Jehovah’s Witnesses Exposed! Jordan Maxwell and Santos Bonacci

„Anywhere of 50 to 70% of the overseas…are themselves..arrogant, self-centered, egotistical…self-serving..they are climbing the latter to power..there are always good and bad…
Even Islam is a company… How they owned your body and your soul… Islam, Judaism and Christianity as Corporations as Companies, because that´s what they are. Jehova Witnesses are right in the middle..  (Jordan Maxwell)“
„Church of the Living“ „Church of the Dead“

Jehova = Adonai = Satan. Just another corporate cult form of covert satanism…

„When it comes to money if somebody gives you money they want something back for it an Exchange what’s the exchange, what are the Jehovah Witnesses
doing for the Bankers?“
„Well, I think that´s very obvious what they’re doing is that Jehovah´s Witnesses are a Jewish Zionist operation I’ve known that for many many
years, they are being financed by secret funds.. to finance propaganda machines..zionist propaganda for New World Order. was not called Christians watchtower or Jesus watchtower it was called Zion’s watch towers. ..This is Zionism..this is actually a jewish zionist front group that´s been financed by the Rockefeller Banks in..Manhattan and Morgan..Trust in England. (Jordan Maxwell)“

„All churches are involved in slavery. They are all Corporations, they are all owners of Corporations, that make military hardware..
The greatest slave industry machine ever in the history of the universe and it runs via the birth certificate…they are harvesting the energy that exists through the birth gift to a Parson which becomes a Person, a Mask, a legal Mask…Your legal name is owned by the catholic church and you are truly 100% owned mind, body and soul by the catholic church. (Santos Bonacci)“

„Legal Birth Certificate…The Banking Control State is using that legal means to bind, legale in latin..legare means to bind…Birth Certificate is written on bond paper it is binding you to an ecclesiastical system, because the birth certificate is a catholic benefit. Benefice, it is an investment.. by identifying the parson who has authority over catholic property and the birth certificate is a gift from the mother, the mother church, you see, that it´s how it´s to waive those benefits otherwise you shall been scribed in the book of death, because it´s a corporate person name… corporate comes from corps. ..Registrations, Regis, belong to the King..and all registrations are registered and recorded in the book of death and every single one of the Jehova Witnesses..has a registered birth certificate with a legal binding name and they belong to the catholic church…lock, stock and barrel…spirit, soul and body until they deal with the legal name, the Whore of Babylon… they promote Necromancy and all people who are going to those so called christian churches are practicing necromancy and they are the dead who are burying the dead…awakening to this death system. (Santos Bonacci)“ those words george washington wrote to a minister… and he talked to that.. about „the Illuminati“ so even George Washington used that term as
far back as 1770s.. there was no doubt in his mind that there were presence so corrupt and evil organizations operating in america and operating what’s

„in the U.S. government but he did not see that happening in Freemasonry himself and he… saw it as an apparition… it was just a handful of
people who were trying to overthrow the founding of America and he called it the Illuminati… I think he was right. I don´t think it’s right to attribute to all Freemasonry that which is evil that has crept into it because Freemasonry actually can be traced back to Egypt and in the Egyptian Masonic presence in egypt was based on a astrotheology…This is a fact that the most christians have no idea, that the Christian Church in the world today is a Masonic Order period end of sentence, you would have no Christianity on this earth if it were not for the Masonic orders of the world. Christianity is a Masonic Movement period…not all of Freemasonry is evil or bad. There were very good people in Freemasons who help founding America and give freedom to the world…Going back to Egypt, going back to India, there were secret societies, there is always going to be those who are evil and trying to redirect the good work that others want to do.

I’ve been in the company, I’ve been in the company of many good Masons, high up Masons and they are the same mind that they are very unhappy about
what’s going on in the world today, they are very unhappy about what’s happened to america, they’re extremely unhappy about what the way the world is
going, and they’ve been my friends for many years and so I know it does not apply to masonry across the board, but there is in fact occult
Freemasonry which has to do with something coming out of Europe, which can be traced back to Rome, it can be traced back to good people being taken
over little by little by little by sinister evil plots and sinister evil people with money who are manipulating the masses through these organizations
but I don’t think Freemasonry as a subject is the corporate I’m sure there’s something far far more people behind all secret societies in the
world, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. (Jordan Maxwell)“

„You can´t really attribute all of this control mechanism…to this body or that body. You have to look at those organizations like Tavistock, MI6, the
Bilderbergers.. Mossad, all of these Mind Control Organizations, they are just organizations they use to protect the Big Corporation. Everything is to
protect that corporate stucture and..under that is the legal name and legal tender, which is fiat currency…and harvesting of peoples energy through
the birth certificates. …
We have to say good bye to the Necromancy world and go back to the living…paradise with the Garden of Eden…self-determined governance that we have
as god-like children of light. (Santos Bonacci)“

„Don´t be romanced by the Necromancy.“

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