REPTILIANS – Alien Shapeshifters and the Dark Overlords

“REPTILIANS – Alien Shapeshifters and the Dark Overlords”
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“An ordinary Jo or Josefine in the house and a reptile comes in, that´s very rare, that´s incredibly rare. Reptiles do not generally com into a house to waste their time with a human…but where a reptile does come down, it´s because a individual is so important that it requires an interaction from a high level, again, it depends on that individual level. What is that person to them? What is that person to humanity? And they have better time machines, where they can predict ahead, what each person will do and if they see a person is a threat to them, they will attempt to come along, interact with them and send them off on a different course.
There are many many psychic men and women on the Planet..will be incredibly beneficial and so what the system will do is try to target a disruptive mail, to get involved with a female or vice versa and to make that persons life hell.
.. A reptile will come on, it won´t disguise itself heavily..They only disguise themselves to prevent humans to freak out. (Simon Parkes)(2019)”
“Galactic Update
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BEST REPTILIAN DISCLOSURE DOCUMENTARY IN THE WORLD – 2019. Reptilian Shapeshifters and Alien Entities Exposed. Reptilian Shapeshifters and The Illuminati Bloodline families are exposed in this groundbreaking documentary. Featuring David Icke and other first hand insiders.
Human trafficking is a big problem and a big industry for evil people. Reptilians and human trafficking needs to be stopped. Stop being ignorant and slaves of the false gods. Let this information go VIRAL. False Extraterrestrial Gods needs to be stopped!
This is alien disclosure on the topic of Reptilian Entities. This is not a joke. There are reptilian humanoids on our world posing as human beings. They have the ability to shapeshift in and out of our reality. They are called The Reptilians. David Icke is one of the most prominent researches on this field and his testimony collaborates with other first hand experiencers.
The Reptilian people designed the Illuminati on Earth. The dark reptilian group originate from the star system Draco. They are Draconians or draco reptilians. These are not earth beings. These are lizard people who secretly rule our world.
This is reptilian disclosure of reptoids and shapeshifters. Most of them reside inside Earth as inner earth beings, but they can also live among us on the surface. The Pindar is their leader, he`s a white draco reptilians and white wings. The reptilians are not the same as Annuankis. The reptilian people or the lizard people believe they have the right to rule Earth.
The rule our world through bloodline families, a royal bloodline. To learn more about this watch david icke bloodline videos or david icke reptilians. This is a reptilian documentary on secret rulers of mankind. They are shapeshifters and not humans, they`re aliens with a malevolent agenda.
Not all reptilians are malevolent, but most of the ones on Earth are not very friendly to humans. They percieve us as cattle, nothing more. The reptilian agenda is dark and sinister, it`s time to wake up. Reptilian beings needs to be stopped. The Illuminati is ruled by the lizards and the white draco reptilian.”

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