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“And so this coronavirus hysteria gives the the excuse to do what they’re doing and the outcome and the consequences of what they’re doing is to dismantle the world economic system now another thing I’ve been saying this hunger games society I be saying this for a long time is designed to have no small business, not even medium-sized business, globally, just gigantic corporations that control and produce everything. Amazon is a classic example of what I’m talking about. What this coronavirus hysteria is creating is a situation unfolding by the hour worldwide that is destroying small business family business even medium-sized business some even really big businesses – it’s destroying them. The big legacy of what is happening now will not be to do with health long-term it will be economic… they fall into the bottom of the Hunger Games society and and what we’re seeing now every day is this Hunger Games society coming closer and closer and
closer, because of what’s being done in the name of protecting the people. I’ve got news for you you go deep enough into this system they don’t give a about the people! We are being asked to believe now that this system cares about old people, we must protect the old people, we must destroy the world economy to protect the old people oh these would be the old people would they that have paid in their entire life through taxation and other means and at the end in their final years they get handed a pittance of a pension which gives them the choice
between being warm or being hungry and what does that do when people are going without essential things, because the system doesn’t care and and and they they’re having to buy shite food, because that’s all they can afford they, they can’t have nutrients to boost their immune systems because the card afford them in the mainstream everything’s not
telling them they need them anyway and at the same time they’re breathing in air drinking toxic water and other drinks being deluge with sugar which has
a phenomenally destructive impact on the immune system, all this is going on, we’re living in a an electromagnetic technologically generated soup of
radiation toxicity and this system has allowed that to happen has allowed corporations to do that and now having done all that that devastated the lives
and the immune systems of old people we are being asked to believe that the system cares about the health of the elderly it doesn’t give a shit. (David Icke)”

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