Report #188: ICATOR Update | Melanie Vritschan on UN Recognition of Cybertorture, Scanning & Slander

“Report #188: ICATOR Update | Melanie Vritschan on UN Recognition of Cybertorture, Scanning & Slander
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“MV: So let’s say about 10 years, more than 10 years of political fights with illegal arrests.. even the prohibition of liberty for me in a psychiatric unit which then fortunately I won this procedure and …between detention of psychiatric unit there has been a lot of personal hardship and fight, but I´ve never given up, i’ve never stopped to raise my voice… well, the organizational goal that we have as Icator as an association to regulate these technologies and just prohibit the ones…

“RD: and so it’s a huge step right because this kind of thing has never happened before, the united nations has never really fully acknowledged all the people have been writing to them for years and years.”

“MV: now we’re going in the right direction and that via appropriate legislation we come to a really necessary safeguards of human rights.. because these emerging
technologies pose really a huge threat to the existence of humanity as a whole.”

“MV: Using extrremely advanced weapons, nanotechnology weapons, neurotechnology weapons and directed energy weapons to specifically target one person…in their home or on the street.”

“Ramola D Reports: 10.300 Abonnenten:
Informative conversation with Melanie Vritschan, founder and president of ICATOR, the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotization of Living Beings, on the latest developments in targeting activism, where Nils Melzer, the Special Rapporteur for Torture has recently presented a report recognizing electronic torture of people worldwide with neuro weapons and anti-personnel DEWs as well as smear/blacklisting/stalking campaigns as Cybertorture; on new scanning projects at ICATOR and the growth and expanding of this human rights group; and on new slander and smears from controlled-opposition Katherine Horton who has once again attacked both Melanie Vritschan and Ramola D in her latest smear-operation video “Under Attack” where she plays victim and attacks activists exposing the full spectrum of neuro/DEW targeting with insults and untruths while publishing false and misleading information herself on the putative technologies involved in the covert neurotech/anti-personnel DEW technology attacks on people worldwide.”

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