VIDEO: Bellevue Police Officer Puts Woman In Choke-Hold

“VIDEO: Bellevue Police Officer Puts Woman In Choke-Hold”

Conspiracy Revelation: 11.6.2020: Sick Overkill Pigs.. The Bastards think they need to make an MMA fight against harmless defenseless people.

“BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON– This Bellevue police officer placed a woman in choke-hold and its another reason why we should ban choke-holds nationwide. This cop could have simply overpowered this woman and handcuffed her but he chose to use this choke-hold.

UPDATE: Bellevue Police say the incident happened in December of 2018 when an officer pulled a woman over outside the mall for failing to transfer the title to her car. However, Police Chief Steve Mylett said he has suspended the use of “neck restraints” unless the officer finds himself in a situation that calls for deadly force.

Mylett concedes many officers won’t like the technique being taken away, but in the wake of all that has happened across America over the past week, he believes it’s time to take a pause.

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