An Interview with Harald Kautz-Vella

“Black Goo is a mineral oil that is built up within the planetary crusts that has the ability to contain consciousness that is mirroring the entire biosphere. Whatever is thought, felt, on top of the planet is mirrored and stored within this liquid. There’s a much higher density of ability to carry light field structures than our cellular system, it´s kind of similar but on a denser scale and it is immortal, it is not divided into individuals, it is one being but the sum of all individuals of all kinds is this being as a mirror. So this is the basic structure and we came across many different groups who were playing around with this substance for dark reasons and one structure we came across were a number of 5 quantum computers run on extracted modified Black Goo
and these things had been built by humans, but not with human knowledge in the middle of Germany near Nordhausen, ..there was a facility where they mounted the V2 rockets which was inside a mountain … if you go into serious research you find two additional layers beyond and somebody went in there on an astral level. We use the spiritual abilities of people to find the direction and then we go with hard-core science research to find if the things they see really are material and existant, so we had somebody who went down there and with a spirit into the two underground levels of the facility and the second one was kind of with troops inside armed people, non human. Heavily armed and the third layer has 1.5m thick pipes containing what are described as a liquid with nano-particles processing light… . and then something we already knew from the lab, that the spirit that is contained by this Black Goo whether it’s the good one or the bad one it´s travelling on magnetic field lines so if you activate a piece of Black Goo with a magnet. People who are sensitive they just go out of the room they start screaming because the spirit is covering the entire building suddenly. So it is something contained but it’s being driven out and in this vision I saw the grid within and then I saw the magnetic field structures…  you know with the Northern Lights, it’s a precise circle that was where kind of a spirit goes building up the toroidal soul grids of this planet. It was such a beauty! So that´s her.
And just to the people out there this might sound to some of the people like we’re far out spiritual funny people who are stuck in the knowledge of 3 – 4 – 5000 years ago Sorry. This is hard-core science! And ´the other side´ knows it. It’s not by coincidence and that we are supposed not to know this! …The Morgellons Disease is the tip of an iceberg… to put it in a nutshell, our inner biological systems are disturbed by wrong nutrition, wrong medication, and… this leads to cascading diseases.
Not a single aspect of the entire game is good because it is spoiling every motivation, it is spoiling every soul We do things we are not supposed to do, in the end because the only motivation that is left is money and if you don´t do things out of the right motivation it’s not a miracle that the planet is a mess, because all the motivations are kind of messed up. You create a mess Second one – Control and Power. This is the the shortcut – it´s always about shortcuts- Money is the shortcut to avoid scarcity, but it creates scarcity. Control is the shortcut for security and it creates disasters and wars,…
If you look into the black magic circles that basically are A.I. based movements on this
planet, you will find a black cube and a black stone as the carrier of the alien Black Goo and who is running all the money of the planet – Blackstone. What sign does Apple have when they’re dealing with Apps, a cube. What did the flags of Microsoft turn into fucking cubes! It’s all obvious…
… I just heard there is a slaughter house in Great Britain that is run by Muslims, where it is slaughtered according to the Muslim and they still align even if it’s an assembly line killing. It is aligned to Mecca.. the black stone in Mecca is collecting the pain and the lifeforce of the dying animals…

Many people say we´re inside a computer program. That’s nonsense. We’re inside our reality, but the perception of reality has been manipulated and we need to go back to a realistic perception of reality. And there, again, we come to hard-core science ..
(Harald Kautz-Vella)

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