David Wilcock SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020?

David Wilcock SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS: Declassified in 2020? (Pete Peterson’s Final Interview)
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“David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)
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The US Navy has now officially declassified operable patents for anti-gravity and free-energy technology. The Air Force announced on December 6th that “Secret Space Programs” will be declassified in 2020.
This new intel precisely fits with the inside information from Pete Peterson, in a call from June 6th, 2019. Peterson was arguably the top specialist for black-ops technology in the military-industrial complex for many years.
According to this “deathbed confessional” from Pete, he would be allowed to tell the world anything he wanted about his experiences “on the inside” within six to eight months from the time of the interview.
Pete was preparing to come forward about his experiences visiting 60 to 65 different off-planet locations, and just over a month later, he died of an “accidental injection” at the senior center he was staying at.
Adding greatly to the suspicion was the fact that Woody, another top insider who had spoken to David Wilcock, died that same day. This happened immediately after Woody was involved in signing off on a new financial system that will get us back on the gold standard and defeat financial tyranny.
This full-length movie is sponsored by Wilcock Spiritual Healing and Empowerment, a 501c3 foundation dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for challenged populations including veterans and endangered animals.
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“And we hiked up to 10,000 feet altitude, we didn’t hike the whole 10,000 feet but it’s a lot of work getting in
here and it’s raining but you know we got to keep this show on the road we’re in a very beautiful place here you see
the mountains in the lake in the trees and I have a very sad announcement to make you may have already seen this in the title of the video but Pete Peterson has died he was my number one insider I met him through Project Camelot in 2009
and he became the number one guy teaching us about the Alliance which is this international coalition that is
working to defeat what has been called the Illuminati, the New World Order, the deep state, whatever names you want to
use, way, way, way, before queueing on which only started in October 2017, in 2009 I was getting briefings from Pete Peterson about this alliance just to give you a
backstory in case you didn’t know who he is and why this is significant Pete Peterson did work for the Reagan administration, he was a part of what’s called majestic which is a lot more than twelve guys it’s not just majestic 12
and one of the secrets is the spelling of majestic J refers to her majesty, because all this is ultimately being
controlled by the British Empire, Now what do I mean all this Pete Peterson claimed to have worked in highly compartmentalized programs in which UFOs are commonly known to exist within the military-industrial complex.”
“There were treaties in place with various extraterrestrials and they were in the process of developing a secret
space program now Pete knew a lot about this Pete worked with the actual Pete worked with the actual individuals in various alphabet soup agencies that were doing this stuff he got to meet firsthand with extraterrestrials and they taught him
how to develop anti-gravity they didn’t like working with adults they preferred children because children didn’t have
3this kind of mental interference of anger and stress and depression that they that they disliked so much so anyway Pete came out to the open in 2009 he had worked for the Reagan administration he became their top adviser on classified technology.”

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