John McAfee: I Could Bring Down the US Government

“John McAfee: I Could Bring Down the US Government.”

“I was in the Bahamas. The US government had manufactured these charges against me to get me extradited from the Bahamas, so they could try me for or the IRS crimes.
The people who operated illegally with the US government in the Bahamas … the head of the police force and the head of the armed forces in the Bahamas.
So I outed those people. They both had secret bank accounts. I published the name of the bank the account number of the secret accounts the deposits
that came in to these accounts the dates the amount and from who and the withdrawals in cash totaling many times their annual salary.
And believe me I could bring down the US government. So if you have been harassed by the CIA for example CIA is interacting with a local government but have you been personally harassed?
You have stories of getting kind of calls or e-mails or contact or something from the US? I’m watched everywhere I go I’m followed and I have been for 15 years.
Everywhere I go someone is following me my security sees them all the time They put their alert meter cars following us. I get the license number and I have it checked out.
There is always always owned by some obscure element of the US government. I haven’t released anything. However if anything happens to me. Absolutely.
I’ve got dead man switches everywhere. within a day of my disappearance or untimely death. There will be every newspaper in the world pouring through more documents that they could that they could have 100 people or through 100 years. So no it will be chaos. But right now I just want to be able to live happily. Try to make a better world for my children and grandchildren and fish from time to time. (John McAfee)(2019)(9.7.)“

“People are asking what this cage of tinfoil and metal is all about that surrounds me.
It´s a faraday cage, a faraday cage is a cage which emits not signal and no signal can enter…
all around, including the floor. Why am I doing this? Why am I going through this trouble.
We have an 8 channel scrambler which repels any signal from getting into this room or leaving this room, just in case the faraday cage fails. Why am I doing this? Because I am an escaped slave, a slave to the system that escaped and I have a loud voice. You think you are not slaves, but you are. The 9 to 5 existence of your current lives is structured by the american-industrial-corporate-complex. You need to free yourselve from this, not as me, you don´t have to go out and risk your lives by speaking out, this is not what life is…Life is a great mystery, a glorious, unbelievably, mysterious, beautiful existence, if you are free from those who control you, provide you with propaganda..Everyone is looking for this escaped slave..I will not be found and I will continue to speak. (John McAfee)(2019)(30.7.)”

“This is your life…The most miraculous, beautiful gift, conceivable and this is how you spend it, you are slaves to the system, but if you step outside like me, you are hunted, you are haunted, do you have the courage to at least look at the truth of yourself.
(John McAfee)(2019)(30.7.)”

Aug 1
Scammers are targetting my account, pretending to be me – offering free crypto and stuff. The only thing you’ll ever get free from me, or anyone, is advice like this tweet. It’s tragic: Those who actually read this don’t need the advice. The idiots who need it don’t read it.

Jul 30
I love London’s “Sun” newspaper. It’s a cross between America’s “National Enquierer” and a news focused version of Marvel Comics. In this long story I am painted as The Joker melded with Dr. Evil – both wearing a James Bond mask. Can’t get any creepier.
Jul 30
I am an escaped slave with a loud voice. All of the World’s slave masters are looking for me. I will not be found. I will continue to speak. But will you listen? Will you listen?

“McAfee was previously arrested in the Dominican Republic for entering the country on a boat full of weaponry. Credit: Twitter/officialmcafee”

“He became a millionaire after developing the first commercially available anti-virus software.”

“McAfee formally launched his candidacy for the presidency over a year ago but has recently taken aim at The Donald over some issues.

Most recently he told the President to “get a clue” about cryptocurrencies after the administration hinted they would attempt to regulate them.

He plans to seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party again or form his own.

Last week, McAfee claimed to have sought refuge in London and Paris after being released by Dominican authorities on Wednesday.

The eccentric millionaire, 73, had been detained last week after a cache of weapons, ammunition and cash were found on his boat when it docked in the Dominican Republic.

His lawyer, Candido Simon, said McAffee had been released after Dominican authorities ensured he was not the subject of any active legal cases or extradition requests in the United States.

Police in Belize, where McAfee previously lived, have also said he is a “person of interest” in an investigation into the 2012 murder of a neighbour with whom he had recently had a dispute.

McAfee rose to prominence after founding McAfee Associates in 1987 to sell the first commercially available anti-virus software.

His personal wealth peaked in 2007 at around $100 million, but plummeted after the global financial crisis that begun later that year.

He is known for a number of controversial political views, including a belief that taxes are illegal and an opposition to any redistribution of wealth, and has previously sought to become the US presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.

On Friday, two days after his release, McAfee tweeted a picture of his wife, Janice McAfee sat in a restaurant claiming the pair were in London.

“We are in london. A different world from the Chaos of the D.M,” he wrote.

“Tomorrow I will lay out how an extremely corrupt Bahamian Official orchestrated our ordeal, with the help of the CIA.

“I will bring him down first, then decide what to do next.

“Full videos, texts and voice recordings.”

“John McAfee

Jul 16
India announces it plans to ban all crypto. Banning mosquitos after a rain in the summer would stand a better chance of being enforceable.

He then wrote yesterday: “On the move again. The long arm of the U.S. is reaching for us here in London.

“Thank God it’s a weekend. Government bureaucracy paperwork is stalled until tomorrow morning.”

“Gun-toting McAfee warns of ‘dark days’ ahead – the firearms were later taken away
Credit: Twitter/officialmcafee”

“John McAfee – who says he’s still on the run from the US Government – poses for a photo with his ‘guards’ last yearCredit: Twitter / John McAfee”


“John McAfee made fun of his renegade reputation with a tongue-in-cheek tweet warning people to be on the lookout for an armed and dangerous man – one who looks suspiciously exactly like him, but with a blonde wig.
McAfee, who is running for president of the US in 2020, shared a photograph of the supposed mystery doppelganger on Twitter. The tweet also warned that the imposter was usually in the company of “an even more dangerous black woman,” a likely reference to his wife Janice McAfee. ”

The software engineer and bitcoin advocate was recently detained in the Dominican Republic after his yacht was seized, along with weapons and ammo found on board. He also recently tweeted about allegedly having a run-in with the CIA earlier in July, and is wanted in the US for tax evasion.

Although currently still on the move to, as he says, avoid the US Department of Justice, McAfee took the time recently to shoot down one particular conspiracy theory about him …”


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2 Antworten zu John McAfee: I Could Bring Down the US Government

  1. junne helmholz sagt:

    he is probably guilty of all he is accused of and more. i would love to see him behind bars. this con you cant even get rid of in your own computer. constantly popping up when i would not dream to install his software.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Eventually… who knows… as long as he fights the biggest and bigger criminals in the U.S. (Shadow) Gov…you still can learn from him how to defend yourself against some of their attacks.

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