Mandalay Moore: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): That guy sounds like he’s about inventing his little story as he’s being asked some hard-nosed questions. His voice struck me as very metallic & mechanical. ANYone who endorses David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith and/or Steven Greer (a known CIA asset on the payroll of the Rothschilds) and insists that we are a hologram within a hologram is not on track. The whole Kundalini business, the Akashic records, all those ‘isms’ are programmes that are installed within the god matrix that keeps humanity locked in a very specifically low frequency that won’t allow them to break free from this entrapment grid the planet and even THIS universe are under. He neither sounds very credible nor very convincing. A lot of evasive answers that leave people guessing and lacking of anything genuinely authentic. We are NOT all *one*. There is the plastic source (within the god matrix which is what most new [c]agers refer to) and then there is true original Source that has never even been touched upon by those who do the circuit in the new cage community. He strikes me as a fraud, quack and wannabe alien.”
Johan Onvlee: vor 1 Monat: The fact he seems to know all the people in this field, and the fact he does only know what they are telling us, you might think, he ‘imagined’ that he is a Pleiadian.
“DH: I am a Pleiadian Hybrid. So I was born into a physical body and at the age of 3 months I was left for abduction.
DH: People work with others on a soul level, which is a much higher level, frequency.
DH: I literally left from my light body and entered into the child with agreement to go into a physical in 3D Level here.”
DH: I was some 750 Pleiadian years old in Earth age.
DH: I entered into a physical body, I was then a child. I was born with a head full of knowledge..I had literally to grow into..
DH: I love Earth, I like Humanity and I like being here…so I asked to stay…that was granted, but I was also informed that there would be consequences and the consequences would be that because I wasn´t designed to stay that long that my body would deteriorate and I am having certain problems at this point in time.
KC: Are you familiar with Kundalini Energy?
DH: Yes, I was trained at the Kundalini, I had a Guru, an Indian mother and actually received the transfers of the Shaktipat and had the Kundalini Awakened probably 20 years ago.
KC: Ok..
DH: I just turned 64 january 21.
KC: Ok, that´s pretty old to have Kundalini activated.
KC: I activated Kundalini when I was in my 20s.
DH: I came in with certain skills. I have Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Healing…I thought that most people were like me, but it turns out that they weren´t…as a consequence other children knew I was different they were absolutely scared and petrified…I grew pretty much up by myself, I lived with nature, science and knowledge .I had only one friend and that was my dog, that was my best friend for 13 years growing up..It wasn´t a problem for me. I did my best to adapt…I had many masters along the way teaching me different things..People came up to be and said: “Hey, you are not from here. We know you are different and you are not from here and they were just walking out of the blue.
KC: But you must have had interactions with the Military.
KC: ..There is somebody who is afraid of what you might say..
DH: I don´t consider myself to be that important…but this is not the first time this is happening…
KC: In terms of the Secret Space Program, how familiar are you with it?
DH: I am relatively familiar with most of what´s going on out there.”
KC: I am sorry if it seems that I am interrogating you…You told me that you have activated Kundalini when you were around in your 40s..?
DH: Well, let me see…so the Kundalini would have been activated about 1980. <<< ConspiracyRevelation: incoherent data / contradiction to former statement / Looks like a lie.
ConspiracyRevelation: Usually Kundalini is activated between 32 and 41 years of age!!! Not earlier and not later! Normally!
KC: Normally with Kundalini it would facilitate spontaneous recall of past lives …are you good at meditating?
DH: I would say no, I do practice it daily..
DH: Technology is a good thing, but you do not reach Ascension with Technology.
DH: What I am doing? Perhaps nothing.
KC: So have you written any books?
DH: Well. No. And I didn´t really want to.. I look around in the UFO field and so forth and all the research going on, right now, and it´s about everybody is infighting, everybody who wants to top the other, are you getting paid more than me, hey, how many books have you got? I will be honest with you, I am not interested in writing a damn book…
DH: Whether it is in this state or in any parts of the world, If they pay me, I don´t take the money.. I may take a few dollars for Gases. I am not interested in making a living on this at all.
DH: I am not religious in any way, shape or form, okay. Do I have beliefs? Do we have beliefs? Yes. We believe in a Prime Creator, but we don´t look at it the way that people on Earth look at it…everybody thinks they have the right answer and they all got a piece of the puzzle, but nobody really knows what they have…the bottom line of it..too many people are concentrating on that and that creates anger, that creates discord, ..we are better than you and you are better than us.. and fighting…
So I cannot buy into this stuff too much, because that puts my energies outthere and fragments me, I need to concentrate on the positive things around me, I don´t
wish to create more negativity or support that.”
“SuperPandabear123: ​what about elminating low frequency mind control?
SubGenius Society: ​Toriod/Tortoise field.
SuperPandabear123: ​LIARS HAVE NO LIMITS.
Stormy Skies: ​It’s because the higher self is accessed through love.
Jackie Bridges: vor 1 Monat: this 5g and singularly transhumanism agenda is getting pretty scary stuff.
Claire Barry: vor 1 Monat: Thanks Kerry. He sounds a little robotic I’m unsure of what to think, he says he was sent, so no free will? A lot of what he says makes sense though. Interesting interview nonetheless! 💗
Rolf Stark II​: Pleiadians do not care for Earth.
The UFOmember​:There is Good Pleiadian`s and Bad Pleiadian`s.
Dinosaur baculum phone​🐙: two thirds of this audience are probably octopods, too.
Karlemids​: Greer really angers me.
Dave Rice​our: energy reflects our emotions. It’s a bright neon in the spirit realm.
SuperPandabear123: ​Pleiadians have been known to be double agents in the past. Be careful.
A. Q.: ​Goode angers me more than Greer.
Michael Life: ​Steven Greer is a Draco hand puppet.
chuck chuckbam​: REPTILIANS are next door from me.
Ruby Lake Watersports: vor 1 Monat: My soul is from a Pleiadian structure and I transitioned also as an Andromedan from 5D here.
Spirit Anon​@A. Q.: violence and hate always come from a place of cowardice.”

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