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“It is best to get through a little bit of discomfort to see something through to the other side non-essential and non-critical travel non-essential and
non-critical businesses are being closed and again we’re seeing a merging together of this picture from all major countries: restaurant closed except for
takeout, hotline set up to help people to cook their own food, because that’s the entitlement and that’s the ability the enabling that the governments of the
first world have given to their citizens, they don’t even know how to cook their own food anymore or how to manage three meals a day or how to manage their
children at home and cooking, we live in a society of people who have shoved their children away and don’t know how to cook for themselves, so they go out.
This is a disaster that has been in the making for a hundred years and we’re now reaping the significantly distasteful reward of what we have enabled society
to go through, let’s face it we took out home.. no one knows how to cook they can’t iron their own clothes they don’t know how to tie a tie they can’t present
themselves properly they don’t understand basic hygiene, they think that their entertainment is the most important thing of all and let’s talk
about why that is, they have streched what used to be a single person working household where one person would go out and work the other person would take
care of the house and the children everything else they now stretch that to everybody in the house has to work to
make ends meet including the children that come of age to go work, so now instead of having one person work you have possibly three people working –
four people working just to make ends meet and so the person knowing subconsciously that they are a servant to a system that they don’t agree with
wants that entertainment and their entire focus and drive becomes on money or entertainment they both kind of go hand in hand on the
so when you start to remove that entertainment factor people get upset because that is what was keeping them going knowing that their servants to a
broken system knowing that there should be more to life than just slaving away and then getting a little bit, a little treat at the end of the day a little
restaurant at the end of the week, a little wash my car at the self-serve carwash on Saturday, a little mow my lawn so I can say look at this green grass
instead we should have Gardens in every house and you’re going to get back to that remember Victory Gardens were a thing you should have no debt or as
little debt as possible and you should be able to be semi-autonomous semi- self-sufficient know how to cook your own food know how to grow your own food
know how to hunt your own food if that’s something that you deem necessary know how to protect yourself from violence
these are things that will be quickly relearned but under extreme trauma and chaos, supermarkets are limiting items on the shelves to four items per person
this is including supermarkets like Aldi what was a reservoir for people to go out and get bulk low-cost goods is now limiting four items.”

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