“Sam who worked at Indian Point for all those years who left, fled to Costa Rica called me yesterday says its major panic on Costa Rica all sardines washed-up devil scientists baffled mystified oh just exclusive to one species this is the lies and the pathetic freaking scientific community, you know, when all the alligators and
crocodiles start washing up belly up, hello big fish eat little fishes. It´s your… theology, it´s your sociology it´s your biology, it´s the Earths psychology ecology, the chain they broke… the University of General Electric ..the fucked up people built up the reactors.. the most corrupt nuclear crime family in human history.. the greatest nuclear crime syndicate in history…the greatest
nuclear crime syndicate in history…
it´s going to give you leukemia.. these people are going to prison, I´m telling
you this is the greatest crime in human history.. we’re going to worship the japanese royal family..go around
smacking the people in the back of the head with a baton freaking line them up so they can drink the blood…fucking
dead, they tried to kill me, they tried to kill you, fucking, the ecology, the Pacific Ocean…you
guys are asleep in New York, you know, you need to wake up..the accident in Norway…the YouTube camera is
mightier than the sword…total collapse up and down the Pacific and epic panic in Costa Rica finally, the panic is
on…these are greatest criminals in human history..Obama played with them. Obama was flown out of the country..”

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