Zion-CIA-FaceBooks strategy to cut you off as an Admin of Groups or Huge Pages…

Conspiracy Revelation: 31.10.2020: Zion-CIA-FaceBooks strategy to cut you off as an Admin of Groups or Huge Pages…Gross….That´s how the CIA cuts you of your admin account…NEVER RELY ON ZION for your existence…they cut you off like a tree…

“Collective Evolution: Geteilt mit:Öffentlich
Hi everyone, we’ve lost our admin access to this page because Joe Martino and Arjun Walia’s Facebook accounts were simultaneously deleted today by Facebook. We have temporary posting access through another account for now, but need to get admin access back. We’re concerned that this Facebook page will be deleted within the next couple of days.
We strongly advise the following two actions:
Censorship is very real!”


Conspiracy Revelation: 2.11.2020: On the other hand it is very strange that CE got 5,3 Million likes..someone paid a lot for it or manipulated monstrously…impossible for normal people to reach such a audience level..so they paid the Gangsters on a Criminally controlled platform, so it is also natural karma, if people don´t understand that you don´t pay for virality, in a totally corrupted system, especially not if Nazi-Zion/The Feds/Bundesregierung/Government/ShadowGov/Masons/The Mob/Staazi/FBI/CIA/USSOC/DIA/NSA/DARPA and DOD control the Platform, because at a certain point in time if you reach the red mark, or the super-famous level, they will cut you off like a tree if you are not part of their secret occult club or remain “politically incorrect” (a fake term by Zion for defaming the Truth and demotivate people for Truth hunting and revealing).

Look the Fake…Their Group has not even 7000 People..but 5,3 Mio. likes. That´s fake.

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