Why are most IT security companies insecure or better said in bed with NWO?

Let us go into Paranoia mode for a  moment and for very realistic reasons and to get a broadened perspective of the dire situation of the One World Agency and One World Corporatocracy.

Why are most IT security companies insecure or better said in bed with NWO?

First of all they are Corporations…can there be an independent corporation in the current world affairs?

Look for example Comodo, they host on CLOUD14. Does this ring an Alarm Bell inside of you?

Look for example Emsisoft, they host on CLOUD14. Does this ring an Alarm Bell inside of you?

For all those who don´t know CLOUD14: CLOUD14 is the notorious FedBug (Zombiehost/Facebook/Fedbook/Svchost-Exploit/Shadow Process Walker/The Chameleon or Ruthless Rootkit) Trojan Server, that automatically infects quasi all Computers that log into Facebook. Also known as Bundestrojaner.

Look for Example for all the non-functioning SMS-Google-Smartphone/Handy-Bypass-Provider, they all host on CLOUD14 and they do not function, because it is a ShadowGov Mainframe-Server and Google is the CIA, so they surely know how to protect their ID-Verification Systems. Ironically they play a moronic cat and mouse game that can never be won by the consumer faction, because it is all controlled via CLOUD14, the NWO Shadow Gov Mainframe.

There is a pattern, even the most simple minded individual will notice this.

Malwarebytes connects to AMAZON NSA infiltrated Server? Does this ring an Alarm Bell inside of you?

Comodo gives only opportunity for Online Installations. Does this ring an Alarm Bell inside of you? During Online Connection your System can already become infected.

Offline Installers are a must. So why did they abolish OFFLINE Installers? Sounds much like NWO,  isn´t it?

Why does ESET use Cyborg predictive programming?  A company who makes 300 Million $$$ a Year can´t obviously be independent of the Corporate Mafia System.

All part of The Silicon Valley NWO Conspiracy?

There was a case of a British Antivirus company – more than 10 years ago or so – which intentionally spread self generated Rootkits to sell more products,…the pathocratic tendency of the Pharma Military Mafia to make the whole world sick or predictable and controllable via Chemtrails to create more health products has many parallels in other branches that are somehow all tied together.

The Conspiracy Saga continues…

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