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This is the final and one of the most fascinating and comprehensive interviews of the series, where Penny talks about:
– the two main story versions of how the black goo came to be;
– how every human being on Earth is a hybrid of at least one ET race;
– the literal translation of the Book of Genesis and its implications;
– the references to the ‘black goo’ in the history of the occult orders of Earth;
– the effects of the black goo, its military and possibly spiritual applications;
– why the Vatican wants to suppress the true story of the human origin;
– the extraterrestrial genetic background of the European royalty;
– the black goo as part of the initiation into the Order of the Black Sun;
– what happens to a person after ingesting the black goo;
– the German culture in space, the ancestor honoring and the mystic rituals;
– the Anunnaki race and their genetics in humans;
– if the Germans in space still consider themselves the higher race;
– the real reason why the Germans in space only allow their countrymen into the higher ranks;
– what was behind the inquisition movement: the little known facts;
– who are the ‘vampires’ of today;
And many more!”

“Like I said, some of us are almost 95 percent John and
those people make a serious effort to hide, because humanity is not real supporting of that thought. We want to think we are our own being that evolved here on our own even though all of our holy books say we were created by the gods in their image (Elohim, which is a plural, not a single)
It’s a feminine and plural too, it’s a feminine plural, so the Spirit of God is also a feminine.”

“So they just take a sample and then they use that to to grow what they call a computer but it is so much faster
and so much more efficient because human minds are capable of creativity and machines are not they also injected
black goo into the quantum computers to keep them on a practical basis rather than a circuitous emotional.”

“The Description is clearly blackgoo, the difference between Krueger and Monarch is that Monarch shoots its people
up with black goo as a matter of course where Krueger chops off your arms and inserts guns and well does build your
armor into you and stuff like that. This came from John Dee he was the court magician for Elizabeth first and he
was the first secret spy that we have on record and his code name was even double-oh-seven and he came up with
Enochian magic, one of the things that is part of Enochian magic is black goo well how to find it how to process it, how to use it and then when Elizabeth got mad at him historically where did he go he went to Prussia, Prussia is where the Teutonic Knights were yeah so he went to where the
Teutonic Knights had had been in possession of this territory for at that point five 600 years…the Black of the Black Sun came out of the Teutonic Knights. I’ve been looking for verification of this, historical proof where did a Roman Catholic Warrior Monk Order come up with the occult knowledge that’s in the order of the Black Sun where did they get black goo where did they get the other occult information that the order of the Black Sun has because in space I was int he order of the black zone know what they believe.”

“So the Templars well today’s Templars are called Rosicrucians or Freemasons and they may not be a big deal in your country, but they are in mine, so the book I was reading last night made all the connections and documented

“When you go down to the core of it they’re teaching the same thing and this same thing can be traced all the way back to the Osiris Cult of Egypt and that’s why this is such a threat to the Vatican, because you had these warrior Knights, basically being Osiris..” “(I don’t know enough about this to kind of to understand this well so can you explain)”

“the Zen state became your natural state ok did they did they like congratulate you afterwards.”

“It was a threat to the Vatican claim to running the region, the Vatican slowly took over Western Europe and then
Eastern Europe and then the Americas and Australia and parts of Africa and would have taken over more except that Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism stood in their way. They have the delusion that they run the world, in fact they came up with the doctrine of discovery which said if you went to somebody else’s country and they weren’t Christian you had a right to take their land and we’ve had 500 years in Genocide because of that, so the Vatican is about them controlling the world and they are particularly terrified of women´s power. Our paganism may not treat women any better on a day-to-day basis, but they do honor the inherent spirituality of the female and they understand the power of combining the masculine and feminine energies..yes the polarities and the battery where the Vatican understands it they just don’t want us doing it, because the more we the more we do the polarities on the battery the less power they have over, because we don’t need their priests, we don’t need
their intercession, we don’t need their their confession and forgiveness, because we’re not sinners.”

“We don’t believe in an original sin, we don’t really believe in an overwhelming God, we may believe in a
bunch of gods that together can be pretty overwhelming, but individually yeah they’re not much more than we are
at least those of us who were hyped up with Draco DNA and then black goo we were in their category and that’s
something that a lot of people are not understanding.”

“Now they’ve been targeted for millennia, at least 2,000 years, closer to 3,000 years, they’ve been targeted by people
from Rome, first the Roman emperors and then the Vatican and now the Jesuits, supposedly there was an operation paperclip that was bringing Nazis into the CIA but if you track
those people two-thirds of them were Jesuits and I have a tendency to look at all of their personal affiliations, not
just the one that’s advertised, so if people looked at the actual affiliations of the people who did things they might
see a different story.”

“I take a b12 sublingual every day, but the ones who are more than I still have to use blood and they’re getting it from blood banks and….once a week, some of them cannot even digest normal food anymore, so which makes me wonder why they’re being so targeted, because they’re obviously not able to survive on their own without help.”

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