Ex CIA- Robert David Steele – Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast

“Ex CIA- Robert David Steele – Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast”
“I’ve heard from many others: 70% of the secret intelligence community can and should be shut down.”
” and I would turn the Defense Intelligence Agency into a national analysis center which hires mid-career analysts who have proven that they’re one of the top ten cited people on their topic using only open sources and I would create an open source agency, um
processing CIA doesn’t know how to do processing and it never will processing is something that I think needs a completely different solution what NATO is called alternative c4i and I’m talking to John McAfee and a few others there’s a there’s a very serious move now to build the the post Google internet and what we’re talking about is a block chain distributed internet that
is suitable for top-secret information to be shared with anybody and that allows you to essentially process all information in all languages in all medium.

“70% of them gone” 70% of everybody in the secret intelligence community gone and zero contractors, we end contracting.
“where do the contractors come from? I’m always confused when somebody says that.”
The contractors came from the two-party tyranny being the enemy of the public.”
“Win H
1 week ago
So 70% of the CIA is a cancer. BUT we can save the patient???..We know what happened you den of inept vipers. Your only function is to lie to us and indulge your sexual fantasies. Just find a good whore and quit your CIA jobs. Much more satisfying.”
“SARAH Connors
1 week ago
There is a EVIL CULT that controls our planet. It consists not of Jews, Muslims or Christians but of PURE EVIL pretending to be Jews, Muslims or Christians.
The Rothschild are bored, so they practice SABBATAI ZEVI’S doctrine which is to unite the planet in PURE EVIL to bring the Creator to end all. THAT is what is happening today with these EVIL bastards. There were millions of these idiots that were absorbed and distributed to EVERY spot on the planet…the evil infestation started in 1666 which was distributed throughout every church, every political arena, every house of justice. War is their agenda and Trumptard is ok with evil, look at him, hegemony. His vocabulary is offensive, he is offensive, his family is offensive…truly Sabbatai followers.
The men and women have become whores, for $$$$ or power. Welcome to the Kardashian White House, house of whores.”
“Arnold Gregory
1 week ago
My take on the CIA is that it has become what it was intended to become. Right from the beginning Dulles, Angleton, Meyer were committing war crimes in Iran, South America and elsewhere. Within a little over a decade of their existence they were importing drugs from Asia, employing organized crime and killing a president. And that is just the stuff we know about. If the CIA is to continue it must have strict accountability to elected congress, and CIA criminals must be exposed and punished. We have way way too much government.”
“Recently we had three major earthquakes around the world:Costa Rica, Japan and at the border of Iran and Iraq.
Act of God, act of nature, act of war, what say you?”
“wow that’s a great question and I would say that on balance I would say they were acts of peace done by man acts
of peace … warning shots.. I mean people have no idea how advanced we are in not only geoengineering but minds control and
other things, let me emphasize that at a cosmic level 2012 appears to be the beginning of a 1000 year cosmic period
of good, of peace and prosperity and all indications are that gee Putin and Trump have the power to wage peace and end
central banking which there are some serious discussions going on in Asia and elsewhere about nationalizing all
central bank’s I believe that people seriously underestimate both the power of the United States and military terms
and underestimate the power of Russia, China and Iran, among others to wage peace, using very clever methods to
include the ability to send any missile fired by Israel and Iran back to Tel Aviv while it’s in mid-flight or the
ability as we saw demonstrated recently of a Soviet aircraft to fly over an American aircraft carrier and
” particularly if Bannon keeps running his mouth about being a Christian Zionist I wrote Steve Bannon off the minute I
heard that okay.. Christian Zionist my ass, you’re either a Christian or you’re not, um and I think that Donald Trump has now got
Giant Putin as partners, he’s got the Marine Corps as partners I think there is a very clear indicationn that the Marine Corps is surrounding Trump in a good way, he’s missing the public support, he’s missing the public education, he’s missing the connection to
the public. I mean I almost wonder sometimes if he’s autistic in relation to dealing with normal human beings, he’s, he’s obviously got knowledge beyond people’s comprehension, but he’s not doing what he needs to do to restore Congress in 2018 and win the hearts and minds of the public.. so I think that literally Donald Trump has as easily achieved a counter-coup …the Hillary Clinton’s and George Bush’s are toast what we’re waiting to see is if Trump can do the 99 percent part of the solution.”
“NSA instead of doing what the White House told it to do which is secure our communications and computing instead gutted them with the complicity of the CEOs of Dell and HP and IBM and Microsoft and others …I was asked about this and told PBS I
think we don’t live in a house without locks and doors we live in a Gas tent surrounded by drunk teenagers while carrying lit matches okay, our cybersecurity world is crap and it’s crap because NSA betrayed the public and the CEOs of Dell and HP and IBM and
Microsoft betrayed the public and basically did not buffer up.”
“Okay, this is all insane bottom line we cannot win a war, period..( well the Pentagon seems to lose a lot of
money too yeah) well about that the Pentagon is not just spending money on military forces they’re spending money
on deep underground facilities and extraterrestrial activities.”
“former administration since the death of John F Kennedy have been nothing more than pimps , slaves, servants,
whores for the deep state Donald Trump is the first president since John F Kennedy who actually has the potential to bury
the deep state… I personally think all of the Commonwealth nations of the United Kingdom are going to be free and
independent within five to ten years. I think that there’s a serious chance of Alaska, Vermont and Texas seceding from
the Union in the next 10 years, um however I also see enormous good, for example free energy is about to come on the market, it has been repressed for many years, but once you do free energy at scale that makes unlimited water desalination possible
and if you have unlimited water desalination possible Texas turns into paradise and so does the Arabian desert
and Somalia and Yemen and so forth, we are I’d say the next five years are the years of transition and then we are
going to see a 50-year period in which the 99% blossoms we make a good point I mean we could have water flowing
throughout the whole world.”
“Google Gestapo how the deep Strait controls social media.”
“Last but not least Kaspersky has labeled my blog as a pornographic website.., yeah I saw that.. that doesn’t happen by accident
that happens when X number of zionist trolls report you as a pornographic website and Kaspersky is too lazy to actually validate it. What people need to understand is that the Zionists perfected the art of digital assassination and the anti-defamation
league is the Zionists censor, it’s the Zionist social media monitor, censor and assassin, so anytime you’re critical o Israel and this goes back to the 1990s when the internet and commentary first started coming up,any time you’re
critical of Israel at Rolling Stone or and slate and Truthout or whatever 12 Zionist trolls come in and report you as
a hater yeah or a spammer or you’ve got pornographic content in it and Rolling Stone and slaton and Truthout and all these guys they’re lazy so they allow those reports to be taken at face value and they assassinate you, that is what we are dealing with.”
“We’ve seen that not only Canada, New York, the New York Federal Reserve have been selling titanium as gold, you know there’s a lot of fake gold out there and most of the gold is actually in caves in Indonesia and the Philippines and that’s one of the
reasons why a Asia is so important and that’s one of the reasons why the Indonesian president was included in the
secret meetings with Xi and Putin and and Trump, people don’t realize it but but Indonesia is the largest Muslim
nation on the planet and the second largest Muslim nation on the planet is India, okay, because of its population.
India, unfortunately, right now, is owned and controlled by the Zionists and that the Indians need to take care of that,
but Indonesia has most of the gold that is real gold and the Philippines has the rest and these are all in the tunnels, this is all the gold that the Japanese stole from China and others on their way down.”
“People should use Google Gestapo and people should start suing Google and YouTube okay YouTube is ruining people’s lives
“Keep your brand alive back everything up – bit shoot I don’t know when John McAfee´s alternative to Google is going to be up
and running but I’d be very surprised if it weren’t available in some form by July of 2018 and I’m meeting with them
soon and I’m really really eager to take Google down… everybody is.. I think everybody’s.”

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