Gates infiltrated German Government…

Conspiracy Revaltion: 16.4.2020: Gates infiltrated German Government… Gates-to-Hell (The Plague on Earth) infiltrated German Government…Now the Parasite of the Root of Evil wants to establish its Empire of Destruction in Germany, with this end-corrupt German Zionazi Government, there he hopes to fullfill his Evil NWO Agenda. New World Nazi Eugenics back from USA. Unfortunately the biggest traitors are now in my home country and it takes a monstrous effort to remove this entire corrupt, super-stupid, end-ignorant, end-evil Government. The enemy is within and they are on the losing side and the idiots only speak for a minority of evil and not for the real german population.

These pro-WHO statements are not only sheer idiocy, but also highly criminal…considering the fact that Gates is an open Nazi-Pharma-Eugenic Beast – a wolf in sheeps clothing – who wants to take-over Mother Earth and openly promotes the mass destruction of human lives without sitting behind bars.

Germany says #WHO is one of best investments after Trump cuts funding”

Strengthening the World Health Organization is one of the best investments, Germany’s foreign minister said on Wednesday (15 April) after US President Donald Trump on Tuesday (14 April) halted funding to the Geneva-based organization, writes Michelle Martin.
Trump made the move over the WHO’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, drawing condemnation from infectious disease experts as the global death toll mounted.

“Apportioning blame doesn’t help. The virus knows no borders,” Heiko Maas (pictured) said on Twitter.

“We have to work closely together against #COVID19. One of the best investments is to strengthen the @UN, especially the under-funded @WHO, for example for developing and distributing tests and vaccines.”


Reference Reality-Survival Check
Evil Corrupt Billionaire Nazi-NWO-Eugenicists and their
Executive Destroyer Minions called corrupt “Governments” and “Shadow Governments”…






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