U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki in Syria

Conspiracy Revelation: 18.10.2019: That would be great… Someone who attacks the new world order infiltrators / secret conspiracy of the worst kind and global most invasive imperialists cannot be evil.. Finally someone who makes them feel like small worms, the ungodly corrupt USSOC/Arpa/DoD/Corporate Military Industrial Criminals with their megalomaniac world take over essay with their smart dust Zio-Nazi-Eugenics ideology mass mk ultra technofascistic super-quantum computing subjugation, discrimination and plutocratic censorship ideology (which is not based on strength but on fear) remote super-coward torturers of 80 million innocent civilian individuals in this world…
“U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki in Syria”

“To abstain from condemning a torturer, is to become an accessory to the torture and murder of his victims. / Sich der Verurteilung eines Folterers zu enthalten, bedeutet, zur Folter und der Ermordung seiner Opfer beizutragen. (Ayn Rand) [59862]”

Bridge21: vor 1 Tag: ANNUNAKI come to earth and clear off the diseases that have infected this beautiful planet.

Conspiracy Revelation: 18.10.2019: Exactly… The cancer bioweapons MK Ultra/Naomi and chem-nanodust of the Pentagon/Arpa/Cia/Nazion Inc./Rockefeller/Big Billionaire NWO CFR Club and Oil Pharma Medical Corporate Military Mafia Cartel namely…

James Dohnalek: vor 23 Stunden: If Anunnaki are so powerful…. invincible, ….why have they not claimed more victories ???? Are they not the most elite of any fighting force. Why not take over a major country ??? Why go after a small, compounded, military enclave ??? Purpose ????

assassinate evil now: vor 23 Stunden: Anyone save the helpless puppy and cat those US cowardly troops left behind ?
Metin Demir: vor 1 Tag: There is no Anunnaki in Syria. AMERİKA ESCAPED FROM TÜRKEN..AND PUTİN..
Benjamin Dover: vor 5 Stunden: Bwahahahahahaha!!
Kathleen McKay: vor 21 Stunden: I live in New Zealand…near an airbase…
Are we joining this? Our govt is pulling some shit on Turkey as they believe the Turks are responsible for Syrian killings? I see our force training yet we’re not meant to have one since Helen Clarke decommissioned all our spitfires… She and her bunch have been/are trying to kill us off this country… They’re traitors to humanity…many human rights crimes committed and unchecked…by whatever means are necessary…Help us…please. They drop and continue to drop tonnes of 1080 on us, in our water and on the land. The animals are dying…theyve taken our guns…Shoving poison in us left, right and centre…😭😭😭

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