Morgellons and EMP

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Morgellons are part of Transhumanist Agenda. The Idea is to create both Cyborg, both biological and mechanic human robots. We are all infected by Morgellons, little nano robots with antenas, able to send and receive radio signals and little electronic hearts who control them. These little electronic hearts are weak part of Morgellons, they can be destroyed with EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse. Outburst of that magnetic energy can be done in two ways. First is to create a device which can transform electric energy into a magnetic pulse, and second one is to destroy with dynamite, there are already existing high energy device like electric pole – dangerous, but it will create EMP and in the process might kill you with its explosion, and if that does not kill you the heat now released from numerous Morgellons withing your body will, if you do not submerge yourself in water
to cool you down.”

“The most important part are the little nano robots called Morgellons which ending up in our body not only through the airplanes but also they´ve been found also in the bottled water and in some other food supply as well,
so the metaphysical evil which controls this planet through its network and always was here, at least past six or so thousand years is slowly poisoning every human being with these nano robots called Morgellons. Morgellons consists of little electronic particles which are moving them …there are weak points, they´re hot and then you have nano robots which can both gather the nutrients from the body, they can multiply and they can change forms as well … we see them, we who have Morgellons, we see them on our skin, when they´re creeping out as a little dots of fibers and also like a weird, very weird little bugs, in short these Morgellons can be destroyed with the electromagnetic pulse, electromagnetic pulse is when electric energy is transmitted to magnetic pulse and that magnetic pulse can destroy all electronic devices, including Morgellons which are small which have these small electronic parts inside of them. How to create EMP device well you can go wrong way and ordered one like me from Mr. Costello from United States and he´s never gonna send you one, so this is the way how I raised it two hundred fifty dollars in december two thousand thirteen (2013) and never got anything from that guy.
What else to be said about it, it is one of those things where your friendly family doctor is not going to help you with and you know people who don´t know much or nothing about conspiracy, they wonder how come doctors don´t want to help me and why they all you know lying that I don´t have nothing or they even claim that people who have Morgellons are mentally sick, this is simply because most of the doctors are Illuminati anyway and definitely specialists and on top of that, well, see, all this medical stuff you know they´ve been going through the mind control programming throughout their whole life, eight years of primary school, fourr years high school, six years in university medical school, two years practice and then and then you really have to start the sucking cock and kissing ass
to get anywhere in the hierarchy, so once they receive strict order from the Ministry of Health which is telling them that they must..they will lie, they will lie, because they don´t want to put their privileges online and I know it because I´ve been dating …students. I was…dating a couple of girls… studying medicine and…with those guys you cannot even attach…you start a topic of anything outside of the box, because they are incredibly, incredibly obedient to the system and they must be, because the system gives them so much, so many privileges, very nice paychecks, all they need to do is stop thinking and it´s very effective, people sell themselves all the time, so for the end: Morgellons can be destroyed via EMP Pulses. These pulses can be created with the money, anything can be created with the resources, it shouldn´t be that a big deal,
but you know the catch-22 is always money for research or you can really risk your life and blow up one of the electrical poles with dynamite hope that you´re not going to be blown with it and you might get rid of yourself.. but you might get hurt another… way…we should all put our minds together and start thinking creatively what we can do to stop the disease, the only effective way to to stop the disease is actually to stop the source
of the evil and well this is now a spiritual battle. I have an idea about it through the collective pulse again it´s all about passing the energy and consciousness…if you guys believe in fairy tales that you have a Santa Claus who´s you know bringing you gifts for Christmas and if you believe in other fairy tales like religion and democracy, good luck on you guys, good luck, good luck, let´s see what´s going to happen, oh gee,
I don´t even have to see what´s going to happen, I see what´s happening right now and this is total total violent take cover, so I shared my opinion about Morgellons, I shared my opinions about stopping all that and now it´s simply up to you guys what you´re going to do, good luck, you´re gonna need it.”


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  1. svetlana randle sagt:

    do you know where i can purchase one EMP please

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