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  1. Klingspohn, Werner sagt:

    Hallo Champions,
    Ich sitzt gerade in der Klemme, das Finanzamt will jetzt über 1.800,- € von mit, obwohl nach § 415 der AO kein gültiges Recht dazu besteht. – Was soll ich tun.
    Ab nächsten Monat wird mein Vertrag beim Schulamt wegen dieser Dinge nicht mehr verlängert. – – –
    Den Mikrozensus habe ich auch nicht zurückgesandt, weil dort die Nachbarn denunziert werden sollen. – Deswegen droht mir eine Obergerichtsvollzieherin jetzt mit einem Haftbefehl und über 500,- € Geldstrafe … Den Termin habe verstreichen lassen, weil sie provisionsbezogen arbeitet. – Was nicht ausschließt, dass sie dennoch den Mensch (mich) statt die Person einbuchten könn(t)en.
    Könnt Ihr mir irgendwie (trotzdem) helfen??
    Bitte! – Es eilt! – Danke vorab für ein paar helfende Gedanken.
    Freundliche Grüße

  2. Hi team at Conspiracyrevelation

    How are you?

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  3. Gustavo Roman sagt:

    Hello have been gangstalked or electronically harrased not sure how
    this is being done due to the fact all i kknow about it is the little
    i have read of only because i was even made aware by there criminals
    for months now seems or at least it is said local authorities might be
    aware of this situation however i now feafor my life due to the fact i
    even had some physical aggression, it seems the whole area is involved
    and no matter where i go there arethreats and agressions being
    directed towards me or my family, seems there is drugs being involved
    as well as human trafficking in this area as well involved i have lost
    everything in my life as well as my benefits i am disab led lifetime
    wise and i have a minor under my custody issued by court. And he as
    well has been disrespected and threatened also there is underage
    persons threatening probation is aware of my case as well as the
    district attorneys office, local authorities seem to have started an
    investigation ive had two welfare checks by probation, therefore i ask
    for any assistance available its a long list of names and individuals
    involved in this and i would like if any result responsible they are
    prosecuted and charged, i have been asked and have been stolen ransom
    money drawn from my dissbility account and facebook and google
    accounts hacked as well as my internet service, somehow mythree ex
    wifes or significant others seem to be the names coming up most
    frequent and insisting.

    Also the supposable mind kidnappers or neural remote controlles i
    dont know if there is technology to track down this kind or terrorism
    that has already shown results and has had casualties very recently
    here in my area which is San Elizario Tx. My cousin Gabriel Roman was
    murdered about last year this same way and was covered up as a suicide
    as well as other few that have happened here in this area, and a few
    others who have lost theyre sanity and on the verge of suicide now. I
    have lost my family due to this had to watch my wife struggle with two
    new born daughters and all else, all i see they can see and comment on
    even as i was married they were able to see my intimate moments with
    my wife and supposably exposed it publically as well as my daughters
    which i know somehow it was exposed due to the fact that people all
    around in town would comment about my life and my wife as i get out of
    the house i am not schitzofrenic or have any mental conditions and as
    i advised the authorities as soon as i can have an open case on this
    and my family secured i will go through any mental evaluation please
    help this is very disturbiung its 24 hrs that i am stalked and that i
    am threatened i am embarassed and tortured as i even sleep i am woken
    up wt specific and pinpointed pains new to me and i am woken up i
    havent had normal decent sleep in over 9 months i have had to hold
    down on my urges to eat and to have bowel movemnts as well as urinate
    do to the fact that before i even do there is laughter and there is
    commenting already about the wt im about to do and as unreal and crazy
    as it sounds i have the audio recordings of all this from a recorder i
    left outside my house.I have lost my disability benefits due to this
    cause i cannot even fill in my renewal because they are waiting on my
    social security numbers and my families which i refuse to expose
    because my kids are minors and i believe all theyre lives would be
    riuned if these terrorists would have access to it. but as i mentioned
    before its very inhumane and of violation of any human rights i have
    no access to any income any help or nothing it has been very hard i
    have filedmany reports that i have proof for and i also have the
    recordings which are from a camera outside the house which mainly is
    audio and the only solution according to my captors is suicide or
    indtitutionallize myself by crime. Please help i dont know that
    toomany people are aware of this type of crime and of this kind of
    technology and i would of been cought or actually did when it first
    started untill i decided to review the camera cause of noises and
    barkings outside and its how i noticed it wasnt me loosing my mind due
    to the separation of my wife and my two daughters which i had raised
    for a whole year my oldest was barely turning one and then a new born
    so i did go into shock when my wife took them specially my oldest we
    were attached to each other basically 24/7 we spent together she was
    more familiar wt me at that time and it drove me insane and in shock,
    i believe there is certain way to get access to this kind of neural
    remote through lawyers or investigators dont know if this would have
    to do anything wt it because it started the day as soon as my xwife
    left the house and she left from one day to the other no explanation
    untill like 2 weeks later there was no agression or police involved we
    had been having arguments but nothing out of hand and my daughters
    were alienated from me for over two months before i was able to see
    them again, before this incident there was another time were the wife
    left the house and left my olderst dauughter wt me and she went out of
    town to phoenix with her parents she was out of the house for about
    two weeks and refused to come back it is at this time which i believe
    she might of made contact or could of had any way of haviing this done
    if involved or responsible.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Yes….that is the standard Gang Stalking procedure…they track everything from everyone everywhere on this Planet..because they interlinked all brains via arpa/dod/dia/cia/nsa/alphabet inc./nwo/un brain gate and skynet …thousands of Satellites make this possible, coupled with AI Super Quantum Computers, Gwen Towers, Cell Towers etc… commonly known as “The Grid”…and an archontic ai environment – where absolutely nothing remains private anymore – therefore they forced people into the New World America Facebook-Youtube-Narcissist-Generation to make privacy an old-fashioned thing from the past – (otherwise the Youth would never have accepted this silent take-over of 0-privacy-policy, they forced it very fast and subtle into the environment during the last 20 years) with billions of daily sprayed smart dust particles, ai biotech and nanotech bci interfacing neural dust, binocular implant technology, dispersed via Chemtrails….They monitor or even force activities of” eventually” the entire Planet, but T.I.s are naturally full in the ZOOM, when the program is in active mode.. it is called NSA Sexgate… check Zakaos links out, he posted a lot of detailled info back in the days when he was still alive 2016/2015…

      The stalkers usually position themselves in little gangs right in front your domicile and start saying all the things they have spied out via skynet-nsa-arpa-brain-gate technology.. usually they are relatively young, not older than 25 or 30 years of age. The pairs who walk by and just laugh for no reason at targeted individuals are usually older… it is also possible that they are partially remotely controlled via skynet. The procedure is everywhere on this Planet identical and fully synchronized, no matter if you are in U.S.A., Europe, Antarctica or Australia for example.

  4. Re: Error in your Website

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