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“So again, understand how vulnerable we are, this also,
before looking, this is a game of chess, expect war, that’s what’s coming next. ..they’re gonna hit us
while we’re weak and we are very very weak, again, not a coincidence. Trump was renegotiating trade deals
embargoes with China, right before this all broke out, right before she was worried about the Hong Kong protests
moving to the mainland and toppling his government, same thing in Europe, global worldwide engineered event,
this is agenda 21 and the sequence to Agenda 30, we have been warning about, also I do want to mention and I
don’t think this is a coincidence that the countries that disproportionately have 5g installations are most affected
by this deadly virus to date we talked about the delivery system, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if they’re
spraying .. I don’t know if they’re spraying, one thing we’ve noticed here and why we don’t see any chemtrails here
none we see them all over Phoenix pretty much every other state but not here, isn’t that interesting, but were 5g is
most prevalent, we have the most infections, according to the data that I’ve looked after. I don’t know if that’s
correlation or not but I find it very very interesting and I’ve also warned about that for 10 years. 5g is a military weapon, it ties into the surveillance state, it ties into global governments,the space race, the space force and God knows how they’ve delivered and how they’re continuing to
deliver the most deadly voracious man-made medical bioweapon that makes up covid-19 and this global pandemic.
Again your biggest defense is your salvation also your health and your immunity okay so natural herbs natural remedies vitamin C supplementation healthy diet eat raw vegetables these kinds of things right now honey. I talked about this called manuka honey. I’ve been taking here on the islands keep your immune system up because of what Angela Merkel is telling us is true and 70 percent of Germany’s going to be
infected, man you want to take emergency precaution right now c.. I love you guys..Jesus Christ is king… global pandemic, the corona virus infecting millions potentially a people worldwide the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel warning that up to 70% of her total population could be infected with
seismic collapses in the US stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average down thousand more points a day market
seizures all these things we’ve warned you… the
elites are gonna use this as cover and a scapegoat to crash the entire system.”

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