MK Ultra is Mind Kontrol = Demon possessions + Handler / Spirit of Kali (demon spirit) being blocked

“MK Ultra is Mind Kontrol = Demon possessions + Handler”
“hudna1: Published on Jan 22, 2017”
“Brewgene Kahuna: 5 months ago (edited): … It All Started With The Foundation Of The Militaries Intelligence And Security Agencies Top Ranking Generals And Majors Above Top Secret Need To Know Bases Only Faction, Department Of Psyops Warfare And ..Research And Development Applications And Assets To Be Implemented Within Uses For, From The Montauk And Philadelphia Projects Under The Label Majestic 12, So The Manchurian Candidate Victims And The MK Ultra Victims Are Classified Under The Label Muladhara Kundalini Ultrasonic Controlling Frequencies And Toning Or Tuning To Train, Better Term Vibrational Harmonics Or Sacred Geometry, Cymatics And Mathematical Magics, Astrology Or Rituals Enacted Through The Pictex 400 Page Of Astrological Energies And Universal Age Periods Of The Planets And Solar System For Extremely Powerful Abilities And Energy Focusing, And It’s Not Germanic It Is Sanskrit Ancient Language Of India And Hinduism.”
“JoAnna Rodriguez 3 months ago: Great job on breaking it all down for everyone to understand. It´s a war and we’re all involved.
Scott Young 4 months ago:_The illuminati are j–s
Ava Noriega 3 months ago: The Synagogue of satan…
thefirst shallbelast 4 months ago: I´ve broken most of my mind control except one…
My fiancé is my handler I don’t know how to stop the last program that is running…
It’s a dissociative program that sends me into a trance.
:: 3 months ago: MIND CONTROL is a DEMON.
Rosanna Miller 5 months ago: Demonic possessions handler is Satan. The handlers of mk ultra also have a handler too…Satan. He is the puppet master behind the puppet masters of this world.
RealBallistic SMN 4 months ago: That’s hilarious. Especially since Hollywood is run by greedy Jews.”
“ViolenceKarma: 5 months ago: Tila tequila cousin?
ShotgunChris Truth TV 4 months ago: Tila tequila clone.”

“The all stinkin anus= Illuminutty is the gate of hell.

“Spirit of Kali (demon spirit) being blocked in Yeshuah’s Mighty Name 2 26 17 at 11 25 PM
“Don Smith: 1 year ago: you christians think that everything is a demon. Kali is one of the forms of the mothers in hinduism. that is her form and if you guys would care to listen to her story and how she came about, you guys would know what i am talking about. She is a goddess and we as hindus worship her. She may look very scary and demonic, but beneath that is truth, love, and righteousness. christians think that she is very bad and demonic, when she is not. She saved this world from a DIFFERENT DEMON … stop these assumptions and do your research because these are the beliefs of manys of the world’s people. and also, christians always think that Christianity is thee oldest religion ever. like ive said before, do your research because hinduism is the oldest.
Donna Martinez: 1 year ago: I love your video’s and agree 100%.
DaRk GaMeR 7 months ago: You Hindus Are Serving Nothing But The Work Of Devils.
Bhuwnendra Rawat 1 month ago: You will know soon enough what Kali is. The knowledge is spreading. Don’t worry.
Bhuwnendra Rawat 1 month ago (edited): Learn about Kali from Vedas. The only true science about everything this world knows is in it. Try reading more Vedas and you will starts to understand you spiritual and material world. and how both works. Your knowledge will seem so few and incorrect after the vedas. Your understanding and lifestyle will change after reading it. Thise books and writings you are reading are different in different books and they all change with time. All gods stuff is out of the vedas knowledge to teach it easily to everyone. Many Yogis spent lifetimes Thousands of years to collect all that knowledge so accurate that scientists cannot be that correct even now.
Amzi John Show: 9 months ago: kali was not a demon…improve your knowledge.
Douglas Brannon: 2 months ago: Amzi John Show the thuggi cult murdered thousands of people in the belief they would appease kali.
Koyel Roy 1 month ago: Douglas Brannon the christians in Africa have and is still are persecuting hundreds of women by calling them witches…and even in Central and Latin America the evangelical christians are burning the indian shamans by regarding them as witches too….so now won’t you raise your voice…
Harshendu P.u 3 months ago (edited):
Kali, well, it is a neutral energy, kali means the feminine material form of time, as that is supreme nature (parama prakriti name of kali) mainly that form of shakti that can destroy demons who spread through blood and pollute the universe, sis, she has crores of names to show her character. She is shakti who is dark and only controllable by act of love.
Shiva slept at her feet because when neutral energy tries to neutralise demonic bound energy it will start to lose its balance and at that time no one can dominate maternal energy, one way she must be stopped by some act that will make her consciousness to raise above her non consciousness. First time when she lost balance she was stopped by shiva as she stepped on his heart accidently and screamed loudly and cried as she hurted her love. Second time she was not ready to do that, so she walked away from shivas body, but at that time he turned in to a small child and cried loudly which awakened her maternal instincts and turned back to her calm beautiful form, that is not demonic.
Bible has nothing on behaviour of nature and the behaviour of energy etc..these topics are very deep and if you don’t know , never speak of it. Viewing on energy perspective using bible is like viewing a distant star using a magnifying glass.
Douglas Brannon: 2 months ago: Sticking the tongue out is demonic possession or reptilian. There is a clip on the internet of a tattoo artist visibly being possessed by a reptilian or demon. You can see the thing get on the man. He appears to be totally unaware of it. This was on a surveillance video. I also saw a surveillance video of a very real vampire in a room with some gang bangers that had called 2 prostitutes. It was on tv 5 or so years ago.
Abhishek Kumar Pandey: 3 months ago: lol. do some exorcisms.
Yahkema J: 1 month ago: She is saying because Kali is black and black lives matter are black that they represent Kali this is a racist African American hating witch I knew there was something not right about her she is a devil mixing lies with truth.
Yash: 7 months ago: All religions(including Christianity) are bad and fake…
-mike- -mike-: 1 year ago: you know its all lucifer right ?”

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