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24/7 surveillance footage of Assange was live streamed to the Obama administration.”

“you know just about every politician celebrity CEO and many of the sheeple out there on the street have been body-snatched by demonic forces and as difficult as that might be to believe the sooner you wake up to that reality the sooner you’ll have woken up ladies and gentlemen many people claim to be awake but they just don’t know what they’re waking up to it’s a it’s literally like the movie they live out there and it’s gonna look like Soylent Green… ladies and gentlemen it doesn’t seem to matter if the truth is being exposed or not out there anymore people want to watch the
football they want to play the video games they want to get dosed by the 5g, they want to eat the pesticides the GMOs they want their vaccines ladies and gentlemen they want you to tell them lies they’re hopelessly lost to this matrix and they’ve been body-snatched, ladies and gentlemen, undoubtedly there’s much to be said about this beast system in all of its forms but it’s only going to get worse as time goes on…”

“Expose it for what it is of course the idea sounds wonderful yes you know send
the encrypted messages from terror suspects… to the FBI, that means they’re going through all of the
encrypted messages which means they’re not encrypted at all, so there you go and of course they’ll continue on to
tell you how you know how much they care about your privacy they care alright because they’re gonna use it to plug
your ass into the matrix and that process has already begun they want you living in the virtual world instead of
the real world and I mean when you go out there and you see how many people are on their phones these days they
don’t talk to each other anymore they send messages to one another and you know I feel sorry for people that have
to grow up like this and I’m thankful that you know that I spent most of my life without a cellphone.”

“and the television always tells you the same thing: it’s okay, it’s safe out there, don’t worry, literally, the thing’s burning and they’re telling people ..
it’s everything’s gonna be okay go out there go to Disneyland enjoy the outdoors now people are complaining about you know terrible odors , nausea , throwing up and the like and it seems like there’s a mini Chernobyl brewing
right now in France and this is a story that just really hasn’t made the international press but it seems like
the contamination is huge raining gasoline raining.. black black rain.”

Cheryl McElveen: vor 3 Wochen: Dig deeper. Many, if not all serial killers have ties to intelligence agencies.

Fame- O: vor 2 Wochen: I knew the Chinese prison camp video would get you censored. The constitution is nearly dead. We are under Chinese NWO rule now🐲.

“it’s just terrible to see humanity just rendered to an accessory to an iPhone, you’re basically now an accessory to your smartphone.”

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