CONFIRMED! Marines Moved in To Stop Coup against President Trump….

“CONFIRMED! Marines Moved in To Stop Coup against President Trump, Hillary Worries Over Indictments”
“david Anderson
11 hours ago
Trump is like a new age Moses delivering his people from the clutches of evil. He may not part the waters but I believe he’s going to part the skulls of all those responsible for treason inside the Deep State. MAGAZINE!!! ”
“He use the term strategic patience and Q on the back channels put the word risk in brackets, one very intelligent viewer.
pointed out risk may be a reference to the game of Risk which if you think about it could actually be the case. President Trump is a graduate with honors of the New York military academy since he has an IQ in the top three percent, it stands to reason he would use his military training to surround the enemy and crush them, this brings us to the next phrase President Trump used which was the storm is coming and that was a direct reference to Q in the back channels, whoever Q is he is definitely in the
inner circle of the president.”

“Published on Nov 27, 2017”
“Langley is stormed by the Marine Corps.”

1 day ago
The CIA is doing horrible things that people could not even imagine. As the Bible states, they have no limits to their evil. Look up what the Nazis were doing and that is exactly how America us being managed. A lot of people are being murdered and no one even knows because they keep phone numbers active and have voice recordings of the people they have murdered.”
“kell m
7 hours ago
Hope this is true and they get rid of the CIA and SHADOW government and anyone who backs them!!!!…NOW BACK YOUR ELECTED PRESIDENT!!!!!
Con Ibarra
18 hours ago
bring down !!!c.i.a .n.s.a f.b.i homeland security!!!drain da swamp.”
“most importantly Pentagon sources confirm multiple internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters, this past
weekend, one of the aims was to shut down operation Mockingbird, the CIA a group that turned the mass media as well as
Google Facebook et cetera into mass mind-control propaganda say NSA sources. I found that very interesting the
article is linked below and you can read that for yourself.”

Published on Nov 20, 2017”

“Picture Confirmation of Troops at Langley, Al Waleed Sent Snipers To Mandalay Bay – April LaJune”
“Marines on High Alert Over 5000 Sealed Indictments”
“EverOn Mills 2 days ago We are now witnessing the “C A L M….. before the S T O R M””
“YoungArtClay 3 days ago: The CIA has always been the bloody operational arm of the Wall Street Banking interests.”

“FMR Army Lt. Exposed CIA Coup Against President Trump”
“Control of Information and Isolation”
“Tracy McDermott 3 days ago HE LOOKS SCARED.”
“Sheri Benjegerdes 3 days ago:
It all depends upon our Father Creator.. Most will turn to a false God and a false church. But the timing belongs to God. I believe we may actually see a time of temporary prosperity in America but it won’t last forever. Only spirit lasts forever. ..God’s army, His saints. The whole earth belongs to God. Get your life straight with Him.”
“But these people don’t think like us. … because we’re actually the ones that put Trump in he is the symbol of how we feel so they’re gonna want to destroy that, so look for some very bad things to happen they’re gonna unleash some very bad things against us to teach us a lesson not to ever stand up to them again. I think of course it’s going to go the
other way they’re going to find out that in fact the people are going to stand up, because the light of God is still
getting to us, despite their efforts, as I said in one video their technological efforts and their technocracy efforts to
keep us from getting that spiritual communication, it’s going to happen, because God is more powerful than anything that they can do, but this is the great divide, the great testing time, spirit of Christ, if you want to call it that, the return of Christ,
well and some Christians may not like this, but it’s going to first be evident, evident in the people that show that in
their daily lives and in having the discernment of spirit to know the difference between the good and the evil and act accordingly, all right, I guess that’s gonna be it. I don’t again know and I’ll do this I almost feel like at this point it’s it’s
not worthwhile at this this type of media but you know I’ve said that before. I’m gonna give it a few days and we’ll
see what happens but make your preparations like it’s said in all the last videos I have at least two weeks of
provisions to get you through a trouble time and know where you stand with a deep state a lot of people are going to
be harassed by them rather quickly…but we have to understand the enemy.”

“Marines Stopped CIA Attempted Coup Against President Trump Failed.”
“Am I dreaming I mean we’re in the middle of open world government being announced, we’ve got the corporate media with
almost no raidings, that’s in cardiac arrest, only intensifying their efforts to cause the civil war in the country
and basically admitting it and now they’re saying they want to unseat the elected president, because he’s a Russian
agent, they have actually called me a Russian agent and they’ve called Tucker Carlson last Thursday we played it last
Friday a congressman was on and Democrat and said oh that’s because you’re a Russian operative, no, you are globalist
operatives, you are the open new world order mega banks that have hijacked this country and almost every other country
in the world and run it in the ground and your philosophy is to make us poor and make us fight with each other while
you rule over us and we don’t want to do that anymore and now they’re openly calling for censoring the free and independent press.
I extended the petition out through the weekend we’re now over 150,000 signatures. (Alex Jones)”

“Gloria Jean
3 days ago
The “CIA” is not part of America. They are the army of the Elite, they are drug smugglers, and human traffickers.
They are criminals and terrorists.”
“queen sting
1 day ago
CIA is a mafia, they fund themselves, being the biggest drug smugglers in the USA. 2nd they profit from is guns, bombs and human trafficking for the pedophiles in gov and the elite zatanist! CIA is a group of criminals with s license to kill…. ”
“Regan Orr
3 days ago
Eliminate All Obamites from US Govt. ”
” ralph salotto
2 hours ago
The Marines should have gone in and cleaned out eliminated) those treasonous bastards.. The Marines are proud and honorable people and they take their oath seriously. ”
“Deweys stuff
3 hours ago
The CIA is not an entity of the government. They are above the government, just ask them they will tell you so.
Shea Mcleod
3 hours ago
The alphbet spaghetti is falling out of the can , hold fast people are waking up in droves. ”
” Edward G Price
Edward G Price
10 hours ago
CIA people that are still pushing the (Obama Agenda) ? Should be relieved of there commands and dealt with.
Sally R
Sally R
10 hours ago
Can you dig into Q Anon /Q Clearance? And report on it? Just found your new channel thanks!
Dave Burton
Dave Burton
10 hours ago
It’s just the beginning my brother ”
“David rosenthal
David rosenthal
14 hours ago
CIA works for Bush and Clinton’s ”
” Beana 707
Beana 707
22 hours ago
CIA is Obama’s shadow government pawns. ”
1 day ago
The criminal CIA needs a dismantling asap!
J. S. Reynolds
J. S. Reynolds
1 day ago
Of all of the video run downs on the Marines @ Langley…yours seems the most straight forward and accurate. Thanks Mike.
john clark
john clark
1 day ago
The reason the U.S. military is surrounding the CIA is because they are awakening to the corruption not to mention we all know they had a hand in the Las Vegas shooting ”

“Emanuel former White House chief of staff for Obama are connected with theMossad both Schiff and Emanuel are
pedophiles Barack Obama Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya and should be arrested for identity fraud.”
“FEMA camps are being used to incarcerate the Cabal as they get arrested behind the scenes, doctors and
big pharma will be arrested by December 21st, the last of the underground bases are presently being destroyed, many
recent reports of explosions heard and felt underground banks are closing down as many of the old monetary systems are
being terminated, there is literally no place for the Cabal to hide anything that they steal most nations on the
planet are against them, it has taken 38 years and the help of the Galactic’s to achieve this goal.”

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