboratory we want to daily by
affiliates are scoped it by residents testing PCR rapid tests not just a slow but one they can do within say 30
minutes clinical history combined with bio resident monitoring of monitoring of all also the parameters are mentioned the fio2 and oximetry level.”
“You want to have this development in an artificial intelligence GPS tracking
model so you don’t attract thieves and X
and the claims but also track the sub
tray of sub plates because it’s gonna
continue mutating into more and less
lethal strains and it’s going to change
its particular characteristics. we now
know it affects almost every organ
just the lungs will go to the heart
lungs kidneys etc, you want to broadcast
a viral suppression by resonance
frequencies to cities towns and areas of
the spread of the cases as bioresident
frequencies can actually be used
toradionically suppress the viruses. That was
researched by Russia going back 50-60
years and in America we have technology to
do bioresident viral suppression and
I have those frequencies based on equations
Linus Pauling dr. Nesterov was the
nominee Netherlands etc. This is an example of a
an Isolation Tent system from Israel
because he uses for an ICU so you can
have the inside tent or hospital a
little isolation unit this is another
picture of their isolation units they’re by a company Kyle I so Ark disclosure a
hazmat I had to tow body by our protective suits which we by the way
have ones below five foot eight and over 500 date night my son managed to track those down and get them we have
them right away those will be up I don’t romantic a lot come shortly our Coovid19
Maps shows basically everywhere in the world is being affected it’s not
on every place in Africa yet or until it’s America but it’s getting there and
it will probably the next 90 days 280 days hit every continent except for
Antarctica perhaps. let’s go so some of the epic time news.”
“Chinese media spread fake news, negative propaganda against the US Corona Virus outbreak, Independent tribunal
finds Chinese regime still killing prisoners of conscience for their organs yeah they still doing that they’ve been doing it for decades I’ve had contacts inside China of 20,000 live at camp see
tissue type from gravity’ organs Trump administration asks the airline for more
tracing just chasing their temperatures not act but they can be pre-symptomatic
for two or three weeks carrying the virus and spreading to others especially younger people and children may not even get seriously sick but they’re gonna spread like crazy they’ll be super spreaders.”
“local primates and of course our hygiene and it’s weakened because of electro of pollution from smart grid 5G Network and toxic demineralization of food and toxic pesticides like roundup we have the measles in Congo five thousand by
November 2019 and we have of course … for starters coronavirus and if you look at the actual genetic so this is a bio weapon released I believe it’s primarily to to number one a cull the weak and sick and elderly and to
bring about a new world order chipping of the population swells forced vaccination and tracking of the population. It’s a New world order Virus I call viralgeddon.”

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