Chemtrails & Illuminati Luciferianism – 3/14/2016

“3/14/2016: Chemtrails & Illuminati Luciferianism
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“GlobalSkywatch: 2010 Abonnenten:
Illuminati Luciferianism: Who are they? Why do they do what do? We are looking at the deeper, darker side of those who feel entitled to depopulate you and me.”

“This is in the Air and it´s affecting everybody and to ignore it is a crime of intentional neglect. We have to be involved.”

“Mercury rising in Americans from 3% to 30% between 1999 and 2006.”

“2006: Right at the same time spraying went crazy…Everything has a cause, it´s not magic, it´s not smoke and mirrors, everything has a cause and it´s right in front of your face. 2005 was the year where most people saw dramatic increases of chemtrail spraying, the mercury in these tests are other words.. it´s coming from a large distribution source…they are associated with the intensity of chemtrails in the sky and in the air that have descended to ground level.”

“That has fooled Doctors for a long Time, even when it is known in Medicine for a long time.”
“Doctors have not been probably taught this.
Because the Blood Test I have been given was worthless, don´t fall into that trap.”

“They want to make the environment dirty while appearing to care.”

“Mercury found in fog off California Coast.”

“Now of course we know vaccines contain massive poisons.”

“It´s just unbelievable that people tolerate these lies.”

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