The AV-Cloud14-Akamai-Mob-Club that you are not in… or another aspect of the Matrix unmasked or the other fake competition Truman Show…

The AV-Cloud14-Akamai-Mob-Club that you are not in… or another aspect of the Matrix unmasked or the other fake competition Truman Show…
Strange enough that I have to be a pioneer in so many ways…but out of necessity I will do the job that no one else is interested in due to their dull superficial existences and their lazy attitude to not dig into the depths of the fake charade and masquerade of the corporate illuzion mob.

Need more proof…and then comes the one-man-show against the truman-show (the one-man-real-show against the truman-fake-show) and shatters all illuzions of your blue pilled matrix existence straight away into the deep rabbit hole in full red pill enthusiasm decrypting the false diversity and the false illusion of choice within the Corporate Sector…Every year the same for the last 20 years or so…nothing changes in this AV-Club…no real competitors, always the same charade.
Year in year out..How many people ever questioned their enforced Corporatocratic Reality? How few did this? Isn´t it shocking that we are so few wakers and shakers on this Planet?
That is simply not normal. 90% accept everything they get into their face without ever looking deeper. The Lemming Zombie Faction.

Could any of these companies ever protect against a real thing? When the Root is implanted by default? When Good Cop and Bad Cop are One Big Corporate Capitalistic Machine?
When it is clear that no non-trojanized hardware is allowed to leave the military technofascistic and time-delayed truman-show terrain?

Update: 29.10.2018: I found another CLOUD14 “Clubmember” by chance, during backtracking the origin of this great statement of Antiwar Gnosis:

Dieser Beitrag wurde unter AlienAgenda2029, Allgemein, AlphabetAgencies/NSA/CIA/BND/MI, Anti-CointelPro2/Gangstalking, Banker Cartel/Slavery/Oppression, Brainwashing/Gehirnwäsche, Classics, Collectivism/Statism/Dictatorship, Corporatistic Terror, Corrupted Software/Microsoft etc., Detection, Detox/Medizin, Endgame/Endzeit/Endtimes, Gov/Cults/Sekten/Religion, History, Implants, Intelligence/Surveillance/Sabotage, IT Security/IT Forensic, Kabbale/Cabal, MainstreamMediaDeception, News, Nwo-Matrix-Fence/Fakes/Corrupt Doctors/Sleepers, NWO/Agenda21/Zion/Fascism, Politik, Protection, Public Counterintelligence, Quantum Mechanics, Satellites & AI/KI & Brainscans, Skalarwellen/Tesla/Echelon, Skynet/AI/Software/Autonomous High Tech, Sociology/Soziologie, Sozialnetzwerke/Socialnetworks, Technofaschismus/Technocracy/UN/NWO veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.

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