Anunnaki hidden war propaganda…

Conspiracy Revelation: 21.11.2019: Anunnaki hidden war propaganda…
Interesting…first they tell the Russians won, now they say the Russians lost…
“Anunnaki threat he echoed Putin’s admonition waiting until re-election before committing forces to the Anunaki war imperils as all the Anunnaki are real and they are deadly according to..sowicz. Trump said to her one the earliest he will consider sending troops for training is April 20-21, a change from what he previously told Putin February 2021 apparently Trump wants to wait until the election is finished and the deadline for the Democrats to call for a recount has elapsed. This is of much anxiety to the Kremlin, it wants
help now as Moskvich said. Meanwhile a small savage said Russian special services have skirmished against the
Anunaki three times this month two battles ended in Russian defeat, the other a stalemate with 31 heroic Spetsnaz losing their lives and that concludes the article I wanted to read
and just to comment invariably whenever I put out a story on the Unruh Nagi for those who are willing to believe there
are always people out there that criticize me claiming that if these accounts are true it is not the Anunnaki that are doing it, that the Anunnaki are good, please keep in mind I am not expressing my opinion one way or the other on who or what the Anunnaki are. I am merely relaying information as it has been presented to me by persons in authority within the russian governmental structure as initially told.”
“Erdogan Tells Trump: “Anunnaki Are REAL.”
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Turkish President Recep Erdogan has told Trump the Anunnaki are real and intend to subjugate or eliminate humans that threaten their agenda for world domination, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich, who claims Vladimir Putin instructed Erdogan to discuss the topic with Trump during his recent visit to the White House.

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