The Ancient Egyptians were in possession of an “Advanced Technology” that allowed them to have Electricity and Batteries

“The Ancient Egyptians were in possession of an “Advanced Technology” that allowed them to have Electricity and Batteries”

“Published on January 11, 2019”

“hile people are amazed at the ancient Egyptian pyramids, one thing that does not cross the minds of many is how the ancient Egyptians managed to create the pyramids of Giza.

One wonders how they created the great megalithic blocks of stone over the desert and how they could create the work in the temples when they did not have a light?

Could it be that the ancient Egyptians had electricity and batteries?

The ancient Egyptians were in possession of advanced technology

There have been results based on studies and research in which it is suggested that the ancient Egyptians could possess advanced technology thousands of years ago.

Two excellent proofs are the batteries of Baghdad and the wall at the temple of Dendera where there is a Zodiac and other petroglyphs that demonstrate the possession of technology at that time.

YouTube’s Ancient World channel has dedicated a large and incredible document on how the ancient Egyptians possessed advanced technology that allowed them to have batteries and electricity. The temple of Dendera has a wall that shows images that suggest having electric lights as it shows a spiral connected to a large glass tube with another spiral inside.

But the question is where they would have inserted the raw shape of a light bulb.

So could the Egyptians have invented the first electric battery?

The Baghdad Stack could be the answer to this question. It is a clay pot that has a cap and an iron bar which, through the cap, enters a central copper cylinder. Scientists think that the jar may have been filled with vinegar and have made a working battery replica.

The rough shape of a light bulb depicted on the temple walls would have been connected to the Baghdad battery to give light.”


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