The Untold Truth Of Mary Magdalene

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The Untold Truth Of Mary Magdalene
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Mary Magdalene has been a symbol for Christian penitents for almost 2,000 years. She’s often been confused with other women named Mary in the Bible, but Mary Magdalene was quite a unique character on her own. Here’s the truth about Mary Magdalene.
The image of Mary Magdalene most people have in their head comes from centuries of misinformation. If you know anything about her, it’s that she was a prostitute who left her sinful ways behind to follow Jesus.
But the prostitute in Luke’s gospel who washes Jesus’ feet with her hair doesn’t actually have a name, and there’s
no reason to think it was Mary Magdalene. And no one probably ever would have conflated the two, but then Pope
Gregory jumped in. Based on pretty much nothing at all, he decreed that three people mentioned in various parts of
the bible were actually the same person: the nameless prostitute; Mary the sister of Lazarus; and Mary Magdalene.
It wasn’t until 1969 that the Catholic Church admitted they got it wrong, and those women were really three
different people.
Current Biblical scholarship paints a very different picture of Mary Magdalene, one that is trickling down into the
public consciousness through films like 2019’s Mary Magdalene. The Independent called her, quote, “a feminist
figure.” She came from a thriving fishing village and appears to have been an extraordinarily independent woman for
her time, indicating she probably had a high social status. Unlike most women in the Gospels, she isn’t identified
by her relationship to a father or brother — she’s just Mary, following Jesus because she wants to. It’s theorized
she even had her own money and probably supported Jesus financially in some way. Far from the lowly penitent she’s
been portrayed as throughout history, she was a strong, important disciple, whose name and reputation were
belittled by men in power with an agenda.
Watch the video to learn the untold truth of Mary Magdalene!”

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