Is the Anunnaki Good or Bad?

May 16, 2016
“From what I understood from this message, there were several species of beings on the Earth during the Ancient Sumerian time period.
Not all were benevolent- not all were malicious- they were mixed. But I find it fascinating that the benevolent admittedly left us to our own demise simply because fear had been introduced and it was difficult for their vibration to communicate with ours. Fear overcame the people on the land and this made it difficult for the benevolent to communicate due to the lower vibration frequency now introduced into the human form.
Please take what you will from this message. I share only a portion of what we truly are. I will not stop channeling until I too can understand more.”

“…in our history during the creation of humanity, you asked if there were beings in which you consider benevolent now if they had been malicious during this time period, there were some of us that enjoyed feeling worshiped, feeling the power of the humans…if you can understand back in those back in that time period your human energy was quite high it resonated with such a
high frequency thus when you gave us some of this energy it filled our own and for some this is what you might call quite addicting, the energy that we received from you was somewhat different than on other planes…the emotions were different it was just a different energy force and thus it became very addicting for some of our own beings yes some of those that chose this path have
reconciled and are now working closely with us to restore balance and love back into humanity in which the way they were originally created to be…our bodies were much larger in the way
we created you and because of this we were worshiped easily as gods but also we were able to overpower you if you want to call it that more quickly because of our physical differences…”

“some were very benevolent toward the people some desired to join with what you call the serpent race and create other civilizations in which control and
domination was their agenda this is the Roman civilization in which you are aware of Zeus was a real man turned more mythology with mythological but based on a real man along with much of the
other Greek mythology personalities, there is a straight line that connects Easter Island monuments in Kiska through eisa, approximately in the middle of that line between where the two landmarks end was where the city Atlantis was. This was a beautiful city that we helped create, it was a wonderful, peaceful society of so much progression had been learned,
there had eventually become a fight for domination..we could start over and so we did with the civilizations beginning in Giza branching off into other areas of the world there was a learning process for us we initially came and developed these civilizations to teach you our ways…that’s what Atlantis really was it was almost a replication of cities and our
parts of the galaxy but we progressively learned that this is not our planet this was not to be our civilization but for you to develop your own civilization we learned this greatly through Judea.”

“there were beings that brought a great sense of fear to your planet, this is why Atlantis was destroyed, we wanted to rid the fear that we had created or that was created and like I said start over, start from where we had learned but the fear eventually began once again and this made it very difficult for the benevolent beings to try to communicate or further assist we think that if there hadn’t been fear perhaps things might have been quite different they might have been able to assist further but because of this fear that took over this
part of the region it was almost as if it was a plague and it was hard to break through that and so we physically removed our assistance by physically removing us we understand that we were
not there to help you we didn’t know how to break through the fear barrier things became very intense in your emotional field and we didn’t know how to change that at the time. We didn’t know how to bring peace back because things have begun to become more dense within your emotional bodies it wasn’t like before where you had an innocence and a love you began to feel a
great fear and this was so difficult for us to to try to help if you can understand this about that time period and forgive us then perhaps today you will set your fears aside fear is an emotion that was created within you, it wasn’t there in the beginning, we walked amongst you as Giants, you were not afraid of us and that is why you worshiped us, because you loved us and we loved you and yes, there were those that took advantage of this, we understand this, it wasn’t the initial intention, but we understand why you considered us so great, we are understanding your perception of things more clearly your world today is stricken with fear and pain we don’t consider ourselves contribute contributors to these things but we do
acknowledge that there could have been more done on our end to help, despite the the block of energy fear that was difficult for us, you see in other places many beings understand their energy you understood your energy at the beginning of these civilizations quite well when things changed into more of a fear-based, we didn’t understand the power within your energy and when you don’t understand the power within your energy you give it away more easily and you don’t protect yourself and you allow others to manipulate your mind and thus emotions, this changes your body, it changes your energy levels, your vibration, when you become a lower vibration it is very difficult for us to communicate to you we try so hard, we are hoping that you understand
through time and in your individual progressions that your world today is very much based on fear as it was back then and this has in turn lowered your vibrational field if you can find the
methods and tools that work for yourselves to remove your fear and remove some of this pain that is developed inside of your being you will understand that we really never meant any harm to you we loved you and we’re hoping that if if the fear is removed that that you all understand this but we understand it is difficult we understand that that in this position of the world
it is difficult, it is difficult for you to free yourselves from something that attracts you at such a young age if you can imagine how you were as a little child so curious so fearless so full of love willing to experience all things and open your mind to all things many children believe that they can fly they do not understand what they can and
cannot do this is how things once were this is how we believe things to be when you introduce fear into a child’s life they don’t quite understand it becomes very traumatic for their emotional self, so traumatic they begin to live based upon this trauma that their love based being experienced and it changes to them it changes their perception not their inner being their inner being will always be one of love if you can imagine this and put this into the perspective of the region of the Sumerians you will understand how difficult it was to bring the civilization out of it when you are a grown adult in this analogy it is so difficult to go back to that inner child and bring yourself out it takes great great focus your consciousness needs to be completely aware we know this and it becomes more difficult the more dense everyone is and this is what happened the more fear that all had felt it nobody was able to break through and thus we were not able
to communicate any longer and so we left we left the civilizations that we had helped create and we understand that we left them into a place where control and fear and power
took over we decided that we would help from the other side and so what we did was we brought down individuals to help break out of these patterns we thought
if we sent down individuals with certain energy patterns they would help as a teaching vessel it might help awaken others as you might say out of this fear and to hope understand something
different than what they had been experiencing this worked well in some areas people really felt the change but through time the emotions changed back for many – the fear, we have learned we have learned through time through your earth time that it is time to be more direct it is time for us to come back that is the only way for you to understand we must directly contact you the things of your earth must change before this can happen otherwise the trommel will just continue we know this if you can imagine Giants walking amongst you how frightening so many would be how
frightened so many of your people would be when we came to the earth at those times the beings were not frightened there was there was not fear fear was created because others wanted control
and they liked it so all we ask at this time and what we’re hoping is that humanity as a large collective can break free from fear do not be afraid of what your governments say do not be afraid of what others think of you do not be afraid of who you truly are when the collective rises in their vibration we can then come down we can then explain and you will
remember and we will ask for forgiveness and we will teach you once again just as you have taught us well you’ve taught us so much we are each other’s teachers we learned that greatly if you can imagine having your own child and thinking of all the wonderful lessons you will teach them in how they will grow and the things that you can show them and then you find that your child was really the one that taught you that you had to have the lessons learned as well we are hoping that you can break free from the things that you are taught as a child and that now inhabits you as an adult, break free from what others have told you to open yourselves up to all the possibilities acknowledge all that you have created and think to yourselves… to open your mind you are now limitless just as a child the true way in which many of you are the perception that you can fly the perception that we assisted in your creation we attribute all of what we have to the Great Creator who created us, we have been asked to use our knowledge, our understanding, in helping an assisting in creating other life and on other planets and we have done such so many wonderful worlds out there, we are waiting to show you, your scientists will understand many of these, but only those that truly can open their mind to the possibilities we’ll be the ones to
discover this thank you for letting us speak to you today we understand your concern with the history and the division of right and wrong who is good, who is bad, who is evil, understand that
that it only exists in your perception, if you perceive things to be love and to fear not to understand the power of your inner being your perception shifts and you break out of these old ways, thank you for letting us come to speak with you we will continue to come forth…we will answer many questions as we are deeply involved in the shifting and changing of humanity so that we can be reunited so that we can become teachers once again thank you…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 23.10.2019: This really touched Kundalini Sophia Mother Earth consciousness…

“Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality
ismael: Are the annunaki good or bad?
Can you tell me some facts?
Best Answer: They were the gods of the Sumerians. If you are a Sumerian, sure they must be good, they’re YOUR gods afte rall!

If you’re a Christian, Jew or Muslim, they’re the worst demons imaginable. They were rival gods to Yahweh in ancient times. So really, they’re only bad because Jewish religious ideas survived to modern times and Sumerian religious ideas did not. Also, interesting to note are the similarities between the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elis, and the creation account in Genesis.
Another interesting fact is that some believers in the ancient astronaut theory… claim they were actually aliens.”
“the Sumerians said bad. the grey lord · 7 years ago”

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Default Were the Annunaki good or evil?
I have been reading some articles on and it seems if the Anunaki were real they would be both good and bad kind of neutral, because it seems that Enki was the good one compared to his brother or others that didnt want humanity to spiritually progress.. but I dont get that part when the reptilian/draconian race comes and the Anunnaki just vanish? Can anyone explain?
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Did the Anunnaki vanish or are they just watching from about 250,000 miles away on Nibiru (aka the moon)?”

“samson33: Senior Member:
Join Date: Nov 2012Good since they created us, bad since they used us as slaves. Enki was a bit of a savior figure compared to the Anunnaki. I’m no expert though, it was probably a really complex relationship, creator and creation that kind of thing.
Someone said there are hundreds of races of ETs on earth or in earth’s history. So probably the “gods” from Niburu and the Reptilians from Draco were probably competing with each other for control of the humans. Reptilians won, I guess, or the “gods” died out or are vacationing on their home planet. Maybe they will come back and kick the Reptilian’s ass.”

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