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“Philosophy of protecting the Whistleblowers.”

“So in order to attract those people, we had to testify to our own honesty and integrity.. and obviously Whistleblowers are afraid for their lives – assuming they are true whistleblowers and they are also trying to protect their families..and.. friends, loved ones of all kinds… As a journalist of course you have experience with secret sources.”

“I did some rather radical things…I am very psychic….Multiple levels of Samadhi..and so having Kundalini Activation has made my life quite different to other peoples…That is where my strength comes from, from my spiritual development….strong connection to source. I can sense portals and wormholes.., stargates when I am in direct vicinity. When you have direct experience it´s very different from when you have simply book knowledge.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 21.1.2020: Absolutely…

“A Whistleblower, for example, is a Person who has actually gone through something that was negative, in many aspects of it, but the ultimate knowledge was in parcel.”

“That´s why I think Whistleblowers are so important…
When you know a secret that could benefit your fellow human and you keep it quiet for 40 or more years.. and you realize you could have saved lives, that´s a huge spiritual burden, ..maybe you would not survive if you spoke out, maybe your family would not survive, there is all these factors…that´s why I think whistleblower testimony is so vital and …I do my best to expose things along those lines.. True Whistleblowers..are very far and few…the state, the governance of this planet, has so clamped down and they used Assange and Snowden as example, that does not mean that they are the perfect whistleblowers, but they certainly exposed a certain amount of truth to the public and have paid a price.”

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