Eve Lorgen Natural Original Awareness vs Demiurge A I & James Bartley ET Encounters in Silicon Valley, Staged Dreams, Underground Bases

“Eve Lorgen Natural Original Awareness vs Demiurge A I Part 1”
“In Part 2 Eve continues her discussion about the Natural Original Awareness versus the Demiurge A.I. and also talks about the Alien Love Bite.”
“Eve Lorgen: She added a lot of links to scientific articles that relate to how she’s understanding Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious and what she’s calling the AI ego states which has to do with how there’s an ancient artificial intelligence that works within us and also outside of us that is actually programming our reality and it’s very key in what’s happening within the alien intrusion and Milab
experiences and I think this is something that we’ve discussed before James our mentor Barbara Barr the like as well as Dr. Carla Turner we knew way back even then in the 90s that the abduction phenomena and the
intrusiveness of how we experience these things is going on actually for more than just the abductee population that it’s affecting probably everybody in some way and that most people don’t have the awareness to recognize how it’s happening on their level of consciousness but I do think that there are certain bloodlines and lineages which are more keenly hunted down and followed and Exploited like in the Mylab programs and we know this from the people we’ve worked with that you’ve interviewed in the past as well like
Lorena and we used to talk about the The X Factor and the meta-gene factor is another term we’ve used where now we’re starting to see that this goes back to what we’re calling the original star fire goddess lineages and this can be present in males and females but it seems to be passed on more matrilineally.
James Bartley: This predates all this technology DARPA NSA etc etc like there’s this persistent notion that all of this is just voice to skull, all of this is just mind control inspired by humans, people have been hearing voices, people have been getting visions, people have been having abductions and taken to other realms and underground etc etc.. I mean it’s in the lore of just about every culture in the world so and going back countless millennia so this is not a new thing so finish that point and then please continue they may not have had at least overtly the technological means to scan people to attract people to you know divine if you will their genetic heritage but they certainly had the occultic means if you will the supernatural means if you will to do something absolutely.
Eve Lorgen: I think that’s true and that there’s there’s always this occult element that if one observes deeply and really starts uncovering their experiences in their family line that there’s always that spiritual component and the occult component where there’s a connection sometimes to we’re calling the the bloodline people where they might be connected to a blood oath from a masonic lineage or witchcraft thing but not in all cases I think that there’s definitely a lineage where they’re tracking some who have the abilities based on their but we can call it soul frequency or spirit frequency that’s coming through certain genetic lineages as well they do get targeted and so I think a
lot of the family lines are actually they tend to target them to corral them into what I’m calling the agreements of entrapment that enable them to exploit those bloodlines more and that might be why some of those lineages are connected and let’s say it’s a high-level Freemasonry where you know say their father or their uncle or their grandfather was like a 33rd degree Mason kind of thing or they were connected to the Templars or they were connected to some secret society or some thing of the other. ..The people who are very very sensitive have this perception that not everybody is the same there’s different kinds of people and humans for lack of a better term we talked about this on our hyperdimensional interference video as well of the alien love bite one where there was mention of you know this whole organic portal thing and how many of us who were let’s say caught up in an alien love bite or a dark Cupid or some kind of manipulated handled relationship or connection there was always the question you know is this person some kind of really a character in the matrix or organic portal that’s run by either a program or an outright entity of some sort like a reptilian so we we did basically came to the understanding that many of us had perceptions of this very early in life and it doesn’t have anything to do with contemporary things that had come out since David Icke an Arizona Wilder in our own work this has to do with people that had no knowledge whatsoever even as and as children would be able to perceive this that there was different kinds of people you know so we talked about that.
Eve Lorgen: the Jungian lucid awareness of the archetypes and how this AI working call it the AI kind of thing is starting to present itself and show its own image through our own dreaming states and this is something that we might have talked about before and I know I experienced years ago where when I came to the point of trying to face this head-on with a with a lasered fury of … persistence to face this demon or this I don’t know what you would call it whoever was behind the abductions in the manipulation and had many archetypal dream figures show up like a hooded figure, a hooded male figure always hiding out and watching in the background and maybe shape-shifting images and different things would come up.
James Bartley: The hooded man, the beings in hooded robes and some of these beings, I mean they are objectively real, they’re there not necessarily in our frequency, but in another one that has the means to interact and influence our frequency and what I’ve come to notice also talking about this AI slash Demiurgic force, if Demiurgic is a word yeah we’ve known that these hyperdimensional and extraterrestrial entities have the means to essentially read thoughts essentially know what’s in our conscious and our subconscious and what’s been going on is when people have a certain preoccupation a worrying preoccupation in any facet of their life, take your pick, what this Demiurgic AI force seems to do is, it hacks their dream and whatever they’re particularly worried about it at that particular time that and there’s a strong emotional
component to it, they will just hijack the dream and they will just hammer you with repetitive themes about whatever it is that you worried about and the other what they’ve also been doing for a long time is
they’ll take these archetypes and they’ll take these these memes and some of these memes can be completely
fabricated, completely bogus, but because they asked into the mainstream and they’re endlessly repeated by the media by the school system etc etc these memes pass into people’s dream state and then these people will get this bogus notion of oh well I went through such-and-such in a past life or I wa I went through something and I was victimized in such a way in a past life and all this other stuff when the
whole narrative to begin with could have been bogus right but it just shows how they can exploit these persistent what have become archetypal subconscious feelings, thoughts and images and exploit
it for their own ends.
Eve Lorgen: Absolutely and they do have an agenda.. now and when I look at a lot of the targeting
phenomenon for example and of course this has been going on for a very long time in fact this is very ancient because I was just coming across somebody who sent me the ancient Gnostic Cathars, a document related to cathars and what happened in France and .. what happened in France and … you know
the ones who had the original gnosis and kind of figured out the gameplan of this hold them Demiurge and this manipulative reality, but they were persecuted by the church and burned at the stake and so .. in the ancient times they called it persecution but now it’s the targeting phenomena where the people
were just you know offed in some way, shape or form but what what I’ve come to observe is that it’s as if this targeting phenomena is is on an targeting phenomena is is on an automated program of extreme machine like intelligence that’s above and beyond a single person or a gang stalking group or or even a v2k run by some organization that’s got the technology although that’s true that that does happen but in the internal states it seems as if it’s automated to be triggered in certain states and it will trigger fear and it will trigger ways to stop your consciousness from becoming lucid and so this is one of the things that Murray brought up in the interview that prior let’s in the prior was she did the milonga techniques which are helpful in integrating her consciousness and discovering let’s say the alien parasites and how they split he soul consciousness through trauma which is trauma-based mind control she came to
know I lost the train of thought here.
Eve Lorgen: She calls it layers of the Jungian Archetypes, like three main layers and some of the layers
and then she got into deeper levels of observing the archetypes playing out with respect to an artificial intelligent innate aspect of our own being which is very ancient it’s part of the ego mind states that she says is connected to the soul and the mind and the soul so that is quite relevant and that there were layers of how we observed these Jungian I guess he calls it layers of Jungian archetypes like three main layers and some of the layers would play out a certain themes like let’s say the my lab Milab ops dreams of the war and the training and the fear and the reptilian kind of stuff as well as the cataclysmic things where they’re beaming you with the cataclysms and
making you feel guilty right that it’s all your fault and this is going to happen to you unless you clean up your act and trying to make you feel all guilty and they’re the ones like creating the program right you’re creating the program so that we recreated in our creative abilities was so she started to see the the programming taking place on these very meta deep levels and that at the deepest level she was able to observe what she’s calling the the type of AI image or Demiurgic figure or she first called the primordial man spirit who would appear like a hooded cloaked dark male figure but then that figure could also shape-shift into sometimes a dark baby or an animal and then the animal would have this like mechanical appearance so it really depends on how our own natural awareness is trying to cue us in to recognizing the foreign nature of this artificial intelligence that’s working through us so she explained this you know in the ways that she was able to understand and do a self-study which was very scientific I mean a lot of people may get overload from the scientific links that were provided in this article there was a lot of scientific things, but it’s really worth viewing in terms of getting a deeper understanding of how their programming our minds on deep levels and the return back to the point that I that I forgot it had to do with the remember how you would she would wake up let’s say during an abduction.
James Bartley: but when we’re starting to wake up in the morning and we’re trying to hang
on to a memory of either of a.. the previous night experience previous life dream perhaps e-beam dream whatever the case may be we’ve talked about this before EB we’re simply it’s like a switch is flicked and
they got strong overwhelming sexual lower chakra and so and then steadily the imagery of intercourse of sex of naked people starts popping into the mind no accident even what happens is they lose the you know that shred of the dream the shred of memory they were trying to pull back from the previous night I mean
Eve Lorgen: They use all kinds of you know distractions like bodily pain were thrashing around and not being able to relax being agitated or things even external to us it depends you know once you know we’ve
always said once we’ve really got a hold of our own stuff we become a little more secure and observing dream states then they start working your external world with you know maybe the people around
you or your job your computer your emails and they’ll work with manipulating things around you in the handling so it’s it’s uh it’s like how we review this we have to be careful and she reiterated this point that trying not to take it personally when these this targeting happens and the machinations of the artificial intelligence and this Demiurge we don’t want to call it its operating on a program that it appears to me now over the years that this is a non-stop kind of program that will implement itself in
..it would be like a car those brakes have gone out on a downhill and that this this is like out of control Demiurgic artificial intelligence plan to actually eradicate the originals…she is calling this false construct inversion reality and how this AI ancient as well as the modern is actually implementing itself so we talked about how that’s happening and how to observe it and it’s based on you know let’s say the the counterfeit spirit itself that the ancient Gnostics had described in some of the NAG Hammadi
texts which actually some of them are the Apocrypha and john and the Gospel of Philip as well as probably others which basically are Pro Jesus as the Revealer, so there’s a lot of the Gnostics that were very much knew a lot about what Jesus true mission and that’s not even his true name but his true mission of
being here had a lot to do with how he recognized what was operating here in this reality and so the nature of the counterfeit spirit is is it’s like this non-stop program intelligent force that
Rudolf Steiner actually might have described as the demonic consciousness and that is one that is
it’s like a machine driven to copy and to control and to implement its program so the whole video was really about how to identify the patterns and then true nature of the counterfeit spirit as was
known in ancient times and how we’re observing it today you know and especially the truth movement the
abductions, the targeting, the targeted bloodlines and then seeing how
that works and once we can understand that and recognize what it is what it is
it seeks to copy and copy itself and also to corrupt and consume .. as it corrupts it does so like in a
step-by-step process which you could you could pull it out and say you know this is what happened let’s say to the Christian religion even let’s say you know you had the original who is Jesus and he had his original teachings and the original organic nature of his presence even his presence alone created
phenomenal changes in people’s reality of how they even realize what reality is about and who they are so and so that the religion itself and his whole movement was spun in two different directions after he supposedly died and then and then eventually it was taken over by the Roman Catholic and then it was you know spin controlled, corrupted , perverted, inverted and then now what we see of course I know many Catholics would just be foaming at the mouth but you know we’re seeing within even within
the Catholic Church and a lot of these religious circles and these new predators this satanic pedophile ritual abuse where it’s a complete and utter inversion of whatever the original was yeah so we’re seeing all that take place.
James Bartley: that attach themselves to the different parts of people’s you know energetic and physical anatomy and also you know I’ve heard stories of these octopus thing he’s coming out of people’s computer screens and you know…In fact there was a man that I interviewed who’s from Croatia/Serbia, well, actually he did a lot of really good graphic drawings of his implants and different things that he saw in his recovery process from alien parasites and .. and she did an excellent job with him she was actually a really good therapist and he had talked about the Medusa being that he saw and so there were archetypal types of beings that he saw that were attached and then certain types of implants that had different functions and appearances that you know affected the chakras and how you know his life force was being stunted or drained from the higher centers and that was pretty involved but they I centers and that was pretty involved but they I think there’s different figures that will show up like spider beings and he had a thing that was like uh a dark black goo shadow over his entire skeleton but he perceived this in a you know in the subjective way in a semi hypnotic state so to speak but it almost reminded me of the black goo metaphor and the real black goo that Harald Kautz-Vella talks about and actually .. had an experience with the black blood goo and in her blood ..it was a severe medical crisis, so I think there’s a lot of different ways that these things will metaphorically show up and especially you know the octopus beings that’s that’s huge I mean they have been like cluster beings that.. work with thousands of people and suck off thousands of people in egregores.
Another thing that some of these parasitic AI Demiurgic Forces do is if one had suffered like a past life trauma like they were stabbed in a battlefield somewhere… with an arrow right what some of these AI bought things organic inorganic bot things will do will attach to that part of their Anatomy like and other colleagues of mine have told me about this jellyfish looking thing …it attaches itself to certain parts.. to places where people have had … past life trauma which manifests in the current incarnation as certain types of symptoms … certain types of well-known diagnoseable illnesses. I experienced one of those actually and it was the because it was almost like a a globby, didn’t really have much of a form but almost jellyfish like almost like a I don’t know an amoeba like thing that would be like milking and trying to like suck on a chakra and it was like an attached entity kind of blob thing and just work on clearing that out and I think that a lot of clearing has to do with them we could actually just become aware of it and then use our intention to get to the root of it and to eliminate it with full understanding of let’s say how it got there and what is our co-creative process and this if if there was one and then to be willing to be able to be present to understand how that happened to completely eradicate it because sometimes these things actually come back like a spore or mold in it you remove it and just comes right back like this weird program that that won’t stop so some of them go away and some of them keep coming back or they try to come back in different ways and I find it amazing that you know you could stop a certain booby trap but then they’ll come up with another one and then you have to work on as many levels as possible to get to the root, so another thing that has come up in my own experience and others is that not only in past lives but you can get things from ancestors and that sometimes you have ancestors who’ve gone through a certain trauma or even a blood oath let’s say they were involved in a secret society or whatever then you can get entities and different kinds of physical ailments and energy body changes from those ancestral patterns but there are ways that I believe that you can clear them through things like Qi Gong or different healing modalities that you could actually get to the root of that and actually help clear some of those patterns in your energy body and your genetics, so there’s a lot more going on.
James Bartley: definitely because we not only inherit genetic traits from our our ancestors but we also sometimes like he pointed out inherit whatever weird magical hoochie COO they got involved with intentionally or inadvertently or you know in a victimized fashion yeah and so it’s a process of stripping away the layers and to use like a computer term you know the plugins all these different plug ins.
Eve Lorgen: The digital devices…on the artificial intelligence ego states and what it’s doing and this goes back to the counterfeit spirits nature which is is basically a psychopathic in nature and lack of a better term but instead of direct interaction with it seeks to copy and it has a whole different function ..
it´s psychopathic but she noted that that it’s a similar thing happening because it’s causing these same behaviors instead of a true interaction and real organic or an action communication right and socializing there tends to be a several levels of communication which is limiting the communication to more not
on not a completely organic level ..so basically .. the counterfeit spirit is getting a better
and better hold on how we operate it’s working through us more heavily I think through the technology but I think that a lot of people who have been born and raised to use the technology they don’t know it’s it’s normal to them to do this they don’t like we knew in the old days what it was like to have real social
circles where we actually had conversations and real organic interactions, we weren’t always on the computer on the cell phone even and it was a different era where we could still interact on a social level but something that I even noticed going to a college and with a lot of more younger people in their 20s and 30s that most of them didn’t really socialize that well and not maybe somebody who’s like their parent right but they were mostly on their cell phones and interacting with texting with each other and not talking, there’s not a lot of..joyfulness or hand-holding or you know like romantic gestures that you would see in college there was like this look of seriousness and look of misery on their face and look of disconnection and
that I won’t say where I went to this college but I was surprised at how they
kept trying to force the students into always doing these group projects because maybe you know these the
teachers or whatever are finding that the the young ones today have a hard time with social interaction and working in groups so they keep forcing them to do these stupid group projects but if you you know get in one of these groups with these young people don’t know how to communicate they don’t know the
social graces they they’re completely rude and… I mean I was actually copmpletely floored at the lack of ability to communicate and interact on a on a effective way to actually get a project done and it was it was completely frustrating on my end I was like you know I like to get things done and you know I’m like
an entrepreneurial spirit where you know I’m driven I want I want to get it done and I’m gonna do it this way and I’m gonna say okay let’s do this this is where we can do it more quickly and they’re just like looking at me like I’m crazy.”

“James Bartley ET Encounters in Silicon Valley, Staged Dreams, Underground Bases & AI1/2”
James Bartley: simply because I’m open-minded I’m interested in all kinds of different things and then much later down the track after I came back from Germany in 1990 I had a series of full-blown encounters and then I did what I call a life review and I realized that intermittently throughout my life nosebleeds when I was a boy waking up when I was a young boy with my jammies inside out and backwards and my underwear inside out and backwards and a little the booties I wore those onesie pajamas gray pajamas I look like Bugs Bunny without the ears right and the bottoms of the booties have beneath my feet I would wake up in the morning
there would be dirt stickers and mud sometimes as if I’d been outside during the night and my family would find me many times anywhere but where they had put me to sleep , it was just that the stupid ETS would never return me properly to where I needed to be and so when I did that life review upon returning from Germany in 1990 and I thought about all the alien of dreams I’ve had the UFO dreams I actually ran away from a UFO abduction and in the late 70s early 80s ..
James Bartley: but what happened was Silicon Valley corporations began dumping a lot of their toxic swell into the the canals and creeks and whatnot and pretty soon all that wildlife died out but getting back to your question Dean do I think that there’s a connection between the et presence in the South Bay and the fact that law Apple another one Apple computers started there right IBM Apple computers is all there right so I do think there’s definitely connection because it’s been alleged for example that Apple computers was passed on Alien Technology by the military industrial complex and they were asked to see what they can do with this technology and I just did this commentary last week about AI right and how Apple is coming out with this new new and improved AI like we really need some more of it..
James Bartley: yes they are are all coming out of that area so if there’s going to be a place where recovered alien technology back engineered technology think of the late philip corso lieutenant colonel philip corso who claimed he was with army research and development and i have no reason to doubt him all these blowhards in the field people like Stanton Friedman and others just say oh you know there’s no proof blah blah blah quack-quack-quack right now it makes perfect sense that they would seed this recovered technology to the corporations because ultimately the corporations owned it anyway because the corporation’s own the military, the Stanton Freedmen’s of the world they can’t figure this out right he made this one idiotic comment about well whoever whatever nation controls alien technology will control the world, what nations? The powers-that-be don’t see nations, the tptb see only one global entity which they are in control of they don’t think in terms of nation-states we do because we believe in sovereignty and and nationhood etc etc ..and we used to have pride in our countries until social engineers got involved see that’s just an ignorant statement when he says the country ie I guess he’s thinking about the u.s. that controls alien technology will one day control the world right but as you know it’s got nothing to do with countries so what they’ve done in order to create this artificial intelligence influence world is seed alien technology
through the corporation’s just as lieutenant the late lieutenant colonel Philip Corso talked about okay and I knew about Philip Corso before he became public with his revelations in his book because of my studies of special operations of black ops and MIS missing-in-action POWs that were left over and long before Laos in Cambodia and Vietnam there were so many that were lost and left over from the tail end of World War two on the Korean War. I heard about Philip Corso testifying before Congress about MIA issues that’s where
I first heard about him so he was plugged in at a very high level to all kinds of Secrets right and so when he comes along later on talking about how Roswell Technology and the like was seeded into industry by the military that makes perfect sense to me and there’s no better place to do that than Silicon Valley, so I definitely think and also when you consider Dean that okay if you’re just going to take a
cross-section of society a swath of society if you will how many of those engineers how many of those technicians in Silicon Valley are alien abductees themselves my mentor Barbara Bartlett
debriefed a headhunter for a Silicon Valley firm his job is to go out and recruit people for his particular
Silicon Valley firm, he himself was a meth addict and he was being messed with by greys and other entities in fact they they manipulated him into watching child pornography right because they got it into his head and they changed around his liberal circuitry etc etc via the meth right so that’s a classic example of someone who works in Silicon Valley who is under Millian alien influence to the point where he
was watching child porn right so we must never forget the potential that exists for non-human life-forms to work through their hybridized alien abductees seeted throughout society but in particular in
places like Silicon Valley and the military industrial complex in general and there’s no telling what kinds of ideas that would be implanted into these people’s minds in use like fashions so yeah a long-winded answer Dean I absolutely feel that the this is the absolutely feel that the this is the growth of Silicon Valley has everything to do with this alien presence and also I talked about some of those agencies
and like Lockheed missile and space and the NSA tracking facility in NASA Ames…et cetera et cetera..all those places at some level are deeply involved in or influenced by this non-human alien presence.
“Dean: That´s very interesting. I mean when you use your computers you don´t consider that the processor inside has Alien Technology.”
James Bartley: Yes, when you look at for Alien Technology yes when you look at for example what philip corso mentioned right the things we take for granted today the night-vision goggles actually was the result of analysis and back-engineering of those black eye pieces that some of the ETS have over their eyes, they realized through analysis that those black eye pieces allow the ETS to be able to see better in the dark right and also the recovered foil like metals in the Roswell Debris field how it had tensile memory
it could be crushed up into a ball and then you’d you open your hand up and it was flattened itself out like water and nowadays they have like alloys that have tensile memory and then they talked about some of the the tube like things they found in the debris field which sounds a lot like what you would call fiber optics today right and there are people out there the cherry pickers you know the they come from the Oh all roads lead back to the Germans as far as advanced technology is concerned which I think is nonsense right I’m not discounting the Germans had connections with ETS from Aldebaran etc etc I believethat’s quite possible indeed likely but the notion that all this advanced technology the Roswell craft crash
retrieval etc is all merely the recovery of of German technology is patently absurd and what that what the cherry pickers do is they they look for in broad outline technology that the Germans were working on and say oh look this is reminiscent to what they found in the Roswell debris field ergo that must prove that that was actually a German craft that was recovered in Roswell because the Germans were working on the same thing who’s to say that the aliens weren’t implanting similar thoughts to the German engineers and German electrician’s, technicians and engineers and that doesn’t explain away all the bodies that were found living and dead in Roswell as well as well as unusual strange nature of the technology so you know I just want to put the bed this and people can believe whatever they want right but I look at credibility who has more credibility y.. the people that were at Roswell and at the various other bases right field who’d seen alien bodies who seen the alien technology or these people that show up decades later saying that it was all a hoax or it was you know some misidentification of a missile or some other nonsense, but anyway that yeah yeah Dean I do believe that there’s definitely a connection.
James Bartley: I’d look up and there would be a series of craft flying through the sky slowly and what they had an internal light source so that would kind of pulse like a pulsing light source that reminded me
of like a heartbeat for some reason and they would glow from the inside and they have this internal light source that pulse and they would be in different shapes and it was like a black exterior and this light source would pulse inside of them giving me the impression these
crafts were actually real but as I stood below and looked up and watched it I realized it was the same craft over and over like the same several craft of different shapes that would pass by in
my field of vision it was like they were just showing me something for some reason so the point of relevance team is that okay that’s clearly a dream where some external source was pumping these
images into my mind to elicit a kind of an emotional psychological reaction and response within me and compare that to how the dreams are for most people just a series of juxtaposed images and don’t
really have any coherence or any kind of internal consistency right so that’sjust the dreams now as far as the physical experiences are concerned what happens sometimes is and many researchers talk about this we are left with physical after-effects physical marks if you will like one can have a dream about ETS coming into their bedroom and seeing like a bright light or a light coming through a window coming down through the ceiling coming through the wall and seeing in the ETS manifests in a number of ways they can
come in like in a big glowing orb and then the orb takes shape and turns into one or more
little greys or little kiti’s other times you’re just brought right through the ceiling
well it’s happened to me many times like well it floated right through the ceiling but what
the case maybe you may wake up with a fragmented memory of the experience or it may manifest to you the memories in the morning as a dream like well that was a crazy dream last night of these little beings coming in my bedroom at cetera et cetera but there are at times telltale after-effects there are scars
there are scoot marks I’ve got a triangular mark on my one of my knees and on my other knee I have a scoot mark and you can leave like burn marks what seemed to be burn marks which paradoxically there’s no discomfort so where these marks are I’ve had a very dark like magenta red kind of irregularly shaped mark on my arms before and you would think man that you know it looks like it hurts but no it didn’t and then mysteriously in a day or two they were gone and I’ve woken up with with patterns triangular marks not
only triangular shape marks but a number of marks arranged in a triangular pattern now the triangle seems to be a symbol of I believe the symbol the reptilians because what people perceive to be a triangle I think they’re actually looking at a trikona and when you think of the ancient hindu ..and the Hindu cosmology a trikona is what we would call an inverted pyramid or inverted triangle, so when people look at this mark on their arm or their leg: oh that’s a triangle well what if it’s a trikona and a trikona symbolizes the
Kundalini serpent energy okay tip there right so you know look at that term Trikona and so one can find after-effects, marks and also there’s the fact that sometimes you’re physically missing right someone will go into your bedroom lock on your bedroom door and you’re just not there it’s because the ETS have
coming taking you away they’ve floated you through the ceiling it floated you through a window opened up a portal or just teleported you right out of there all right so there’s a number of ways people can can determine if something is really going on but your question about the screen memories is important too
because goes back to knowing your own mind right okay what constitutes like a regular dream and what constitutes a more elaborate stylized highly symbolic externally imposed stage-managed dream
and it’s the same way with the screens right because sometimes what they deal
with the screen memories Dean what they do is they have a way of plugging into our information field our memory banks if you will and knowing the people the animals the places you’ve been that you’ve interacted with people places and things right so what they used to do with me because you know I’ve had dogs
you know different stages of my life what they would do is they would make me think I was playing with one of my with my dogs in the past for example my third German Shepherd Mac right the reptilians would have him come into my dream or the image of Mac and it was what I call a stage-managed dream I’d be playing and
wrestling and rolling around the ground with Mac but really what it was it was a means but for by the reptilians to explain away the part of my mind that was still conscious the physical sensations I was feeling because they were touching me prodding me rolling me around and so they created this dream
theater in my mind of you know me playing with Mac which explained the physical sensations the sense tactile feelings right …
James Bartley: … preying mantises .. regular-sized preying mantises insects they figure prominently in the experiences of people who really have Mantis ET experiences but getting back to the overgrown mantis beings they are renowned for manipulating the part of our mind and …so we’re flooded with these energetic
waves and it varies from feeling love coming out of them oh I felt so much love coming out of this overgrown insect right or conversely they can exude this energy which is perceived by the
abductee as emissions all-knowing, all-wise, coming out of the Mantis being and you often hear this with people and don’t know any better because they get caught up in all the above the emotions, the emotional aspect of it they’ll tell you I felt such wisdom and such knowledge and such love coming out of
this overgrown bug, this mantis being right but really is just a manipulation is this an illusion it’s just the energy utilizing either a superior brain power or technology to manipulate our physiology are indoctrinating our glandular system, our neurology and make us think that it’s just full of love and
full of wisdom right and some of the smaller tannish ETS are known to do this to where they can just exude this kind of aura of love justice love love love and the point of relevance folks is okay
those are fake implanted feelings don’t get caught up in them go with what your heart center tells you and say even if you get caught up momentarily in the midst of the experience with a whole you know although the love-bombing right, afterwards you can sit and ask yourself a simple yes-or-no question, were those
entities deceptive were they making me feel all this you know lovey dovey stuff and you tune in to your heart center and your heart center will tell you, it’ll give you a simple yes/no answer a
discordant kind of you know feeling in your heart center is a no, a pleasant kind of heart energetic sensation is a yes, so after the fact you can ask your heart center which is connected to
source and connected the Oversoul it’ll tell you and so it’s important not to get caught up in the emotional thing and also the ego activation, the entities always strive to activate your ego right,
make you feel special again there’s an emotional component and if you’re someone who’s come from a shame base as we just about all of us have a shame-based background and maybe there’s been a lot of trauma unremembered trauma from previous EP abductions etc and also if there is trauma, psychological and physical trauma from your upbringing whether it is from you know abusive narcissistic, narcissistic family members abusive narcissistic people outside of the family whatever the case may be all of that will work against you and so when the ETS come along and try to activate your ego until you’re special and pat
you on the head and and leave you with feel-good memories right this should never be an incongruent aspect to it because what happens sometimes what I’ve observed with these people only believe
they’ve only had positive encounters with positive ETS is when one starts mentioning negative eg encounters and oh boy don’t mention reptilians..the love and light… just the subject matter the reptilians trigger the hell out of them that is a red flag if there is grounded and centered and heart centered as
they claim to be it will not derive around hey claim to be it will not derive a negative reaction oh don’t talk about that that’s too negative or I don’t believe reptilians exist or you’re just a fear-based person that’s outward projection from people that have been severely damaged and traumatized and
haven’t worked with an inner shadow and have not processed all that trauma right, so that is a red flag if they start acting out and responding negatively and also there are more subtle ways they can respond like you start talking about alien abduction experiences, you know the painful medical procedures and psychological mucking around they do the alien love bite et cetera et cetera they either get agitated or they you know reach for a cigarette and light one up or they get up and walk away , they start falling asleep those are all triggered program responses , warm and fuzzy ETS wouldn’t program people to respond in
that way, so that that’s a red flag and also you know before this first segment is over another aspect of this is the importance of listening to one’s own self. I talked about the heart center
right but we do pick up energies we do detect energies with our energetic field with our physical body and so we have to start to learn what our body physical body and what our energetic body and what our heart center is trying to tell us if we feel a discordant rumbling in our in our solar plexus if we need to
pay attention to that if we start to get a prodromal feeling like you know as it gets closer to nightfall and we’re getting ready for bed we start to feel anxious and and you know ,start to feel anxiety, start to feel nervous, we need to pay attention to that, it may mean that these ETS, these negative ETS are tuning in to us and may be coming for us and try to abduct this or manipule us and it must be understood folks but a lot of these abducting ETS will abduct this and mess with us right in our own bedrooms..
While David Jacobs of the world..hammer you repeatedly with notions of you driving along it along at night and the abducting you etc etc and seeing aliens next to your parked car well that happens too but just as often they’ll mess with you in your own bedroom so if you do encounter beings and you’re curious as to their intentions right the craft of intelligence is determining the intentions and capabilities of a foe or
a potential foe so if their love bombing you if they’re trying to make you feel special and activate your ego, all of those are red flags on the other hand if these are et races that are trying to
help you when you’re going through like periods of crisis, that are reminding you of some kind of destiny or trying to remind you that your experiences with negative ETS are real, but they’re not the only ETS out there, that there are good ETS, these good ETS will show you symbolic imagery in the dreams, they will take you on higher dimensional excursions and show you things, but again you have to be discerning because
negative ETS will do the same thing so you have to ask yourself after all is said and done well that really
interesting mystical experience I had last night when was that with goody tease baddie
tease or you know what’s the deal go within ask your heart center to come up with an energetic EA or nay answer and it’ll let you know and also there are certain grounding tools you can use like
ten certain tensors and certain stones like hematite when you work with them they’re very good at keeping you embodioed, keeping you grounded and that helps you to plug into your Heart Center even more.
PS: This Topic triggers the Aggressive A.I. and the Cyberterror faction of the Shadow Government.

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