What’s happening in Shanghai? Coronavirus, Chinese New Year, Controlling the Narrative, Stories

“What’s happening in Shanghai? Coronavirus, Chinese New Year, Controlling the Narrative, Stories”

“Ramsey Dewey
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Shanghai based MMA coach Ramsey Dewey responds to hundreds of questions from the viewers about the outbreak of the Wuhan Corona virus. Thoughts and experiences about living in China during a city-wide quarantine that just happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year Holiday.

Remember, we don’t simply communicate with data and facts, we communicate with stories. The method of delivery is crucial.

Every year during the Chinese New Year Holiday, the giant mega-city of Shanghai becomes a ghost town as all the shops and businesses close and a massive exodus happens of millions of citizens to their home provinces. If this year was your first CNY in the mainland, you might be confused and think the end of the world was upon us because of the recent viral outbreak as the remaining survivors wear breathing masks and stay indoors whenever possible- But, no, that’s just the culture.”

“it’s tragic, it always is and then the news media blows it up into this massive fear-mongering event, why? To get views, to make money, to make money from your fear, that’s what fear- mongering is, it is making money from your fear just like fish-mongering is making money from selling fish, war- mongering is making money off of warfare, the fear-mongering industry, it’s been going on for a while and they are
not showing any signs of stopping, but what does the American news media do? They make these bastards famous…they make them famous, no, stop that now, please, they do not deserve your time, they do not deserve your attention, they
do not deserve your tears.”

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