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Bryan Tew
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We are no longer dealing with Artificial Intelligence. We are now faced with a concept that could never have been conceived by our forefathers. We are now dealing with the creation of ‘ARTIFICIAL LIFE’.

Living breathing Cybernetic human beings who are not human at all, never born and without mother or father, created inside a top secret labratory from SYNTHETIC GENOMES now interbreeding with real humans. Not Human at all. But an entirely different new species of individual. TRANS-HUMAN! Born without a spirit or soul.

A new species of Trans-Human cybernetic beings who will use Mind Control Technologies to manipulate energy, matter and space with their brain waves; who will be able to obtain knowledge by mere contemplation (accelerated learning); who will be able to engage in inter-dimensional communications, such as remote veiwing, synthetic telepathy, etc., using Mind Control Technologies

These cybernetic trans-humans are already walking among us right now by the millions and possess no human soul or conscience (spirit). Their understanding of morality, truth, good and evil, etc., will be corrupted from day one, because all they will possess is a imprint that was developed for them from a Exascale Conscious Computer. They are not coming soon. They are here now, among us, laughing, working, singing, dancing, drinking, playing, etc., with us, but their offspring and the offspring of any humans which cohabit and interbreed with them are doomed

Once these cybernetic humans begin interbreeding with real humans then humanity is destroyed. No longer human but TRANS-HUMAN

All future offspring from that moment will be eternally damned the moment they are conceived according to Isaiah 26:14 who speaks of the eternal fate of hybrid beings (Nephilim) not created by God

The Book of Isaiah says that the Nephilim Hybrids and their descendants will not participate in a resurrection as is the portion of ordinary mortals. Isaiah 26:14 reads: “They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise.” The original Hebrew word translated “deceased” here is the word “Rephaim.” It would have saved a lot of misinterpretation if the translators had left the word as it was in the original. The verse actually reads: “Dead, they shall not live; Rephaim, they shall not rise.” The Rephaim are generally understood to be one of the branches of the Nephilim, and God’s Word makes it clear that they are to partake in no resurrection. But with humans it is different: all humans will be resurrected either to life or to damnation (John 5:28-29)

These Hybrid Cybernetic Human Beings will possess no conscience and will therefore be unable to ever understand or identify with the main driver of human behavior: the ‘Conscience of Man’. Remorse, guilt. love. etc., are now and will continue to be foreign to their understanding

Of course, this type of technology could have great benefits for society such as the ability to augment human intelligence by a thousand times, essentially turning the human mind into a supercomputer. Hence, there are literally thousands of applications that could interface with this technology

This technology literally has the ability to alter our entire evolutionary experience in life, both positively and negatively. For example, you could literally turn the brain into a supercomputer, or encyclopedia, or a giant search engine., like Google

Unfortunately, instead of using it for good, the DoD and CIA have chosen to use it for evil. This is a weapons system and the government in the world who is able to first perfect and implement it will have an incomparable advantage over every other government on earth

Governments are in an arms race with this technology and can right now induce directly into your brain, both visual images and auditory sequences, such as voice to skull (V2K), as well as thoughts, emotions, etc

With advances in medicine, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines, Neuroscience now includes the study of Cellular, Molecular, Structural, Functional and Evolutionary development of the human mind and central nervous system

From molecular and cellular studies of individual nerve cells, to sensory imaging and basic motor tasks of the human brain, Neuroscience is no longer just a field of medicine. It has crossed the threshold of medical science and is now a chief weapons platform used by many of the national security agencies of the world

Again, this MIND CONTROL technology called ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ and ‘Remote Neural Manipulation’ is a weapons system and the government who is first in the world to perfect and employ this new Neuro-Warfare system will have an incomparable advantage over every other government on earth

The British and other European countries, as well as Russia and China, are heavily involved in these new weapons programs, developed for the purpose of controlling the masses via ‘Censorship’., ‘Memory Management’ and ‘Direct Behavioral Control’.
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