Kevin Galalae – The Epidemiology of Genocide Medicine as the Handmaiden of Population Control

“Kevin Galalae – The Epidemiology of Genocide Medicine as the Handmaiden of Population Control”
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“In this day and age the population control effort invariably leads back to the Ministry of Health of every country as the coordinating agency
at the national level and to the World Health Organization and its six regional offices as the International coordinating bodies why because
procreation is a biological problem ..Doctors and even dentists were called in to help solve it. Doctors have always had to clean up people’s reproductive mistakes and get rid of unwanted fetuses, after all they deliver babies into the world, perform abortions and distribute contraceptivesm. They are so to say the front line in the war against fertility, but the reproduction is not a problem for medical science to solve, but for social science. Doctors interfere with the medical science to solve, but because they function all too well and the human species multiplies too fast. Doctors have taken on this role because social scientists are at a loss of how to solve the problem of uncontrolled fertility and because politicians will not touch it and doctors, in order to fulfill their professional oath and do no harm or at the very least do as little harm as possible have arrived at the conclusion that the best and most humane way to control population growth is to prevent the moment of conception which they do by injecting the people of the developing world with sterilizing vaccines and surrounding the people of
the developed world with endocrine disruptors, such as fluoride, bisphenol A and artificial sweeteners, GMOs and Chemtrails complete the job. Doctors have to play God to save lives but they
cannot be allowed to play God to harm life, so as to save society, yet that is exactly what they’re doing in contravention of the Hippocratic oath, they are doing this as part and parcel
of their secret mandate, given by religious and political authorities to help humanity escape the cycle of poverty and war so as to maintain social stability, but doctors were not the first
to take up the fight against human fertility. Medicine itself is the progeny of Religion in the Christian world and to this day a great proportion of hospitals and universities are owned and
operated by various Christian denominations. Catholicism being by far the leading one, until the age of enlightenment and even much later, almost until the end of the nine
century the entire education and health systems were firmly in the grip of the Curch. In 2010 the Pontifical Council for pastoral assistance to health care workers stated that the Catholic Church manages 26% of health care facilities in the world, according to a press release the church has a hundred and seventeen thousand health care facilities,
including hospitals, clinics, orphanages, 18,000 pharmacies and .. care centers no other organization in the world does more to protect human health than the Catholic Church and no
organization has a longer history of care for the sick, the poor, the foreign, the old, the Forgotten and the rejected than the Catholic Church, not to
recognize this would be an unforgivable act of ingratitude, but caring for the welfare of people on this society wide-scale comes at a price. The International Tribunal for crimes of
church and state has made startling revelations over the past five years of babies and children that died either at the hands of or on the grounds of Religious Establishments…
they were either the aborted fetuses of nuns who engage in sexual acts with priests or the bodies of children born out of wedlock and of orphans and abandoned children at a time in the West
history when population growth was suppressed by making sexual intercourse outside marriage a social crime and by depriving women of the right and the means to raise their children the women
were instead forced to abandon their children to the church and the church took care of as many as it could in its institutions and let the rest die, but this does not reflect the ethos and
prescriptions of the church, but the failures of the general population the church throughout its history has acted as the mop-up crew for the failures, foibles and faults of the people.
The International Tribunal for crimes of church and state has also exposed the murder of countless Native children in boarding or residential schools run by various Christian denominations
throughout the Commonwealth nations of the former British Empire a genocide committed to free the land for European settlers the Americas were cleansed of natives, so the heathen could be replaced by god-fearing Christians, this was done in the name of assimilation and education or as was put in those days to civilize the savages but was in fact nothing more than ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide since the children were taken from their families by force and as many as a quarter of them died in these schools while the cultures died
entirely, because their chain of continuity was broken much the same happened on all other continents to satiate European greed and aggressionm but more than anything to alleviate the
pressures of overpopulation on the European continent in defense of the church and to its credit one must say that had the natives been left fully at the mercy of the European settlers and
their military forces, none would have survived, when looking at the past we must be careful not to impose our modern sensibilities on the character and circumstances of that time at the same
time we can draw no lessons from history, unless we’re willing to look at its harsh realities with a critical eye, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past, if the church committed these
heinous crimes with full social approval until the middle of the 20th century when its power was but a shadow of its former self what did it do in previous
centuries when it had total control over society as a temporal and religious power, how did societies in past centuries combat human fertility to ensure they do not outgrow food production and end up in famine and war clearly the Christian world was the first escaped the scourge of poverty and to produce enough sir food to enable technical and scientific progress long before the Industrial Revolution began around 1760 in the United Kingdom. This leap forward cannot be attributed to the superior intelligence of Caucasians, since no race has a monopoly on intelligence, but rather to the early suppression of human fertility and population growth which enabled the production of surplus food that in turn made greater professional
specialization and greater concentrations of wealth possible, these being the precursors of peace and stability that alone can enable social, technological and scientific progress, in
other words our continued evolution… in asking myself these questions it dawned on me that monasticism, the plagues and later the Inquisition and even the flu pandemic of 1918 were the churches earlier methods of controlling population.”

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