SSP Michael Relfe Testimony, Quantum Leap Time Travel, Mars Bases

“SSP Michael Relfe Testimony, Quantum Leap Time Travel, Mars Bases”
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Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
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Comparing the testimony of SSP Asset Michael Relfe to my own testimony discussing the Mars bases, dome shielding, and the quantum leap time travel. Age regression, reptilians, etc.”

“so time corporations they exist and there’s temporal time wars and multiple timeline incursions that have happened and been fixed by the technology that the time corporations have provided for the mars basis for planetary corporations,
so it’s it talks about the staff being age regressed and that can we they’ve done that on mars through the holographic medical pods and zero point technology for age regression
i actually discussed that with crystal gauche
in um our pre-hypnosis interview.”

“This Technology was a result of the philadelphia experiment projects as described by Dr Al Bielek it’s one of
those things that are oh wow fantastic the first time you see
them and then they become taken for granted. I also remember that they were guarded really tight and that every moment
of use was accounted for and logged. I remember that there were several jump gate stations on the mars base, these stations were hooked to other places and they were defended against someone or something. I remember that rv technicians hooked to the machines assisted in that defense, remember that tactical remote viewing is not only used to terminate targets, termination is a tiny percentage of all operations, it is used mostly to defend against the enemy, it is used
to defend very important people, vips, very important equipment, vies, .. regions of the planet in addition some weapon systems require an rv operator to monitor and direct
them, there are physical weapon systems, example like a
particle beam projector and there are other types of weapons that are energetic, side types of systems also rv operators are commonly assigned to monitor attack craft
on patrol that’s very much true we we on mars in the cybernetics labs and on the basis, we had neurolink implants that could monitor various um craft and even pilot the
craft in patrol ships, so we had pilots with neurolink implants in their brains that would pilot craft and scout ships and patrol ships and these neurolink implants also
interacted with our smartsuits because those were our uniforms, so we could monitor a lot of things and
also telepathically psionically talk to each other through synthetic telepathy or natural telepathy, because the
neurolink implants boosted our natural psionics, psy abilities, whatever you want to call it,
so that also resonates with what Michael Relfes says about remote viewing operators and what they could do
the enemy also has psy types of weapon systems, so that they direct against our physical type static shielding, static shielding doesn’t change, it stays the same no matter what you throw at it, to augment the static shielding you have
rv operators that monitor and probe the shields looking for penetration, if penetration is discovered an rv operator can trace the source through space-time and deal with the intruder, rv operators on duty are not alone they
have backup operators in addition to supervisor operators
they can instantaneously get back up if the need arises
i have seen many ads for books and courses for remote viewing
most of what passes for rv at this time is about
the first three or four days of training at the mars base
and most people involved in this sort of thing would unfortunately never survive the training, the drugs would kill them quick, referring to the drugs, michael relfe states
the drugs were used to stimulate and open up
the metaphysical abilities of the candidate i do not know the names of them. I remember them being gentle and interesting at first but quickly the effects became hard and unpleasant on the body um now for myself various um drug syrups as i call them to make me look younger also to turn me into other extraterrestrial species to literally change my genetic and
molecular biology of my body to other genetics of extraterrestrials, so they do use drug serums on Mars for that kind of stuff but these days drug serums are not
really used for biological drug serums aren’t used
to augment psionic abilities, neurolink implants actually do that, they augment your psionics and make your psionics stronger, like telepathy, synthetic communication, connecting to the different databases ships, so neurolink implants have
replaced the drug serums for that stuff um, there’s a lot of changed since that time.”

“Exopolitical Dimensions of the Omniverse”

“and there’s more than one Mars base actually,
that’s U.S. Navy and U.S. Army and military that’s part of planetary corporations and other earth-based corporations working outside of earth with advanced ssp factions,
so Michael Relfe was describing these
smart suits made out of nanite nanotechnologies
and they do can administer first aid
and so that’s what he’s talking about the hyperdimensional enemy has at their disposal multiple technologies that will allow them to abduct an individual from their bedroom examine operate indoctrinate them and return them to their bedroom without being detected, they can keep an individual for weeks and return them to a time a few minutes after they were
taken the names of those technologies that I am aware of are
jumpgate technology, fractal jump gate technology, transporter technology, fractal transporter technology,
teleportation technology, fractal teleportation technology,
time travel technology, fractal time travel technology,
dimensional travel technology, fractal dimensional travel technology, wormhole travel technology, fractal wormhole travel technology, resonance technology fractal resonance technology, magical technology, fractal magical technology,
walk through the walls technology, now the smart suits can do walk through the walls technology, fractal walk through the walls technology, a sender sending something into your room a sender pulling you out of your room, so and now we are talking about, what is the hyper dimensional war about
the dimensional nature of the enemy’s arsenal weapon systems suggests that the enemy may be a third or fourth dimensional extraterrestrial civilization, there are other possible interpretations of the eyewitness evidence about whether
there actually is a hyperdimensional war for control of the third dimension of our solar system for example who is the aggressor or invading party in this hyperdimensional war first earthling humans may be the aggressor the secret u.s
facility on Mars that itself uses jump room technologies,
may be perceived by the hyperdimensionals as an aggression by earthling humans inviting counter-attack by the hyper-dimensional enemy at the time-travel jump gates of the
mars base, second the hyper-dimensional enemy may
be the aggressor the u.s facility on mars may be a
strategic forward position by the earthling human
forces in alliance with the martian humans living under the surface of mars to ward off a threatened occupation of the mars third ime space dimension by the hyperdimensional enemy
now when I was on mars i actually did get to meet the original mars colonists and they’re tall, they have
kind of golden brown skin with greenish brown eyes,
black hair or dark brown hair, so a lot of them look native american with ethnicity, so there is um original mars colonists, survivors on mars, because there there had been a war on Mars, a nuclear war and a lot of the atmosphere
was destroyed from the blast, but there were survivors, humanoid survivors that went underground, so I remember meeting them and talking to them and they do speak english or
they have translation devices that can translate english.”

“now coming in that there’s secret space programs and
different factions of it and more testimony of experiencers or ssp assets coming forward and not just military people, but normal people who never were in the military, they’ve had these experiences as well of being ssp assets on mars and beyond, so that it’s quite interesting to have the secret space program terminology now coming in that there’s secret space programs and different factions of it and more testimony of experiencers or ssb assets coming forward
and not just military people but normal people who never were in the military they’ve had these experiences as well
of being ssp assets on Mars and beyond,
so it’s quite interesting but Michael Relfe had been in the army, so he did have um the army experience, so it’s very interesting and I just wanted to compare and contrast that
information and thank you so much and namaste.”

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