BASES2020 Geraldine Orozco

“BASES2020 Geraldine Orozco
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“Miles’s Bases Project
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Final speaker for the conference this summer via Skype from LA, Geraldine Orozco in this interview section, her full presentation follows in a couple of days.”

“Because all of that is heavily controlled, because a lot of Universities are working with the Government already, have technology that is much much more advanced.”

“Again we are an expression of multiple possibilities at all time, right, so if your neighbour has an entirely different experience than you then that´s possible…We have our own internal battles, emotionally, externally…there is different energy points within the body and… some of the energy points are more promotive of lifeforce and some of them are destructive..”

“Where you put your money says a lot about how you are going to experience things…in order pull away slowly from the kind of codependency, the imbalanced codependency that we have on systems that are more destructive than productive to our well-being and the thing is that each one of really has to take that serious and it has to do with everything, it has to do with your emotional state, it has to do with what you are eating, with what you are purchasing.”

“There is power in masses, there is power in collection.”

“MJ: This is a two-way street, I talked to people who have been targeted and they have explained that they have been able to get emotively back to the targeter and give them a hard day…The Collective Consciousness Giving the AI a headache…if you mess with us…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 24.7.2020: Sure, quantum mechanics and quantum paralleling, that´s why they try to shift responsibility to automated weaponized machines to evade karmic recoils…but they will get heavy recoils for their evil deeds, sooner or later. Just one error in her deduction…they didn´t make the conscious intentional decision to experience torture or cruelty and surely no one ever agreed to NWO Bioweapons and Neuroweaponized AI-DEW-Skynet Attacks, they were hideously, unwittingly, silently injected in all organic living beings, by NASA/USSOC, most of the people are unconscious. This is false new age teachings and justifies cruelty, so this deduction is totally wrong. Bioweapons are an absolute artificial plague created also by Gliese Greys (stated in a U.S. Gov/CIA report from 1988, known as the Krill-Case) and Shadow Gov factions of the EMIC and Corporate NWO Crime Cartel.

“Matjaž Čeh: ​so lucifer or lightbearer is an aetheric virus
Matjaž Čeh: ​aether is what light and EM waves travel in
Matjaž Čeh: ​so science+religion is the same, where science was higjacked after Tesla with Einstein.
[1234 9876: ​I only just joined – who’s feeding off of us?
Mechanical Kitty: ​Lucifer steals whatever he can.
Bill Lyons: ​Overlords.
J Mallett
​I do believe science was hijacked. It is based in falseness which was counteractive to real science.
Matjaž Čeh: ​Nikola Tesla explained that aether is a gasseous like substance and light travels longitudinally – similar to sound.
Mechanical Kitty: ​Lucifer doesn’t work with people, he only works for himself.
Matjaž Čeh: ​yes, but lucifer needs people to get his bidding.
Bill Lyons: ​Not just Lucifer.
J Mallett: ​I do believe science was hijacked. It is based in falseness which was counteractive to real science.
Mechanical Kitty: ​Lucifer works for god, he is part of his plan.
Bill Lyons: ​The unseen.
J Mallett: ​God is All that is. Lucifer went into the no go zone, so he has PTSD and is DID. He may be used by God in some ways, but this world should be changing from that.
Mechanical Kitty: ​Satan watches every step we make, he was sent to test us.
Matjaž Čeh: ​lucifer was not created at the same time that The Creator made this universe.
Matjaž Čeh: ​the archons are some highly advanced beings that became aethereal in some way or another and they are faking gods.
Bill Lyons: ​Astral beings.
nomadic heart: ​For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Matthew 6.
J Mallett: ​It is our job to overcome the archons. Even if you have to research how people did it in the past.
Matjaž Čeh: ​yes. they use light to manipulate our EGO. false light where the Sun gives life giving light and it’s sentient in one form or another.
“J Mallett: ​Yes, the vaccines are evil, it will shorten our lives and cause us problems to make us AI, not who we are.
Matjaž Čeh: ​the true connection to God is through Heart which is anagram to Earth as through Her we are connected together.”

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