Project Soul Catcher 2014 – Revisited – 2020

“Project Soul Catcher
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s”weet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: The NAVY Project Soul Catcher is not a program to learn how to capture the Soul, They already can, the project is to create more Spiritual Confusion/Sexual Confusion on the Planet. They are violating every natural law to do this. Remember, William Cooper spoke of Project Sigma? Well the creatures are Clones controlled by AI Programs. They were performing Genetic Modifications on Humans to keep us in Controllable Frequencies. Their efforts are beginning to fail, Nature always finds a way. The latest program is to destroy the Natural Process and convince Humans that Cloning is good and can be used to create life for Homosexual and Lesbian couples. But Clones never wake up. They are activated using Nano-Technology and AI programs with thoughts copied from Humans.”

“The NAVY Project Soul Catcher is not a program to learn how to capture the Soul, They already can, the project is to create more Spiritual Confusion/Sexual Confusion on the Planet. They are violating every natural law to do this. Remember, William Cooper spoke of Project Sigma? Well the creatures are Clones controlled by AI Programs. They were performing Genetic Modifications on Humans to keep us in Controllable Frequencies. Their efforts are beginning to fail, Nature always finds a way. The latest program is to destroy the Natural Process and convince Humans that Cloning is good and can be used to create life for Homosexual and Lesbian couples. But Clones never wake up. They are activated using Nano-Technology and AI programs with thoughts copied from Humans.” [23271]”

“I tell you why it’s because some of the people that were involved in the project to communicate with extraterrestrials in the Navy were not people from earth, now, well Phil Schneider also speaks about a man named Ford and he talks about how this man Ford was an extraterrestrial and how he’s been working for the government for years and how his race
lives to be upwards to 400 years old, start to connect these things together people I want you to understand there is
a connection now the humans that are working with the Navy and were involved in project soul catcher are not your
average human being, they are extraterrestrial as I have pointed out to you, but more importantly they are master geneticists and unlike humans of Earth we can refer to these humans as parasitic humans I’m not saying that in a derogatory way that’s not the the meaning of what my words are. I want you to understand clearly that like JFK I’m picking specific words because of their definition these humans have mixed their DNA with the DNA have a parasite, this parasite DNA mixture with human DNA has allowed their race to live upwards to 2,000 years at a time, during that 2,000 years they can go into dormant States, just like the parasites do, they prefer hot wet and dark places and like a
parasite they feed on a host, they consider all of the humans that are warm-blooded and feed on the light of a star as a host as food so this is why they were particularly interested in the human race on earth and to them this is nothing more than a giant farm colony, anyways, back to the point we can discuss that human race later what they’re called what their agenda is how their body works and a way to defend yourself
against them not in this video but some other video if I get you interested in this then I’ll discuss that, anyway William Cooper spoke about this extraterrestrial race that appeared out of nowhere with giant ships over the North and South Poles of the earth andWilliam Cooper spoke about this
extraterrestrial race that appeared out of nowhere with giant ships over the North and South Poles of the earth and the beings that they communicated with for what we call bbes or the greys it turns out that the greys ..are a clone race which means that they don’t have a soul and they don’t have any intelligence, they’re.. operated via artificial intelligence programs and a technology that’s microscopic nanobots known as synthetic telepathy or thought manipulation or mind control or dream programming as the CIA refers to it. Now back to project soul catcher to make the connection here I want you to understand that the technology that the Navy is
using to catch Souls was given to them by this clone army that’s exactly what they are, they’re an army of
Frankenstein’s and they use this technology or this technology used on their planet to destroy their entire
race and the only thing left of their race are the clone AI programs .. well the clone bodies that are
operated by AI programs, the clones, because they are being controlled by AI programs and don’t have thought for themselves, naturally we’re programmed to continue this destruction of human beings on any planet they come into
contact with and what this project soul catcher is really all about is they’re using in the CIA and the Navy classified
divisions of the Navy are connected actually operating and doing this for this extraterrestrial race, they’re actually performing this action, they use an advanced technology called the TR-3B Astra locust they fly in over top of a
house it has a pregnant woman who’s the embryo has not yet connected with the soul and they push the spirit of the
opposite sex into that body into the body of the child that’s developing in the mother and this is called spiritual displacement it is the reason and the cause for the homosexuals and lesbians on earth at this time it is not a
natural event it is being created some people are going to say this is crazy, but a lot of people said that William
Cooper was crazy, in time you’re going to realize the
truth of what I’m telling you and others will come forward and expose the truth of this also and you’ll have no choice
but to accept the truth which is that somebody is trying to destroy the entire human race on earth and leave nothing
but homosexuals and lesbians that have anti creational sex and will no longer produce children as of the natural birthing process and therefore no more children with Souls this is an excellent way to destroy an entire race and leave
nothing but clone babies behind because in time the government will tell the lesbians and homosexuals that have
married that hey they don’t have to have sex with the opposite sex to have a baby they could just use the DNA from both people and create a clone Hey except clones don’t have souls they’re not born, so what will be controlling these clones is artificial intelligence program using nano bot technology, microscopic nanobots and they’re actually recording the thoughts of many humans pretty much
every human being on the planet right now so that they can manipulate the the memories of these humans and create a
personality, so that these couples will think that their child is authentic that that their child really has its own
thoughts and is its own person but in reality it’s
just going to be cloned DNA that’s been developed into an infant and then once it’s taken out of the machine the
artificial intelligence program to the nanobot technology kicks in and keeps the body breathing keeps it alive and
then all the thoughts are literally just artificial intelligence technology, there’s no authentic thoughts to these being, because they have no soul and your soul is the basis of your consciousness, so I want you to understand that the CIA and the Navy have a joint venture where they are
taking infants out of homes, replacing them with dead or dying cloned babies and then the family is told that their
child died of SIDS sudden infant death syndrome the doctors say we don’t know what causes this and it’s because the
doctors don’t know that they’re dealing with the clone body if they had the technology to check the brain for
activity they would discover that this child was never conscious and that it couldn’t be their baby because
technically it never was awake ever, so many literally millions of families across the United States particularly in
the Midwest where the farmlands are have this happening where their children are abducted and replaced with a clone and then the family suffers because the parents think that they weren’t good parents that they don’t know how to take
care of a child and and then they’re told by a doctor that their baby suffocated at night can you imagine how
depressing it would be for a family or for a mother to hear that her infant suffocated and it’s it while she was asleep in bed I mean that’s horrifying because if like most of us they imagine what it would be like for the baby to not be able to breathe at that at that age you know and being totally helpless to defend themselves I mean it
just it can create an enormous amount of depression and sadness, creating huge traumatic negative energy being produced by those family members and this negative energy is
exactly what the goal is of traumatizing those families plus now they have an infant that they torture until it comes
to death and then they captured the soul from that baby and later they put it into the body of the opposite sex and
again this is creating a spiritual displacement which causes spiritual confusion and thus sexual confusion and if you ask any lesbian which I have many they tell you they feel like a man on the inside that they feel like they were just in the road that they got put their own body and if you ask any homosexuals they too will tell you that they feel like a woman on the inside that they feel like they were born with the wrong body and for the most part they’re right. Their spirit was put into the wrong body so I just wanted to clear that up there. I think this is one of the more important videos that I’m putting out there about things that
I learned about problems working on military space weapons defense Contract and I was attached to the naval space
warfare Department I discovered this classified division of the Navy that are actually that actually consist of
nothing but homosexuals and lesbians that are involved in this project soul catcher and creating spiritual displacement which causes spiritual confusion, it’s also mentioning the billy meier contacts there about how homosexuality is a spiritual confusion and that there is a way to help those
people who have ended up in the wrong body and through meditation on the … flame or a light of a star that
they can begin the spiritual healing process where their spirit will adjust to the new body that they’re in and
they’ll start to feel more like the sex that of the body that they’re in so there is a way to correct the problem and so there is hope but I just wanted to get that out there about the spiritual confusion it’s connection to William Cooper’s lectures and the supposed alien race that the Navy came
into contact with which is really a clone army or as the army referred to these clone as glorified Androids.”

Lynette Dundon: vor 4 Jahren: Big deal about the stinking navy. They take their orders from the reptilians. They are the enemy. Abominations against nature.
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +Lynette Dundon it is criminal groups within the NAVY, not the entire NAVY!

Lucy Kelly: vor 1 Jahr: The Bible says in the last days the book of life will be opened. This means DNA, I think. I think DNA does make life. I do believe in God, though. He is in control.

sweet6b9: vor 6 Jahren: I cannot access my account because Secret Intelligence hacked my PC when someone helps me, I will log on and upload my last videos and answer questions.

Conspiracy Revelation: 15.7.2020: No wonder, you touched one of the best kept secrets of the Criminal Navy SSP Projects..I shared this some years ago and will reshare it even more. I will do everything I can to keep this Information as long as possible in the minds of the People…because it is known that they have a sort of Soul Catching Net around the Planet.
The Navy Reincarnation Metaphysical and Illicit Soul Extraction Crime Syndicate must be removed and brought to justice.
The Secret Intelligence is neither really secret nor intelligent, it´s a little club of criminals who want to play god…and people need to stop them.

Mohammed Zulk: vor 1 Jahr: Are the parasites you speak of, The Goa’uld? Although depicted in fiction via the Stargate series… there is a hieroglyph of shown in Egypt.

Tamara Rose: vor 4 Jahren: wow, so insidious!!
Phil Rowe: vor 4 Jahren: solar warden 🙂
J P: vor 1 Jahr: Navy are experts on ships.
Lynette Dundon: vor 1 Jahr: Anything to destroy the “Divine Image” is what they’re doing.Is anyone else disturbed by this?
February Daniel: vor 2 Jahren: how can I reach the white house?
Jamaal Miller: vor 3 Jahren: so wait this guy in the video doesn’t inhale chemtrails. Everyone breathes in that dust.
Fisnik M.: vor 2 Jahren: how about your Soul?
did they put just the half of it in your Body?
The Body House Chronicles: vor 3 Monaten:
This guy is in the know… this is all correct information. What is his name and how can someone get his contact email?
Thomas Frotton: vor 3 Jahren: how can we stop this just tell everyone we see about it
sweet6b9: vor 3 Jahren: Well, I hold a sign in public and on the back side is information connected to getting stronger spiritually so your spirit cannot be captured, or so the energy can be corrected to fit the body, which makes more sense than mutilating the physical body to match the spirit.
Jimmy JONES: vor 2 Jahren: that fits some crazy cia type things ive heard….some weird evil things going on.
sweet6b9: vor 2 Jahren: Not all are Occult, most think they are doing a good thing!
Jimmy JONES: vor 2 Jahren: this is very troubling ….the comment down below…is even more troubling…i dont nescessarily believe it all …but i believe they are trying everything and anything …because evil is here …and its desperate …judgement is coming for them.
Yaa asentewh: vor 3 Jahren (bearbeitet): does the army do this for interagation purposes? for example they will split your spirit while you sleep and put it into an animal and have their children read your thoughts for the future and accuse you of all types of things?
sweet6b9: vor 3 Jahren: Why would you point fingers at the ARMY? There are good and bad people in all military organizations!! The good people always work against insane agenda of psychopaths.
Kay Griggs: I also exposed that her husband told her about some of these psychopaths in the DOD!
My evidence points sharply as clandestine black operations from within or simply posing as a part of the NAVY!!
Nobody is perfect, and almost every criminal act is deliberately and meticulously planned out by psychopaths who use an automated machine nation to monitor and relentlessly assault people through synthetic telepathy nano particles nightly until they commit the crime, so the first thing that must happen is that the person must forgive themselves and realize that they were 100% pushed to commit the crime!!
Let go of guilt and move toward exposing this technology and those who are behind its use!!
The CIA refers to this as Dream Programming!!
Put the target into a light hypnosis and force a dream into their mind that they are forced to feel and do against their will!!
sweet6b9: vor 3 Jahren: Nano Particles are a two way street, if you are aware of them and synthetic telepathy then you can also push energy and information back through the technology.
sweet6b9: vor 3 Jahren: No! The Nano Particles are in all living creatures. So for instance, a dog can be manipulated to act a certain way and if you are unaware of the technology or how effective and real time it can function then people can easily be manipulated into believing a host of fantastic delusions!! This also is mentioned in the Billy Meier Contacts, that many people will fall victim to fantasy and delusions related to the UFO and Alien deception!!
Martha Gillespie: vor 1 Jahr: Coffee is the very best thing anyone can take to interfere with the program that aims to make people feel intimidated. Coffee seems to affect the feeling of emotional strength. It helps a lot.
HAMMERFOOT HAMMERFOOT: vor 3 Jahren: Okay answer me this… If what you say is real or fact. How do you explain Homosexuality in early Biblical times?
sweet6b9: vor 3 Jahren: Although I feel that you must update your perception of reality as you get older, there are two ways, one is that we must let go of Ego and phenomenal Arrogance that life could not exist in other star systems at the very least, and accept that some human life may be Eons shed of us, the second is that Time Travel is Possible and the attacks could have been started before recorded history! Evil does not wait, it would attack at the beginning if it can!!!
Targeted in sanfrancisco: vor 4 Jahren: I have lived thru this spiritual displacement you speak of, except someone else referred to it as astral inseminations, soul mutations, and racial mutations and soul trafficking! the pedigree ambition of America and the Catholic Dominion for the lower Archy of the human population!
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +anne parmaktiar this is not the Church, this is not America! Clone Army created by Humans as a Space NAVY! We have only one true defense and they were turned away by the Secret Governments of the Countries! But they choose to help us individually if we put effort into helping ourselves!!
Lucy Kelly: vor 4 Jahren: The Bible says in Revelations that ‘In the last days, men shall sell other men’s souls.’!
This is happening to me! It is utterly horrific!
Targeted in sanfrancisco: vor 4 Jahren: Lucy Kelly were you put thru soul contracts? was it in the work place or academic environment? Or was it street theater?
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: @Lucy Kelly i dont know what you are referring to but you should use the Peace Meditation to help yourself.
sweet6b9: vor 2 Jahren: Phil Schneider exposed that cloning is taking place in the lower levels of the Deep Underground Bases that connect to create the skeleton of a planet size ship just like the Moon.
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +Lynette Dundon I can’t seem to reply to your other comment, so, it’s not the regular NAVY, I am not sure what they are, but they use the cover if Black Ops/Black Project. And not all reptilians are bad …the good ones have to hide from the ones that chose killing! Clones don’t have thoughts, they have no soul, it’s a program running on an implant. If you block the signals, a clone will fall to the ground lifeless. They are Glorified Androids!
sweet6b9: vor 5 Jahren: @soupper soulger one must understand that we are multidimensional, our consciousness is energy connected to a physical body. This is why some people remember floating above their body during surgery.
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +soupper soulger this observation of the Physical body takes place through the 8th Chakra. But as energy beings in a physical body our spiritual energy can have a direct impact on physical cells. Our thoughts and emotions can change our DNA! So when a confused spirit finds itself in the wrong body the energy of the spirit has a direct impact on the cellular structure causing that issue in the brain, not the other way around.. I hope I have explained that well enough.
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +adrian wallen they are mentally weak and must use the technology to attack others. The NAVY Black Ops has a Secret Space Program, but they scan the minds of the ones they choose and preselect them based on the ability to control them with Hypnotic suggestion and Fear! You were clearly not a weak minded person and would have success in developing your brain tissue using the Brain Exercise Classified Top Secret and called the Peace Meditation!
DJNAZZZZTY: vor 1 Jahr: Ancient technology. Think about it, thousands of years ago, in Egypt, why was a child name King Tut ruling over everyone. They uploaded a fully developed human spirit into the child king.
sweet6b9: vor 5 Jahren: @Wise Up I have not read the book, but Project Soul Catcher is not a project but a program to capture the spirit of infants they kill and push the spirit into the developing embryo of a child of the opposite sex, it is part of the agenda of the Grey Androids and their creators to destroy the human spirit.
“Elinor Lopezvor vor 5 Jahren: My uncle is in the CIA. At his house I saw a video of how they take a soul out of the body and put it in a box. They do it through software and the prisoner is put in a room with a special type of glass
so their soul can´t escape. Looks like it was being done in a North Korean prison camp. It is called biotransferrence. The person´s body, but esp. head used to explode during this procedure, but I think they may have perfected it so that they have the whole body (for organs and alien food) today. The video I saw was from about 10 years ago.
The creepiest thing about what I saw was that the guardian angel (about one foot larger than the person´s soul) showed up, too. Both souls went into this box-thing. It was truly an awful sight and I couldn´t believe that people could be so demonic. I always wondered where this technology is at now. Is this similar to what you worked on, more or less? Is this what is in FEMA camps (one of the “experiments” that they´ll do on us)? Also, please do more videos on projects you did through CIA Black Ops. I enjoy listening to them; and chances are I know something about many of them coming from a shadow-ops government. Perhaps I can comment about what I saw and heard about. Thank you!? sweet6b9
vor 5 Jahren +Elinor Lopez: Not all CIA are involved. Project Soul Catcher is a Navy Project however I suspect that some of those in this part of the NAVY are not actually Navy. I worked in Top Secret Sites
that are non-Government. The Government does not condone Murder and has been fighting these operations for years!! I was not on projects, but I do know that the Project isn´t really a project, it has been happening long before a Project was created to conceal its origins and where the technology came from.
PavlovsBitch: vor 6 Jahren: We want more of this information, please. That’s interesting, the displacement theory for LGBT purposes. IVF, hormones, chemicals and ‘Me-Jah’! (together with head-jew-medi-cation) are doing a very good job by themselves without black ops helicopter interference. All babies are interferred with via shots given to the mother, ultrasound scans and then if it survives pregnancy and the trauma of a hospital birth, it’s jabbed with poisons and circumcised if male. Welcome to planet Earth.
sweet6b9: vor 6 Jahren: Yes, but nothing is as Anti-creational as the displacement of soul. This is where one can begin to understand the true battle between the Fallen and the Higher Dimensional Spiritual Existence.This spiritual confusion can be corrected and healed by someone that focuses on the Light Meditation.
Lucy Kelly: vor 1 Jahr: Doctors are in on everything. Everyone in power of any kind is, and so are lots of other people eg street sweepers etc. I am aware of people who seem totally human but prey upon the energies of humans. I think they may be robots but Im not sure. They may just be demons or aliens. I think we need to randomly DNA sample people and see what the results are or randomly brain scan or follow them. If we cant detect them without close study then randomly sampling people should be tried.
NotOver2012: vor 6 Jahren:
William Cooper Killed In SWAT Raid 11-6-1
sweet6b9: vor 6 Jahren: The Secret Intelligence only need a few agents within the Police or Sheriffs Department in order to lead an assault against someone. Agents for the CIA are not all bad, but some are working with the Monolithic Organization and they use Good People to attack Good People. When the Enemy is within, they can create havoc and do much harm to innocent people. The reality is that the Cold War never ended, They infiltrate every aspect of power, and control. Religions, Military, Governments, Finance, Science and Technology and Secret Intelligence. We need to shut down the Secret Intelligence and expose all their murder and lies and publicize all that is happening at Area 51 and S4. Start with Bob Lazar. Peace in Wisdom
Douglas Grant: vor 5 Jahren: Bill Cooper was a Christian. What are your thoughts about souls in terms of God? The problem I have is that ONLY God can keep or destroy a soul that He created. Even Satan cannot take a soul from the body. He Can damn the mind, thus the soul… I’m sure many people would like to hear your thoughts.
sweet6b9: vor 5 Jahren: @Douglas Grant Please refer to Billy Meier’ contact notes at for your questions about Religion. You are a spirit, you have a body. The spirit is light energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Spiritual energy has always existed and will always exist. It is eternal!
sweet6b9: vor 4 Jahren: +TheChristianTaoist you cannot speak for the majority. Even in the circles you travel in you are dealing with a limited number. And you did not listen. Spiritual confusion is not a natural occurrence, it has to be caused by displacement of the spirit. That requires ending the life of an infant (murder)! … All women have a natural connection to other women, as a female spirit it’s natural, some might say all women are Bisexual on some level. Each person is a different case, even with the spiritual confusion not all spirits react the same, some who are older spirits heal on some level and can adjust spiritually to being in a female body. But continued ignorance to this process and who and how it’s being done will create an imbalance and the option of having a child through a cloning process will appeal to many same sex couples! These clones have no spirit if an egg is not used for fertilization!
Either way, murder of Infants born naturally is a crime.
The spiritual energy of a soul of the opposite sex can have a major impact on the DNA of the embryo developing and can cause the chromosome issue that doctors attribute to Homosexuality, when really it’s the spirit that creates the physical issue, not the other way around!!
Ryan Alexander: vor 3 Jahren: very interesting, thank you.

“Toxic Skies Virginia
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sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: The Chemtrails are harmful to the environment and all life on the planet. We must hold the Airlines responsible and press charges against them for crimes against humanity! The Peace Meditation strengthens our cells and can help us to stay healthy in the process of being attacked with these toxins.”

“New World Agenda Agents
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“sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: We must finish what JFK started and expose the Criminal activities of the New World Agenda within the CIA!! Criminals are being hired and their background is erased by this Agency that is Violating Government Policies! New policies that are criminal have been created that cause more issues!! The Monolithic Organization that JFK Exposed have been creating Illegal Laws and taking Civil Rights away!”

“Hello today is Thursday jun 16 2016 this video is about the CIA. Numerous individuals have come forward to expose
CIA’s illegal activities and the individuals they hire into the new world agenda, john stockwell a former CIA
operative exposed CIA has been waging illegal wars on third world countries before him Gary Webb and investigative
reporter exposed that CIA had been caught several times are numerous times shipping drugs into the United States
since then William Cooper exposed that the CIA had planned a fake attack in New York and to blame it on a man named been
lauden, he exposed that 12 years before nine eleven took place I’m trying to raise awareness that JFK exposed this
monolithic organization and he had planned to shut down the CIA, hence his murder, it’s important to understand that
these individuals in the New World agenda that are a part of the CIA are hiring known criminals known murderers known child rapists known abductors and known Psychopaths to work in their agenda, they train them to use their advanced technology in order to help conceal the crimes that they commit, so that they can continue to commit those crimes while they perform their duties as a new world agent for the CIA. please understand these people have been set free and are roaming around you at any time you might be on the road and have a car swerved in front of you that might be an agent, if you’re somebody who’s willing to stand up for what’s right then you’re somebody they’re willing to attack
thank you for watching.”

“Black Goo: 1.230 Aufrufe•16.11.2015”

“sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: Black Goo or Programable Life or Nano Particles, search any term on Google to find more information or goto
These Nano Particles are being used to vomit crimes by manipulating Emotions or Thoughts.
This Nano Technology was also mentioned in the Billy Meier Contacts when they were attacking a tree on the farm and had to be disabled, you can read about this at
The best way to combat and defeat these Nano Particles Naturally is by using the Billy Meier Peace Meditation Exercise!
People will not be able to fight or resist this technology unless they are aware that they are in our body already!
They are called Synthetic Programable Life but it is only an attempt to confuse people, synthetic means artificial and cannot be LIFE!!
Synthetic can only replicate Life!
This Nano Tech is what is used to make clones act alive!”

“Synthetic programmable Life and nanoparticles, the Black Goo is actually billions of nanoparticles that can run in artificial intelligence program, there are highly advanced nanotechnologies. Now something that you need to understand is that in some
cases this black goo has been used to replace the ink that is used to ceate tattoos, so in some cases individuals who even just have a single tattoo on their body, have now got these nanoparticles underneath their skin as a tattoo, so the black goo
is in their skin. This black goo can initiate and stimulate the growth of nerve endings which allow it to bond to the nerve ending and then have a direct connection to your brain via your nervous system so it´s important that you understand how
advanced technology is, that it can actually create a situation to where it can send messages directly to your brain and in most cases, in every case that I´ve found this black goo pushes people towards negative thinking, negative mindset, towards
being hurtful, aggressive violent or just seeing any kind of negative attitude, this black goo is programmed to create a negative attitude in individuals and it´s not necessary to be in a tattoo, it can actually be ingested as some form of Medicine,
there´s many ways this programmable nanotechnology or nanoparticles can get into your body but it´s important that people understand that it is being used in the form of tattoos and it actually helps to generate the idea of the thought that you´re
different special or better than other people because you have been marked now with this tattoo which is literally a marking to initiate your enslavement, to show that you are truly a slave to the nanotechnology and the individuals that are
using it to control people, so I understand that and I´d like to add that the nanoparticles can be used against families can be used to one person and into not wanting to have sexual relations with their partner and actually stimulate them to have
low or zero sexual interest in their partner and then push the other person into ..acts of..sleeping with other individuals to you know cheat on them or have sex with somebody outside of the relationship, so this is important that people understand
just what this technology can be used for and how slowly but surely you can generate these situations through nightly dream programming it doesn´t just have to be in your brain by ingesting food or water, it can literally come into your
body in anyway and it can actually brow its way in your bloodline and getting into your blood and getting into your brain that way, so it can have direct access to your brain if it turns out that you are a strong-willed individual and that it´s not so easy to push you towards euphoria, depression, anger or lost, so those are the four main emotions that the technology uses to encourage people towards these criminal activities, thank you for watching.”[23817]”

“Criminal: 160 Aufrufe•16.11.2015”

“Brain Scan Technology”
“Brain I.A.C.
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“Veröffentlicht am 23.06.2015: The Nano Particles that are used to manipulate emotions, thoughts, nervous system reactions, memory loss, memory recall, spinal cord compression leading to severe pain, electrical shock causing organ
paralysis, organ failure, and even Heart Failure, as well as sharp pains in the extreme dies such as the Toes or fingers or any place there is skin. Will become known to all and talked about as much as the common household TV,
is primarily used for torture, but is also mainly used to keep our minds busy and full of useless thoughts, anything to keep us focused on Materialism! This technology which is also referred to by many agencies by many different names is also known as Mind Control or the Brain I. A. C. (or Brain InterActive Construct). One of its primary functions is to interfere with our ability to focus when using the Peace Meditation on Natural Light taught by Billy Meier at This technology Nano Bots is also discussed at But neither one knows that the technology was put in the water and is in every life form. This is what the Mirror test proves.”

“Airlines and Chemtrails
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“we need to hold the individual airlines responsible that are
allowing these chemicals and the spraying devices to be installed on their airplanes responsible for all the
damages caused by chemtrails the government is not a control a monolithic organization of criminals is responsible
for this and they have taken over and are manipulating the government that’s why when people contact the government and ask them about chemtrails they receive a generic letter..”

“PTSD caused by Synthetic Telepathy Nano Bots
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“This video is about PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is not a disorder at all it is actually caused with the
use of synthetic telepathy implant technology microscopic nanobots or nanoparticles as they’re sometimes referred to this technology allows the user being corrupt criminal organizations within the Department of Defense and the Secret Intelligence to attack and viciously torture … who have experienced traumatic events in their life by forcing them to relive those events in specific causing them to have to take medicine thereby supporting the pharmaceutical industry which is where the money is coming from that helps to support these criminal organizations to continue to stay on top of everything and be in control of everybody it is all about money and control.”

“sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten:
Key individuals in the CIA/DOD/NAVY are using Microscopic Nanobots to commit murder. These same nanobots are used to construct Synthetic Telepathy devices within your body and NanoTubes that connect to nerve endings and allow complete access to your neural activity as well as allowing them to stimulate your brain and make you forget about a specific and important subject, forget details of a job you performed, forget details of a relationship, or even history lessons so that we will not repeat previous mistakes! It allows them to break your focus or concentration, push feelings of euphoria into your mind as well as feelings of euphoria in an attempt to make you relaxed so you will forget that they are Murderers!! They are committing Heinous crimes that violate our body, our thoughts, and even our dreams. They want us to drink alcohol and be complacent so we will not take a stand and resist. It’s always easier to kill an idiot that just wants to relax!!
These people are a very real and present danger to humanity and they must be stopped and put in prison for the rest of their lives! Demand Peace and help me Stop these Murderers!
Peace in Wisdom.”

“Chemtrails in 30 min
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2500 Abonnenten
The Monolithic organization that JFK spoke about plan to freeze the surface of the planet by filling the atmosphere with aluminum particles. Humanity is Expendable, they have Deep Space Travel as well as Deep Underground Military Bases. They plan to repopulate the planet with their DNA and they believe that they have the technology to prevent birth defects. They plan to create a New World based on the Rule of Law instead of the Laws of Nature! I am doing what I can.. Goto the website on my chair and read the Billy Meier contact notes, they are telling us how to protect ourselves using the Peace Meditation on light. They are telling us to take action. The contact notes change after Billy developes Amnesia and I stopped reading them.”

“Occult/Clones Control through Corporate
486 Aufrufe•10.12.2014
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The Occultists and the Clone Army that were created by the Parasitic Humans exert control through the manipulation of Corporate Offices. If the stores that you frequent slowly get new management, it’s a sign that the Occult is exerting their control in order to remove normal employees and management so they can replace them with their operatives that will discredit your efforts and spread disinformation about the truth you are sharing. I knew that they would slowly do this, but it’s pathetic how they think that nobody would notice!”

“Parasite Mutants
327 Aufrufe•09.12.2014
2500 Abonnenten
Humans that meditate on darkness and feed on fear and anger have found a way to mix their DNA with Parasite DNA. The mutation never stops. They are Parasites not Vampires. Salt water burns their skin. Just as meditation on sunlight or Candle flame generates Theta Waves and forces them to move away from you. They do sleep on dirt in a box typically, if discovered they are pronounced dead and burried. Then their hypnotized Slaves dig them up and they continue. So remember, meditation on the candle flame and salt are excellent defenses. Also watch for young attractive boys or girls that seem to have perfect hair and say strange things or seem to follow you around. These are typically clones or occultists that are hypnotized and will stalk you in an attempt to make you upset. They smile and laugh a lot because their spirit is broken. Parasites only infect people with confused spirits such as homosexuals or lesbians. This follows the anti-creational path of the fallen angel who is in the darkness. They meditate on darkness and they work hard to confuse people and tell them not to meditate on the light.
Their skin is cold to the touch, it is slippery like a reptile but more like a parasite. Their bones turn rubbery so they can streach and bend and even slide under a door frame. Some have flosflorescent eyes to see better at night. They are attracted to vanity and anger because those qualities generate negative spiritual energy and they can feed on that energy. Also they are drawn to alcoholics and ego driven people because they have weak spirits! That’s why most of the idiots that come to speak to me are so weak minded.”

“and it has nothing to do with vampire bats.. they move super slow right up until they move very fast and when they
move very fast they’re actually accessing their spiritual abilities and just like Superman who could access hisspiritual abilities, they access their spiritual energy and create a vortex and right in front of them and allows them to move super fast, so this is where they’re super speed comes from, its spiritual energy just like Superman, only
super man gained his energy from the Sun and these parasites gain their energy from our spirits when they’re in a state of
negative energy such as fear or anger, so one thing too I wanted to point out is there’s an old wise tail to throw a
pinch of salt of your left shoulder for good luck the reason why they say this is because once when these humans has
mutated themselves into a parasitic human, salt is deadly to them, it actually can damage their skin and possibly cause
their skin to start to flame on to catch on fire, so salt water of the ocean can kill them and of course if one is
lurking around behind you and you feel like somebody’s there and you can’t see them just grab yourself a pinch of salt and
throw it over your left shoulder the reason why your left shoulder is because your heart is on the primarily on the
left side of your body and so the blood vein that would have the strongest pulse that they would go for in order to
consume your blood would be on the left side of your neck over here, so that’s why you would throw the pinch of salt of
your left shoulder because they would be lurking around the left side of your body staring at your neck, this in
particular it goes for women that go around wearing shirts or gowns that expose that portion of their neck..”

“Terraforming: 193 Aufrufe•01.12.2014:
sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten:
Chemtrails are said to be used for many purposes, I would like to add a new possibility that most would not have considered. Remember, the human race known as Draconians are master geneticists. They Gould a way to extend their lives and live disease free by mixing their DNA with the DNA of a Parasite. The down side is that they can no longer come into the daylight and they have to feed on Plasma just like the parasite they took the DNA from. Exactly as portraid in the most recent movie called the Time Machine. But like in Frankensteins Monster, they seek a slave that has no will of it’s own that they can control and use as their army. That’s where the Clone/Androids come in. In addition to finding planets with under developed humans that they can clone and use to make more soldiers, they wish to destroy all light beings and stars. They can only stand the light from a Red star, or dying star because like the red chakra it is the only frequency they can stand. They also like to offer sacrifices to the fallen Angel, so they engineer societies to fight and have wars and kill each other. Killing is a violation of the Creational laws! Our planet is about to go through a pole shift and millions will die, they will celebrate our death as a sacrifice because they kept us so mixed up that we were unable to prepare! Lastly, the Peace Meditation that Billy Meier teaches uses a natural light source. When done with focus and effort, our brain produces the Fifth Brain Wave called the Theta Wave. Theta Waves kill parasites in our blood. Consequently they also begin to decay the parasite DNA of a Draconian if they get too close, so it’s truly a form of self e defense for us. Peace in Wisdom”

“´s Terraforming…They Greys..they prefer a cold environment…Art Bell Radio Broadcast, he tells you that the reason they come back in time, because they are in a fully fledge war with these artificial intelligence beings, these clones…and tells you they prefer a cold environment….to transform the entire planet into a machine planet, to synthesize the planet, turn it into a synthetic planet and destroy all natural they want a planet that is cool, so that they can run their computers on the surface of the planet without the problem of overheating…direct sunlight is necessary for regular life, for natural life, but synthetic life tries to block it.”

“Secret Intelligence can selectively Block
179 Aufrufe•06.12.2014”
“The Secret Intelligence can block your messages from reaching.”

“So it´s a secret war that is taking place…”

“Indian Wisdom: 77 Aufrufe•21.11.2014:
sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten:
Violence is never the solution. We all get reborn into new bodies after a long rest in Spirit. It takes thousands of lives to grow spiritually. In order to grow spiritually, you must live from the Spirit.”

“Monolithic Organization of Murder
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The CIA is not a Government Agency, the Federal Reserve is not a Government Agency! JFK tried to shut down the CIA because they kill people, so they killed him. We need to finish what he started!!
These Occultists are trying to sensationalize Transhumanism. Just like a Transexual is a person with confusion of spirit due to efforts to destroy the human spirit such as Project Soul Catcher that the NAVY Black Ops is involved in; Transhumanism is an un-natural state, it is the idea that genetic clone or mechanical body parts are better than the organic original. The truth is that a multitude of efforts have been made over the years to damage our bodies until such an idea would be acceptable to the average person. It is all a trick and an ongoing effort to turn us away from the Light! The Billy Meier Peace Meditation on light is a natural and gently progressive way to increase your health and life expectancy. There are many efforts that have been put into motion to prevent people from using the Peace Meditation. The first is to try and criminalize anyone that teaches it. If that fails this Secret Intelligence …slowly move agents into the area that work at discrediting the person that is teaching the meditation. They also have disinformation agents telling people that meditation on the flame will get you possessed!! What a load of nonsense. Of course they don’t say what will happen if you meditate on Darkness with your eyes closed!! That might wake you up and you might consider that if light and dark are the two options, and evil hides in the darkness, then maybe the light is GOOD!!! Although religion is a form of enslavement, in the bible it says that after creating all things and the light that God said, ” The Light is Good”. Well, what do you know!! He told us!! So meditation on the flame with our eyes open is the key to spiritual growth!! Not prayer, Not Worship!! Peace in Wisdom.”

“Exploitation of the Homeless in Prince William County Va
1.592 Aufrufe•02.11.2014”

“sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten:
I have spent some time with the homeless in Prince Willism County Va and I have discovered that a group of individuals in the local Government and connected to the large religious occult in the area are keeping people homeless in order to exploit them and pocket the thousands of dollars they receive each year from the Federal Government as a subsidy for the number of homeless people in the county. This activity is closely guarded by the criminal occult element within the CIA and I believe they are allowing children to be abducted and never reporting it. I believe some of these children are being used in child prostitution rings. They are kept on tranquilizer a to prevent them from breaking free!”

“Project Camelot: 483 Aufrufe•17.11.2014”
“In General increase the Positive Vibration, the Positive Mood of the People on The Planet, so when you are out in Public and somebody is verbally attacking you for no particular reason, chances are it´s because you…creating a positive vibration and they are seeing you as a threat.”

“Monolithic Organization Within
152 Aufrufe•09.09.2015”
“We must Demand Peace from the Government through Peaceful Demonstration! We must finish what JFK started. We must shut down Secret Societies. We must meditate for Peace using the Peace Meditation to help create positive energy for the entire planet.”

“Variety of New Tactics
148 Aufrufe•12.08.2015”

Anti creation Empire NWO
194 Aufrufe•12.09.2015
“You are witnessing the creation of a new Empire, headquarters being the Empire State of NY. This Empire is no different than any other, focusing on S&M, B&D, Incest, Rape, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Slavery and Murder. .. Religions separate and segregate male and female giving them different messages in order to continue the confusion and to create disharmony in relationships! This new Empire (Monolithic Organization) is being controlled by the many Occult and racist groups World Wide. The KKK, the Mafia, the Drug Lords, Infant Traffickers, Secret Intelligence Agencies from every country, all working toward one goal without knowledge that their Racism, Bigotry and Hatred are all promoted by one group that are manipulating them all! When more people choose to join the BEAM Mission and embrace the Peace Meditation for spiritual growth as Billy Meier has outlined, only then will we see a change…”

“The Money
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“Advanced Changes
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“Live Longer
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“Dark ET meditate on Darkness
200 Aufrufe•28.01.2015”
“Who is in the Lower Dimensions of Darkness? Take a Guess..
This is my semi-humorous impression of the Dark ET making their debut…”

“NWO (New World Order) Bilderberg Organization
393 Aufrufe•03.02.2014”
“I’m never going to quit. I’m never going to stop. I’m never going to hide. I will continue to train using the Meditation Exercise. I will continue to teach others about how the Natural Light Meditation produces more Theta Waves and kills parasites in our blood. I will continue to teach others how Light Meditation helps us to live longer and healthier lives. Push me down and I will get back up again and keep going. Peace in Wisdom”

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