Bases 110 AI China Demons and Aliens with Cyrus A Parsa

“Bases 110 AI China Demons and Aliens with Cyrus A Parsa”

“Miles’s Bases Project
56.500 Abonnenten
The Bases Project is about transhumanization, the control of popuilations and the AI, ‘ET’ agenda, so here we have the CEO of the, Cyrus A. Parsa to discuss the threats of AI technologies, including social manipulation (people programs) by Aliens and the Chinese Communist regime.

In the past 20 years, Cyrus has focused on the misuse of AI and related BioTechnology and investgated over 1,000 AI based companies, 500 of which are in China.

His knowledge on AI content/biometric controls through mechanics and social media plaforms is astonishing.
He has warned of dangers prior to many events that have already occured, such as the coronavirus outbreak in his two books Artficial Intelligence: Dangers to Humanity, an Amazon bestseller, and AI:-TRUMP, CHINA & THE WEAPONIZATION OF ROBOTICS WITH 5G.


“And all the mainstream media china threatens all the world citizens with all these things i was i was mentioning
last second they said my book artificial intelligence humanity is slander to big tech and china and also
multiple different media outlets. Everybody censored me, so
I waited and waited then on december 16 I filed a massive lawsuit uh against china, google, facebook, neuralink and all the big tech companies and I hit the John Does, it reached over a billion people on Twitter, but everybody was afraid and I think I waited and waited did a bunch of videos then i then i released them the actual john does which were bigger
names george soros and so on and so on including obama that got a lot of traction but then the lockdown happened i was gonna send us marshals after him so getting to this whole alien um alien discussion the way i wrote this book was for
someone who has a scientific brain, because it’s very hard for people to accept that aliens exist, what i did at the beginning was what put aliens in history or in full core
and that was it was the one page introduction
and i described artificial intelligence in a scientific way..
the movie that we’re talking about I basically gave a rough history from the 1940s I didn’t talk about the germans i
connected to socialism and how basically the entire planet can be colonized on a digital platform as it connects to
socialism that mobilizes drones machines robotics
cybernetics and turns people into cyborgs and and from that point an alien race could actually digitally implant themselves into clones, into machines or even create a parasitical relationship with human beings.”

“You didn’t mention Elon Musk, Neurotech…you mentioned as a compan.”

“Well he was also in the lawsuit as well Elon Musk..I named 40 people and so i didn’t name spacex because spacex he was
working with a government nasa and so. I mentioned Tesla and Neuralace particularly, the reason why I mentioned Tesla was,
because there’s a genesis of things when you give a few pieces of technology to somebody and they’ve put a few different things together if they’re smart enough they can get quicker through artificial general intelligence,
so there’s three levels of artificial intelligence, according to scientists, the first level is artificial narrow
intelligence which includes your smartphones, your iot’s internet of things, alexis, siris and so on, the next level
is artificial general intelligence, agi which they want to make a robot or a digital ai into a living organism, so basically you can have free thinking and advice like human
being, the next levels are for super intelligence, to create agi..the human brain is very very powerful and but people can’t tap into it when we discover is because there’s a lock
somewhere else in the brain and it translates to in code language to if you have like jealousy, pride, ego,
ignorance and all these different vices that can create all these conflicts the human brain doesn’t tap into other areas for you to have this all these different powers so what he wants to do is take this neurolace, thischip and put it
in your digital layer, connect to the 5g network, download all this information to you, so somehow he can connect to other parts of the brain and make you super human, but my conclusion is there’s three main risks for that the first risk is you’re going to be controlled by google’s ecosystem
or any digital platform, so you have a digital network for social for articles and and then you have social media and you have videos right these are auditory and visual inputs
that we get the information contained in there and with the bio digital transfer of millimeter waves and all these different frequencies they can literally what i call bio digitally social program the entire human race on the 5g network, biodigital social programming is a term I coined..there’s patent technology that actually manipulate your nervous system if you believe in a faith it stands for
your soul or your spirit, most agnostics or atheists that they believe maybe there’s a consciousness or maybe a digital image so that’s your digital image social is your social media your emotions most importantly or your social network programming is programming bio digital social programming so when you connect the 5g network to all these smartphones and all the internet of things smart cities smart homes what happens is this the information contained on the 5g
network is controlled this ecosystem that completely transforms society by process of bio digital social programming, it’s not only mind control it’s literally transforming your body.”

“And the the things that we we disclosed about google had to do with the criminal things.”

“I had a vision in 2002 the year 2000 my pineal gland opened up and I didn’t know people were talking
about these type of things, but this happened because of the martial arts training I was doing in china 18 hours a day, seven days a week and they didn’t know what it was, but
this is what these guys want to do, because we’re it made an image of a higher power, made in the image of God or the
Creator. These scientists want to tap into these abilities by using these machines, but the human brain is very very powerful you can tap you can open different channels and connect european gland…”

“But what they want to do is make humans into machines
and then transhuman and change your dna, in china they’re mixing people with animals so I put this book
that they were mixing humans and animals using artificial
intelligence and that can create a bio disease that can affect the entire world and that’s exactly what happened.”

“Have you heard of swarm technology? Yes”

“So every animal known to life they’re working on,
so they have bionic bats, they have dragonflies, they have
fish, they have octopus, …as if there is an invasion,
so watch this movie ai invading humanity. People think
an invasion happens in one second, it’s not how it happens
(slowly). Well, for them it’s one day, for us, it´s a hundred years, because theyf you use a quantum machine with a spaceship, you leave out of our solar system, you implant something by the time you come back, it’s two days, for us it takes a hundred years, all you do is you introduce certain things to people’s concepts and thoughts then there’s wars like World War 2 uh germany and then the information goes to America and then they create Darpa and all the internet comes out it’s like a colonization, socialism comes in, families get separated and then people will just become controlled, then smartphones come in, after smartphones come in then oh it mixes with machines and then machinims mixes you with animals and then they take out your soulful, they colonize you, it’s exactly what I put in that movie ai to plan to invade humanity.”

“The crucial difference between um organic life i mean have you heard of the british telecom project in the late
90s called project soul catcher..(I have not) British Telecom came up with this thing it was part of what was the open university programming which is an online´s a home university .. the british government has
for people at home and these classic bearded british scientists for british telecom were talking about
putting nanobots into your brain, recording everything you’re doing and they called it project soul catcher, now Dr Robert Duncan has written a book called project soul catcher 2,
because they want to make, they need control of every single living thing down to the last blade of grass. What do you think’s behind that what’s really behind
all this front edge physicality in 3d, it’s not 3d, we’re outside 3d, the human soul is outside that, but this is something from a different dimension.”

“It is for a different dimension but it’s also in this dimension as well we don’t see them because they use
spaceships that are extremely fast and some of them can there are multiple different life forms right it’s not just
i learned that the term Drago recently the the reason why i was able to achieve a lot of these things and some other people couldn’t because i did these martial arts that open up a lot of these abilities that people want to open up by using machines okay and and changing your dna it already exists in
the human body they existed thousands of years ago they
had it in europe they had it in the middle east they had it in the far east uh even the greeks their stories of
these things then then I did investigations…”

“we’ve just had Elon Musk launch his dragon craft with its eight draco engines and the draco are enslaving
us and they’re sending abattoir ships to on the soul trafficking and all sorts of the human trafficking thing that’s a different thing.”

“so my, the conclusion in this video was, the creator has another plan and they’re being wiped out so in the year 2002, after this vision i had i had another vision of a sitting meditation and then i saw those universes being blown up
and planets being blown up and i put that in this video in this video ai the planet made humanity
you know this entire world that we have in my opinion is a playground and i believe there was a creator, I believe there’s god and there was I believe there’s this purpose for us human beings, but if we are shown it then we lose
the concept of faith, we lose the concept of of enlightenment or awakening that’s why there is the concept of free will
within destiny, but this time that we are coming in today
uh in this stage when all these things are happening, it’s not natural all these things are happening in the world with
the virus the lockdown, all this hysteria and things going to come, it’s not natural, it’s been foretold in different ways everywhere in the world and the discussion that we’re having
between you and i and your audience it’s in a sense it’s very special but at the same time it’s maybe everything is there’s a causality, but there’s also a destiny of things. I implore everybody not to have fear, okay, very very important you’re
important, because most of them are not physically here in
order to come here they just need to have us accept transhumanism except the cyborg things once they do
that they can literally transform everybody but why don’t they show themselves because if they show themselves
nobody will want these things right and they
make people believe they don’t exist and they pick people who don’t have faith so china’s the easiest people to actually colonize at the moment because they have communism in their thoughts their neural nerves work that way. I scanned Bill Gates, there’s a partner’s brain that’s open for technology
it’s a thousand times faster than an average person,
even Elon Musk, but the other area in Bill Gates, right,
he doesn’t have any concept of faith, his neural networks are
completely blocked off. Elon Musk is a little different, he
believes in the simulation ascension, but it’s a combination different thing, so it’s a parasitic relationship for him, it’s not the thoughts don’t belong to him, the entity inside his body is not just him, it’s other things.”

“Presentation by Bill Gates to the cia and he specifically targets those who have faith and an area of the brain and that’s what they’re looking for.”

“So if you want to colonize an ant colony okay what do you do
first you divide their concept of family then their faith you create a chain of reaction then you pick people you immobilize and create a chain of reaction to pick people that come into sciences and all this academia and into governments
that have no faith and they may not be that intelligence
and within that structure you connect all these big tech companies then within the big tech companies you
connect it to geopolitics based on social communism which has no faith by doing that you link all this together so someone like bill gates why does he connect with so many different things first of all he does computers so you introduce
computers to everybody is it him or is it aliens
then he introduces vaccines vaccine everybody right
then robotics machines and google comes, google’s a search engine but then they work on machines and even vaccines
and different things right that so it’s like you want to colonize the planet with human beings that’s how
you do it and for them it’s two days for us 100
years an average person use three or four percent of their brain power to give them time, so they come here and they see oh the people are very easy to manipulate,
they’re sitting down, they’re having a drink they’re having fun, they’re having sex, watching sports and everything and then the lights go on that way but they’re so surprised: why are these human bodies so specialm, why are these brains the most powerful thing in the universe, it’s because we’re made in the image of the creator and they’re not.”

“Correct so there.. the creator considers them the garbage of
the universe, because they need machines in order to
process information and do things they can’t use their human
bodies to do all these things that they do from
fly, from teleport to live forever, but they need these machines but when they come here they see wow these human bodies are designed to live forever they actually can do all these supernatural things, but most sort of inner channels
in the bodies are blocked and locked up, most of the power in the brain is complete the nerve networks are blocked off.
How do i how do i get i can’t kill it, because if i kill it the body dies, i literally have to create clones, machines, but i want these bodies as well how do i do it i get into its body, it’s almost like an entity possession,
once it does that at some point it takes out a soul
and then you think it’s like somebody, like Elon Musk, but it’s not somebody else, i’m not saying Elon is not Elon at the moment what i’m saying that could happen at first, it’s symbiotic then it’s parasitical then it takes out the soul
or its digital image it’s very easy so they’re talking about
create uh taking your digital image and putting in another body, so you can live forever, they can’t do that, because your soul is not in your brain, but these these Dracos
or Aliens are Greys, they understand that, they know
where your soul is located they can’t take it out, but they can kill it and then come in the body and they know how to do that, but it’s a process well.”

“They don’t seem to be killing it, I´ve heard that they’re replacing humans with them in the human, wetware, as it’s called.”

“That’s parasitical but at some point they kill the soul and take it out, so first it’s parasitical and the person’s thoughts they don’t know it’s them thinking.”

“Later on it just takes out a soul so this comes back to
the ancient times, so the buddhists, the christians, the
Nagas, the Zoroastrians, they all talk about how someone’s soul can be yanked out yes yeah but that that quite requires a lot of energy for someone to do that so my loud going point opened up i never had that ability actually but
when i my logo was chinese okay so when i was doing this practice in china um within tweaks at this point things burst open and i could send heat out of my hands from three feet away i could move somebody i could even move objects then uh you know i want to say a little bit later on i became so fast that i could sense even if i looked up a hawk i could
sense the hawks feathers or if i sat in a room
meditating i could hear and feel a spider running across i look over and i zoom in on its legs but as soon as i did that the spider would sense me looking at it but then i realized yes that i realized the spiders can feel us from 15 feet
away yeah they have so but but it knew that i and it got so
scared because it it realized that since they were so far
away so and i got even more abilities later on but um it requires for me not to have emotion and so many different things, I practiced celibacy for six years.”

“The Wu Lang Master told me the first
two weeks said you can achieve what I’ve
achieved in 50 years in three months if you continue what
you’re doing just don’t lose your essence,
but don´t ejaculate.. and all the ancient warriors, the spartans they would be celibate, because they would need that energy to fight and same with the persians, the ten thousand mortals and even the chinese monks so but this would take hours to describe how this works, but you have to create alchemy infusion instead of creating the sperm because
every man um it creates sperm almost on a daily basis
and then it it ejaculates even if they don’t do it themselves or they don’t have sex, it comes out, but if you get to a certain level if you know how to do it it no longer produces sperm for take that those ingredients that production those chemicals those that alchemy you send different parts of your body in different organs then you create something very very special so one time I went six years one time went two years I went two years before i wrote these books and that’s why i was able to not only download but connect to i got to a certain level i think it was
2009. My brain works so fast when i would open up the channels in my body that i can synthesize billions of thoughts in under under maybe one or two seconds and
i could so if i put i could see how a training
reaction would cause different things so that’s how i was able to get this book it wasn’t just because i
studied china and big tech and iran and geopolitics for 20 years one just because i went to school i got
this degrees wasn’t because i invested 1000 companies
I combine all those things with my martial abilities my meditation abilities and i was able to do what
what Elon Musk dreams of being able to do when he can’t do
but he has a partner’s brain that’s open for creating technology and he’s creating these machines to be able to do those things in the future.”

“Imitate, they’re imitating what humans can do, they’re imitating what you can do, well, within a 3d environment.”

“so he wants to upload or download all these abilities like the matrix so you can learn martial arts you can learn
languages then you didn’t put your effort you
didn’t work hard for it and you didn’t experience it
yourself it you lose your free will you become a program
that’s the issue, human beings are designed to have free will
and to have a journey to be enlightened, to be awakened or returned to the creator.”

“you’re speaking many words by saying nothing.”
“yes so you know it’s not just these grays
it’s not just these um dragos there are many many things that we don’t see okay so we live in the dimension of molecules
so we see bones and skin and organs are inside of it right but we don’t see the digital world since i was a little
kid. I can see the networks in the room
and the frequencies and i just would look and there is so fast and it’s everywhere it’s from the ground
up to the ceiling it’s this way it’s that
way it’s that way it’s everywhere and it’s
just so so fast. There are things in different dimensions that can take any form in any shape that are very scary i don’t want to talk about it is because i do want to scare people and human beings shouldn’t try to open their pineal gland and try to look for aliens or look for these things because you can attract them to you and they can siphon off your energy or attack you at night and they do attack people at night so when you watch your movies…i could see that the creation of the movie was human beings but behind the human
beings there was actually an entity that
manipulated their thoughts and gave them those conceptual ideas by by them viewing that that entity could actually
enter them through the frequency of the movie.”

“Have you heard of the zion parasite, particularly on europeans and it’s a parasite on the left shoulder?”
Conspiracy Revelation: 21.10.2020: My whole Interdimensional Radar is focussed on the Battle against it…
It is the Left Hook Chest Chainer of Nano Domestic Quell DoD-Zion. Nearly Daily Unhooking…
I fought it already half-a-million times in 10 Years!!!!!!!!!!!! Not for fun…out of necessity !!!

“Uh no I haven’t heard of it.”

“and this book is a 10 000 page book summed up in 260 with a lot of pictures and when i first released these books
people were telling me cyrus we get the beginning the middle part is getting difficult but you probably need like a
a million IQ to understand the rest of it because it’s just so i had um microsoft engineers and talked to me like you’re describing how software moves how do you know that and i can’t sit down and tell them how i know because
they’ll think i’m nuts um but you can sense it no don’t be so
modest well though i’m not saying i’m a genius because you are a genius you’re an empathic genius empathic yeah…everybody has this..oh you are modest…no everybody is made in the image of the creator.”

“and someone doesn’t have a smartphone they have to use a desktop does it make their 5g smartphone person a more special person than someone has a 3g
it doesn’t you just you have a machine so if i have a machine in my head that works in certain ways other people doesn’t work and i can open up my inner channels does it make me more special of a human being it doesn’t i just have a tool inside of me that’s all it is so I am no more special than any other person seeing on the planet is, any person can achieve this
and 100 times more and it has to do with our ethics
and our virtue the more we assimilate to the universal
qualities because it’s a code in the universe and there’s so many different schools so.”

“It’s very sad that you blame it all on the girls, the girls aren’t going to be happy with this.”

“There is levels of consciousness right the higher realms don’t do the things we do, so if you want to go to a higher
realms, so I give an example: we’re human beings right if there are conscious levels that are maybe 10 levels behind beyond our level and they live maybe a million years,
they’re immortals, maybe their enjoyment is different,
they don’t have anger, they don’t have ego, they don’t need to hug people, they don’t need to have sex, because it’s for procreation, their design is different and they operate a different way, most of their brain power is open and
it’s very very different and they’re benevolent, so the universe is very big, I don’t think; for instance the creator , there’s a lot, a bunch of angels angels don’t conduct the way we do ourselves right they don’t have.”

“There’s good angels and bad angels and there’s fallen Angels.”

“I mean for a start we’re using technology
and the cia and every agent, intelligence agency is all using technology and it’s all made in China.”
“I mean if i was china i would maybe sneak a little bit of backdoor technology in there, so you know no matter who you are they’re going to know about it.”
“They did that.”

“One is through social engineering westerners, smiling at you.”
“Well i mean my background i worked at a multi-media company owned by a multi-media individual and i find that
there was key access to that company from the chinese via hong kong and they didn’t like it but there were
the grays involved all sorts of stuff like that
and they were essentially using that as a mechanism for gating our consciousness for some nefarious purpose.”

“Yes, correct, so what they’re doing the grays use the chinese, because they’re atheists, they’re communist
and they’re introverted, they’re not extroverted,so you don’t know if they’re lying to you, they’re social engineers,
social engineering western tech companies and
and hollywood and just people in general they think
they make you their friends then through ip theft to force tech transfer through collaboration or studying under
you so under every major ceo like bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and there’s always a chinese person learning from them and taking
the tech back that’s why they’re the most the posed biggest danger and i put three things to solve the issues of extermination three very simple things …first thing is expose the chinese communist regime, once you expose them those fields that are behind the dragons and all these beings the red dragon it’ll dissipate one by one expose the
communist regime and that’ll that’ll free the the trap
that’s on people the chinese people’s minds, expose them for all their human rights violations at the narrow level
that people can believe because true, the second thing is
truly from your heart if you’re if you have a faith you’re a catholic christian you use the word repent if you don’t
like these type of words you can say uh forgiveness so i’m sorry for being complicit and this tech transfer…and expose this regime the third thing is as important have a wish for a great future, have a wish for enlightenment awakening
to return to your creator and and to to to ascend
have have one of these wishes you’re welcome not to have it but this is this is my understanding and and my experience i
can tell you if you do this it’ll make a huge difference for your future and for the world’s future everyone wants to do these three things first expose the chinese communist party
and it’ll release all these big tech companies it really will, secondly repent or ask for forgiveness, thirdly wish for a good future and we need to we need to um
for enlightenment and awakening we need to improve out ethics. I spent 10 months 18 hours a day seven days a week
working trying to get the media to cover me, nobody to cover me, everywhere i went it was somebody who was a content creator stealing my ideas saying the same things or a journalist everywhere big names that are everywhere and all
the left for just censoring me so it’s either consumers stealing from me or left for and i realized it’s not really them it’s these grays and these spirits that actually control their brains to not give me a platform, because that’s why i did these things I come out secret service I give it to them to a certain way they can understand and they can believe
Ii go to science director i gave him a real report in the way his brain understands, okay, companies, capacity to reach uh
where they are names okay it’s a real document…”

“so think about it so it’s like once they get in power it’ll be the same thing it’s the same story since the beginning of human history it’s either left or right that’s in power and they become corrupt so the thing is
power corrupts because the human race has advice
lust greed pride anger emotion jealousy all these things get
manipulated and when you have these dark forces
you have these grey aliens and you have these digital entities
and you have like you said demons and jinns they can manipulate the entire
human race in cohesion to to end itself because the technology
is beyond its where it is and it’s happened many times in human history
and this time in history is very very important…-we’ve lived many many lifetimes there’s been many civilizations been destroyed it’s not the first time we’re living through this so a lot of things that people understand um some of it comes from their experience most of my my things come from my experience but um some of it comes from reading other people’s stuff but a lot of it also comes from your dna it’s in your subconscious it’s in your
cells you have a memory of it you and i are sitting here talking who
says this didn’t happen before?”

“That’s why I was talking about using cb radios and going back to non-technologically intelligent communications media.
How would they get in touch with you, if you were deplatformed and they couldn’t suddenly you just gone from the digital domain where would they find you somehow
at the at the moment they couldn’t do that um i’m in california they couldn’t do that but i don’t think
that’s going to happen now in the future there’s going to be a glorious future for the people who remain,
so the the number that I saw 6.2 billion, that’s the
old plan that’s the old vision it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen that way, it comes down to our choice why did
I work 18 hours a day seven days a week I try to inject things, so people can choose their futures, so they don’t get
destroyed…but every person just stole from me, even my eyebrows I colored them, but I´m 40 years old almost half of them turned white in the past years, oh my god, shock,
it certainly never happened to me, it happened to you at 40. no no no no i used to have hair right to here for god’s sake anyway your eyebrows turning white at 40. That happens when you’re 80 usually right, not when you’re 40, so it’s a sign of wisdom, my young man.”

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