Homo capensis-The Hybrid Ruling Elite That Enslave Mankind

“Homo capensis-The Hybrid Ruling Elite That Enslave Mankind”
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“The DNA being found to be different on those elongated skulls in Peru thanks to a subscriber just typing
in the words homo capensis and it got me thinking I heard that before and then…so there’s quite a bit articles
talking about another species of humans not Homo sapiens like us or most of us but Homo capensis that are the ones that
are enslaving us all and so this article for instance gets into some Doctor Who episodes which are mirroring what we see
going on in the world and actually they do that all the time and that’s why I like bring up movies and stuff, because
it’s like they’re planting a seed and given us a little clue you know and maybe it’s the good guys they’re giving us a little clue in some of these movies, so that we’ll understand what’s really going on..she’s a former legal counsel
with the World Bank and she is she’s got her own channel it’s got about 20,000 subscribers and I would definitely check
her out I’ll put the link there so anyway she says that homo capensis survives and they are the master race, they are the Cabal, they are the elite and … it’s another way of putting
a label on something that we all know, because we know that they believe themselves to be descendants of the gods
and to have a right to rule over us Homo sapiens and if we want to we could look at it in those terms or we could call
them Pre-Adamites, it’s going to be the same thing it’s just using different terminology yet ..it’s a little bit more
scientific and it really does have a name so she’s the one well she says that they are the ones that control this
world by the monetary system, so they’re the ones that have brought us that Babylonian money magic system that is
truly enslaving us and getting us so distracted, because we’re not supposed to live like this we’re conditioned to live the way we are but it’s conditioning this is not what we’re supposed to be living like we are supposed to be way more spiritual pursuing other things besides greed, money, wealth, multiple cars, huge houses, this is all the stuff that they’ve sold us so that will just keep ourselves occupied and be good little slaves, now they’re not truly
extraterrestrials because they’re also hybrids they’re here they’ve been here for a long time they probably been here
perhaps even before us in our current form and they’re intermingled in and the way you could tell them is by those
large heads that we were just talking about before and they have controlled us through our religions and as we see here
that miter cap that we see in the Catholic Church is not just the Catholic Church it goes back much farther than that and they control us through the big religions, they hide between the Hebrews and the Sumerians and use the Holocaust as a shield to cover all their lives and manipulations, the ultimate parasite, in fact they are ritualistic Zionists,
Zionist-Nazis connected to evil and want to dominate and depopulate the world by 85 percent as per the Georgia
Guidestones and it goes on from there so they use money and they cultivate the capitalistic society that we have been
taught to be so proud of, so high cabal and covert controllers is homo capensis, the big brain conehead, as
they are, they’re the ones that are the boss are they the ones that are ruling Homo sapiens, apparently so, they do it
through the Jesuits, the Illuminati and they are kind of an intermediary for the Draco and Orion Greys.”

“When we look at the Sumerian drawings of the gods they’re
mostly human, but then there’s so many references to the fact that they’re really reptilian, so it’s really curious
again again if you listen to David Icke he says that they’re shapeshifters and they can do that and those of us with Rh
negative blood maybe we’re a little more susceptible to their powers because we’re it’s easier for us to go on into
that higher dimension that fourth dimension where they could control things and they are also able to control themselves moving through it so easily, so when we fall asleep at night and we go up in a dimension.. for us it’s harder for us to learn how to control things and they move freely between these dimensions in full alertness, awakeneess and control, so this Dr. Spencer, he shows insights archaeological evidence that establishes a species of big brained conehead
hominids approximately 50,000 or more years ago in South Africa, as well as in South America, so tons of skulls in Peru and it’s true look at these all these Egyptian pictures and look it at Akhenaten and Nefertiti, they had big huge
conical heads that flow backwards and definitely do not look human that’s because they weren’t Homo sapiens, so they’ve been controlling us going back to the ancient times, going back to Sumeria, going back to ancient Egypt.. and when you think about it what did Akhenaten do, he got rid of all the
little gods and put in the worship of the One God, the hidden God, Amun-Ra.. they kept merging these deities so that’s where it gets confusing because that first would be Amun which we get Amen from and there’s evidence to show a
connection between Amen is a hidden God and Yahweh and there again Moses some think that Moses was Akhenaten and Moses does come out of that Egyptian lineage, so we have to
realize that the Bible is just it’s the Reader’s Digest convert condensed version, it doesn’t have it all in there,
it has very little in there compared to what’s out there and has also been purposefully constructed to omit things that would give us clues, again homo capensis, the coneheads, the hidden controllers of humanity so very interesting stuff, again the Vatican with the mitre hats and this that they’re not the ones that started this this goes way back look at the Egyptian and look at the Incan and Pre-Incan, these are obviously the same species and they were in both South America and Africa, they were the rulers and some of them still are as we look at Jacob Rothschild and I hope my computer is not lagging I just defragged it again
because it was lagging … in Africa there are still people that have this head shaped naturally and they’re humanoid, they’re just not homo spaiens…and we see it all over South
America and all over Africa and we see it all throughout the monotheistic traditions, because the same Mitre hat was worn by the jewish priests and their traditions come out of egypt and that’s a continuation and there is actually a stone in the description in ancient Egyptian description that looks like it has the Tetragrammaton on it..which is Yahwe…”

“This is from over in Peru again and you see that same conehead shape, so these beings were all over and they are the ones that are kind of running the show and they’re not
homo sapiens and again supposedly, a lot of them
like the ones they found in Antarctica over ten to twelve feet tall and some even longer and apparently it just was
like they were flash-frozen and some sort of maybe a pole shift or some sort of catastrophe and many people say, that they, those Pre-Edomites they actually come from Mars, so they’re not really like the Anunnaki, perhaps we could relate them to be Igigy…from the Sumerian texts and perhaps they were the ones that told ENLIL (SATAN) no more work in the mines, get somebody else to do it and so Homo Sapiens was created and so Homo Capensis rules the Planet and their numbers are
relatively few, so this is all very interesting and it’s just like the picture just seems to get clearer and I look forward to you guys comments on this let me know what you guys think about all this… she is huge into the whole money
system and how they’re using it to control us as well… let’s get this info out and wake up as many people as possible.”

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