Naive White Western World Travelers vs Evil Brutal Savages of underdeveloped cultures

It happened again
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The world is not a progressive utopia.
“Like CNN’s Anna Navarro can file their nails and roll their eyes of fact remains this is why we have borders to keep out violent criminals and terrorists borders work walls work claws
work but if you import people from violent cultures and dangerous countries then your own society is going to become
more violent and more dangerous, you can’t argue with that fact , now obviously this isn’t to say that you should just live like a hermit in fear and never travel anywhere, but if you visit violent crime ridden poverty-stricken countries
as a westerner with the pie-in-the-sky belief that everyone is as tolerant, open-minded and peaceful as progressives make out with the urge to vacation and get whole countries just so you can come back a virtue signal about it to all your..friends and eventually you’re gonna run into trouble and it’s not just
anecdotal evidence that strongly suggests these people put themselves at risk because of their erroneous in a progressive beliefs there’s science to back it up .”

Naive White Western World Travelers vs Evil Brutal Savages of underdeveloped cultures.
The Dangers of Moral and Cultural Relativism and The importance of Realism and Critical Thinking.

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