PUTIN to Train U.S. Forces To Fight Anunnaki

Soul Tribe: vor 1 Tag: Sadly, the US Deep-state is run by the 4th Reich Nazis who have taken over the three letter agencies and US gov since the 1940s, they all worship Lucifer and these demonic beings.
“PUTIN to Train U.S. Forces To Fight Anunnaki”
“The title of the article Putin to train US forces to fight Anunnaki and I shall read President Trump and Vladimir Putin
on Monday signed a historic Accord that will allow Russian Spetsnaz to Train American special forces in Anti-Annunaki
warfare techniques according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dmitri Osmosovitch. Trump agreed to the joint training plan
after learning that it then an after learning that it then an
unstoppable wave of Anunnaki warriors had nearly overrun a u.s. military compound near the Syrian city of M.
as exclusively reported last week the Special Forces detachment evacuated the camp only minutes before
the Annunaki would have reached it and slaughtered everyone in their path, after the incident Trump purportedly
telephoned Putin on a secure line and said he wanted to do his part in ridding the planet of malevolent extraterrestrials, he allegedly apologized for his earlier
shortsightedness, he stated that American forces would
no longer linger on the sidelines while Russian troops fight to prevent the extinction of humanity. Trump’s pledge however came with the provision: he said he will not commit US
military personnel to the Annunaki war until after the 2020 election to do otherwise Trump said might trigger fresh
allegations of Russian collusion which could inhibit a landslide victory over whatever Democratic candidate is tossed in his path in 2020, according our source
.. while President Putin was happy to hear Trump is now
taking seriously the Annunaki threat he was disheartened to hear Trump will not act for over a year here in Russia we
have high confidence exceedingly high confidence that Trump will win in 2020, so there is no cause for delay but a
promise of future health is better than nothing but what if the Annunaki win by then Putin and Trump disagree on many
issues but at least now both agree the Annunaki are a clear and present danger to our way of life … amid
political tumult the world’s two most powerful leaders hammered out a preliminary deal that would see United
States Special Forces soldiers and Delta Force operators training alongside their Russian counterparts as early as
February 2021.”
“Russian Spetsnaz stood ready to Train American
soldiers at his convenience and he suggested training exercises take place in an obscure country like Latvia or
Belarus where major media outlets are unlikely to catch wind of the operation..we’ll probably teach American forces how
to attune their proprietary energy and acoustic weapons to harm the invasive species, as well as counterinsurgency
tactics that have proved effective in recent Russia Annunaki engagements, whether Putin will share technical schematics on an optical device that allows the wearer to see Annunaki
portals remains open to speculation, moreover … said scientists at the MIT’s Koya extraterrestrial research outpost have developed a revolutionary weapon that innervates
0Annunaki by somehow sapping them of life quoting the small savage one last time. I suspect President Putin will share
these advancements but with restrictions naturally we don’t want our weapons turned against us. I understand Trump as
I mean is amenable to Putin suggestions as he has experience in asymmetrical warfare on the Annunaki, if we can keep
the Anunnaki at bay until America joins the fight the collaborative effort might turn the tide of war in our favor
he said.”

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