“It Will Boost Your Immunity” Dr. Steven Greer

“”It Will Boost Your Immunity” Dr. Steven Greer
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Mark Twain said there are liars, damned liars and statistics well what does that mean it means that you can do
anything with statistics and manipulate them if you’re clever.

“It Will Boost Your Immunity” Dr. Steven Greer
1.482.102 Aufrufe•31.03.2020

“But also to respond to it in a way that keeps yourself not panicked at all and in a positive state of mind so that you stay strong and you stay healthy and your immune system is is enhanced and as I said exercise is key to that, good diet is key to that avoiding … bad drug use and and and smoking cigarettes in particular. I think the deadliest drug there is out there by far is cigarettes .. I mean two thousand people die of overdoses of other drugs in this country every year, but we lose about half a million people from cigarette smoking every year in this country and United States around the world China it’s even worse it’s China is now the worst users of the most abundant users of cigarettes because we got everyone in the world addicted, American tobacco companies got everyone addicted to the damn horrible stuff, so be very careful about that.” learned was that there’s this amazing immune response and strengthening of the immune system that happens when you go into deep meditation which is actually more powerful than sleep so the meditative state and connecting to this
expansive aspect of ourselves it’s conscious that actually is really strengthening to ourselves physically as well as mentally psychologically spiritually so the meditative faculty the ability to sit and be quiet and meditate and go into a deep state of relaxation and connect to that aspect of awareness that is beyond your individuality which is actually infinite that’s what Samadhi is is when you have a very deep meditation but even some sense of that where you become calm and centered and feel relaxed and expanded that is like a super boost to your immune system and it also creates field coherence with the people were with but all over the world and you know this is one of the things that I everybody will
see on April 7th when Close Encounters of the fifth kind comes out we talk about what back then look sort of
comically was called the Maharishi effect because what they did is they think we we sent people into cities and
localities where 1% of the population were experienced meditators who knew how to meditate and go into deep
quiet meditation and when they did that let’s say the city had you know two hundred thousand people so that means
you’d have two thousand meditators in the city synced up meditating, deep meditations and prolonged what they found
was that hospital admissions went down violence went down shootings crimes of all kinds went down there was a field
coherence that went out through that whole city even though the other 99% of the city didn’t know those people were
in the city they didn’t even know they were there so it wasn’t because there was social media saying oh they’re all
these people meditating in that cool no they were not there this was back before there was social media and these studies have been done in other settings and proven that there is this beautiful field coherence where things
aligned and coherent very positive when more than one person and groups of people meditate together in a certain
number and it turns out the thresholdnumber for that that seemed to be very effective was about one percent not it’s not like a polling booth, you don’t need 51% to win the election, this is one percent you win the election,
because you then create this harmonic coherent field that is affecting everyone in your society we can overcome
it because there’s no point panicking and fear because the power of consciousness in the mind and people working collectively is much more powerful than a virus and much more powerful than any weapon that any people
have ever created and that we can transform the human future but also kind of save ourselves by being connected to
each other in this beautiful meditative state I think after the film comes out and we have this new app and people can get trained and practice there…where you feel connected to this great ocean of unbounded mind and when you have that
experience and it begins to grow subtly sometimes at first it is so liberating and it’s also very enhancing to your
immune system your body your life your inner guidance your happiness and take care of yourself really learn to meditate and take this time we are not having to dash around in your day to day life to practice deep meditation and do it with other people if you’re with people already or you can do it in a way that’s with social distancing with people whether it’s electronically or.. people that are in your area where you keep the social distancing and sit together in quiet meditation and do this you can do it anywhere we can do it in your living room if the weather is bad you do it in your backyard you do it anywhere that will really strengthen our civilization but it will strengthen your immune system as I talked about before because when you go into these deep meditative States it’s a very healing I mean amazing the healing thing to do but it also strengthens your whole mind body complex so that you are more resistant to diseases but if you get the virus maybe the effect would be much much less.”

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►Special thanks to DR. STEVEN GREER
►We highly recommend you watch his New Documentary “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun”

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