Mexico City hospitals reaching breaking point

“Mexico City hospitals reaching breaking point
19.924 Aufrufe•22.05.2020”
“Al Jazeera English: 5,33 Mio. Abonnenten:
Paramedics in Mexico City say hospitals are reaching breaking point in treating coronavirus patients.
And an independent survey suggests the infection rate may be three times higher than what the Mexican government says it is. Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from the capital.”

“The Mexico City doctor who is warning coronavirus cases could ‘explode’
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“Sky News: 2,42 Mio. Abonnenten:
Mexico’s public health service is weak and poverty is endemic – and there is very little regard for social distancing.
And one doctor is warning that the number of cases could ‘explode’ because people don’t really believe COVID-19 exists, and that is could be an invention of the national goverment.”

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