Alert Tension Rising As Russia Deploys Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela

„Alert Tension Rising As Russia Deploys Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela“
„Armando Gonzalez
Venezuela leader is dumb to help Putin, O well he will learn in the end when Russia lashes back at Venezuela without notice ..idiot’s ??:
„James Havlin
Don’t for get about all the corporations from America trying to destabilize Venezuela.“
„Воин Викинга
poor latin country will never have a chance to fight a poor fight much less American missiles!! Putin is a good hearted person, he wants to help everyone but this one, does not have any remedy.“
„get saved:
If they can already hit USA with nuclear missile in 20 minutes, how are these bomber any more of a threat? I suppose because it’s visible; beyond that, what difference does it really make? You’d have a better chance of knocking a bomber down then hitting an ICBM!“

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