Targeted Survivors warning to the non targeted public!!.

“Targeted Survivors warning to the non targeted public!!”

Stems from police, the church and Masonic orders & organised crime gangs in my case…scum poisoned my child’s dog at xmas, the same child who is also targeted with slander and violence for the last 8 years….with no help and with pig police actively ignoring all reports of assaults against my child.

When I did eventually get a cop to visit, they ignored the videos of abuse against my child and said I couldn’t use the evidence in court…but expectedly, my solicitor said the police where full of shit, (his words)…the evidence I have, I can take it to court as the harassment evidence is proven, according to my solicitor. I wonder why the police do not want me to take my evidence to court? Hmmmm
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kevti 1

Targeted Survivors warning to the non targeted public!!.
Shane Gibbs Targeted Individual from the UK. 283 Aufrufe

“In this episode I talk about the sad news of another targeted individual driven to suicide by the murder squads in my home town of Ashford in Kent!!, hunger games is a reality in today’s society humans are being hunted for sport by cowardly teams of people whom are being protected by some element of the establishment not only here in the UK but all over the globe!!”

that must have been hard to do, so sorry to hear. The investigators im talking to in canada are tracing alot of the stalking back to local police, even sites slandering people, the isp’s are being traced to police in alot of places
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check out this –
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What investigators? I’d be very interested in this being a TI in Toronto.
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Thomas hewlett
Supported by the Wikileaks release by the Hacking Team Archive from italy, Electronic Warfare Market Analysis Forecast 2014-2030 a global list of EM Warfare suppliers to local police departments etc etc
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Raise a Little AL
It is happening here in Canada heavy. So many are targeted now it is mind blowing. Stay strong Targeted ones. I agree that even non Targeted need to know or be aware of it.
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brian samtrooper
Sorry your friend passed on. You are spot on correct this evil cult has no empathy or compassion. like yourself my two dogs who were my family members were poisoned, tortured and murdered. The more I cried the more they laughed , and gangstalked me. Its best not to be emotional but its very hard if not impossible when they are murdering our family members. These people sold their souls to the devil. Glad I will not be in their situation come judgement day. God bless us all.
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Monica Try
Thank you Shane, the young ones need protecting as they cannot cope. Spreading information and awareness is so needed in general so the masses can appreciate and understand this evil and then help targeted individuals.
As it is 2 pronged and ELECTRONIC ASSAULTS maim and kill, can you do a part 2 detailing the RADIATION which quickly follows community harassment.
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Frank Hall
I have been stalked now and trapped inside for around 6 years. I am strong , coping well and can not be crushed. If you want to be the same then contact me. Shane’s a really good guy and I don’t think he will mind me adding this supportive comment. Every stalking situation is a different one. Every stalking situation requires a specific and correct approach. Your situation needs this correct approach method. Get in touch.
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Dawn Humphries
God when I think back they Gang Stalked my Sister and Mum for years no matter how old my Mam got Terrible !!!!
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Hello Shane I am so so sorry for what has taken place…one of the reasons I cant come forward is because I’m not stable enough due too personal mental health issues…but also and mainly because they have threatened to start my Sister who is Mentally Disabled next yes in total agreeance they are utterly evil EVIL BASTARDS !!!!MY Brother who also had Mental health issues solo sailed from England too Australia years ago in his letter he said he was been bullied and took his life…”

“Targeted Survivor talks about Triggering.”

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