Richard Lighthouse – Targeted Justice Update (Stop 007)

“Richard Lighthouse – Targeted Justice Update (Stop 007)”

“Richard Lighthouse gives an update about the newest developments in the class action lawsuit Targeted Justice.”

“RL: To collaborate with Unites States and Europe.”

“KH: One option that has been demonstrated by Kevin Annett who is now occupying churches with his supporters.. after the Catholic Church and the Vatican have been found to be transnational criminal organizations, the very same reasoning and mechanism could be used to declare for example Lockheed Martin a transnational criminal organization,
at which point again they lose all right of their property and stuff and in fact it would be mandatory on law enforcement to take control of the property and stuff, because they are executing a live genocide, with their equipment. I really like this mechanism, because as soon as they are recognized as what they are, as a criminal organization, you suddenly have full control over everything that they own…patents, office space, satellites..”

“KH: Lockheed Martin is the top target we should focus on..Lockheed Martin is the biggest visible intelligence agency in the world and is bigger than the CIA even.”

“RL: Oh, yeah, that´s proven, I am sure they have more than 100000 employees…Sunnyvale..up until..1987 they actually ran these satellite controlled networks for the entire U.S. Government, a private corporation, what the Airforce should be doing on their own, they actually had Lockheed doing it for them. Up until 1987…Listen:
You can´t have the weapons and pull the trigger, you have got Airforce personal to do that. In 1987 the satellite controlled network was turned over to Airforce Space Command…and that eventually became Schriever Air ffrce Base, a little piece of history. ”

“KH: Our governments have been secretly transformed into Corporations..For example NSA, as Karen Stewart revealed, is a private for Profit company, it is not really U.S. Government.”

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    Bin Mind Controller Opfer Lindenstraße 66Monika Hirt
    Bonn Ramersdorf im Oktober deswegen mit Katze Obdachlos
    Gangstalkingikrowellenterror PhsychatriesPhPhsyc

  2. Monika Hirt sagt:

    3Wohnung das volle Programm
    Bin wohl auch Implantiert Augen u.s.w Monika Hirt aus Bonn

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