Coronavirus Pandemic Update 61: Blood Clots & Strokes in COVID-19; ACE-2 Receptor; Oxidative Stress

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 61: Blood Clots & Strokes in COVID-19; ACE-2 Receptor; Oxidative Stress”
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“factor 8 and so we get thrombosis and with this happening these things happen so quickly that before this ARDS has a chance to get bad enough to cause the H type of lung problem we have thrombosis which is causing the ground glass
opacification and we get the L type of lung problem and the final common denominator in this process over here which seems to be taking most of the patients in the intensive care unit is a process known as oxidative stress and as will show in the upcoming lectures and updates the people with the
worst oxidative stress from a baseline standpoint are those
people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and overweight and these are exactly the same people who we see as having the largest risk of dying in Covid-19, what we have over here are the happy hypoxic these are the patients that look
like they’re at high altitude according to some emergency room physicians these are the people who are having cardiovascular collapse and blood clots in their vessels these are the ones that are put on ventilators but to little
avail and so I think that an understanding of oxidative stress and how it might be involved with Covid-19 is going to be instructive and it may give us some avenues for therapeutics.”

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